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Portable Toilets & Accessories For Sale

Enhance Your Portable Toilet Experience with Our Range of Accessories and Products

We offer a wide range of products to complement your portable toilet experience. Our selection includes pee powder, refill packs, the Dry Flush Laveo lift kit, Laveo handrail, Laveo toilet cover, non-slip silicone mat, Laveo Toilet carrying harness, toilet holder, wirings, and in and out fans. These products are designed to enhance the functionality and convenience of your portable toilet.


The pee powder helps to solidify liquid waste for easy disposal, while refill packs ensure you have an adequate supply of waste bags.

The Dry Flush Laveo lift kit and handrail provide added stability and support. The Laveo toilet cover protects your portable toilet when not in use, and the non-slip silicone mat adds an extra layer of safety.

The carrying harness allows for easy transportation, and the toilet holder provides a convenient storage solution.

With our selection of wirings and in and out fans, you can ensure proper ventilation and power supply for your portable toilet.


Explore our products and buy your portable toilet accessories today for a complete and seamless portable toilet experience. 

Shop now and elevate your portable toilet experience with our high-quality products. Find the perfect accessories to enhance your convenience and comfort. Don't miss out on the opportunity to buy the best portable toilet accessories available.

Portable Toilets, Pee Powder, Laveo Dry Flush, and Portable Toilet Accessories: Your Questions Answered

Q: What is a portable toilet?

A: A portable toilet is a compact and self-contained sanitation solution that allows you to have a convenient and hygienic toilet facility wherever you go. It is designed for outdoor activities, camping, RVs, boats, and other situations where traditional plumbing is not available.


Q: What is pee powder?

A: Pee powder, also known as urine solidifier, is a specially formulated powder that turns liquid waste, such as urine, into a solid gel-like substance. It helps to control odors and makes disposal easier and more hygienic in portable toilets.


Q: What is Laveo Dry Flush?

A: Laveo Dry Flush is an innovative and advanced portable toilet system offered by DryFlush. It uses a patented technology that seals waste inside a bag, eliminating the need for water, chemicals, or complex plumbing. It provides a clean, odorless, and eco-friendly solution for portable sanitation.


Q: What portable toilet accessories are available at DryFlush's shop?

A: At DryFlush's shop, you can find a range of portable toilet accessories to enhance your portable toilet experience. These may include refill cartridges, pee powder, extra waste bags, carrying cases, and other practical items that complement the use of portable toilets.


Q: How can I purchase portable toilets and accessories from DryFlush's shop?

A: To purchase portable toilets and accessories from DryFlush's shop, simply visit their website at Browse through the available products, select the items you need, and proceed to the checkout process to complete your purchase securely.

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