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The Best Portable Toilet for Small Airplanes Ever Invented

  • No liquids or chemicals

  • Never clogs or jams

  • Clears waste from sight in seconds

  • Locks in 100% of the smell

  • Can be set up anywhere in 30 seconds

  • 300 flushes on a single 1-hour charge

  • 7 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Why This Airplane Toilet Is Changing The Game...

Aviation toilets have always been one of the most challenging but important aspects of flying.

No matter how expensive the plane, aviation toilets: 

  • Jam easily

  • Smell

  • Are noisy

  • Are expensive and highly technical to install

  • Can be expensive to repair

  • In rough air, can make a mess.

On top of all of these issues, you also need to be mindful of when, where and how you dump the sewage. With ever-tightening environmental laws relating to waste dumping, you simply can't empty your plane's waste tanks anywhere. 

The Laveo Dry Flush toilet system solves all of these problems and can be installed in less than 20 minutes on any plane.

Whether you want to leave it permanently installed using one of our simple mounting brackets, or whether you want to be able to take it in and out of your plane at any time (like for a camping excursion), this go-anywhere toilet will give you and your family the full comfort and convenience of an at-home toilet but with no need for plumbing, external power or liquids of any kind. 


Best of all, it doesn't smell and it never jams!

How The System Works

Laveo Portable Toilet How It Works.jpg

This incredible toilet works via a patented process that uses an electric motor, two fans, a proprietary mylar bagging system, and a healthy dose of physics and engineering.

Concealed under the toilet seat is a bagging cartridge that contains a single mylar bag that is more than 5 meters long. When the toilet is “flushed”, the toilet twists the bagging material from under the seat tightly around the waste, sealing in the smell, before pulling down a fresh section of the bag ready for its next use.

  • There are no liquids (or chemicals sloshing around).

  • There are no dumping stations to find or gag-inducing emptying sessions to be done.

  • There is no lingering smell because your waste is tightly wrapped and sealed each time you flush.


You simply push the button, and seconds later you’re done with your waste, never to be seen or smelled again, all without any wiring, plumbing, water, or ongoing maintenance.

12 Reasons Why This Is The Greatest
Portable Toilet On Earth!


Preserve your onboard water supply because this toilet uses no water!


No more super thin "high-risk" toilet papers for you! You can stick to the plush stuff :-)


This battery stays charged for up to 3 months at a time and it makes the toilet 100% portable. Take it anywhere


You won't be stuck for parts! This power supply is an easy-to-find motor bike battery.


There are no liquids at all in this design.


Feminine products. String. Solids. Anything!


You can run it off your inverter or power as well.


This is a quality, American-made product!


Easily the worst job in caravanning or camping is emptying a chemical toilet. Never do that again. Ever!


There are no pipes or plumbing in this patented system. You'll never get a blockage!


Mylar bag with patented fan and bag twisting system seals in the smell.


We absolutely guarantee all aspects of this product for 12-months.

Why DryFlush is the best portable toilet for Airplanes

DryFlush is the best small aircraft portable toilet because it addresses many of the challenges that come with using a traditional airplane toilet, where space is limited and access to a bathroom can be challenging. One of the primary benefits of the DryFlush toilet is that it is spill-proof, which is an absolute necessity on smaller planes where there is limited space and access to the lavatory can be challenging.

This is particularly useful for pilots who may be traveling long distances and need access to a bathroom without leaving the cockpit. Other passengers can also benefit from the convenience of having a toilet nearby, especially during longer flights where bathroom breaks may be necessary. Unlike other solutions for relieving oneself during flights, such as using bottles or tubes, the DryFlush toilet is specifically designed for easy and hygienic use. Its installation is also straightforward, and it is lightweight, which makes it easy to transport and install in smaller aircraft.

Traditional aircraft toilets rely on holding tanks to contain liquid waste, which can lead to unpleasant odors and spillage if not properly maintained. However, the DryFlush toilet eliminates the need for holding tanks, making it a more hygienic and odor-free option for small planes. DryFlush requires no water or electricity, which means that it can be used anywhere without the need for external resources. This makes them ideal for aircraft where access to water and electricity may be limited.

In addition to being spill-proof and odor-free, the DryFlush toilet is also compact and lightweight, making it easy to install in small aircraft. It is a great solution for pilots who need to relieve themselves during high altitude flights, as it eliminates the need for relief tubes or uncomfortable bucket-style solutions.

The DryFlush toilet is an innovative solution that operates using a unique patented process, involving an electric motor, two fans, and a specialized mylar bagging system.


This system is particularly beneficial in emergency situations, where a clean and odor-free solution for disposing of urine and poop is crucial.

Overall, the DryFlush portable toilet is the best solution for small aircraft and airplanes. Its lightweight, compact design makes it easy to install and access, while its spill-proof and odor-free system ensures a more comfortable and hygienic experience for pilots and passengers alike. DryFlush portable toilet is the best option for those traveling in smaller aircraft who require a safe, convenient, and hygienic solution for relieving themselves.


Its lightweight design and easy installation make it the perfect choice for pilots and other passengers who require access to a bathroom during long flights. DryFlush toilets are very hygienic and comfortable, particularly for women. They are designed with a comfortable sitting area and a waste container that is easy to dispose of. This ensures that women can easily and comfortably use the toilet without having to worry about their comfort or hygiene

By The Numbers!

Take a Look Inside Our US Factory

Laveo Dry Flush toilets are proudly made by American workers in Connecticut USA. 

Take a look inside the US factory and see the people that make this wonderful product and the associated materials such as the bags and pee powder.


Here in Australia & New Zealand, the products are exclusively sold and distributed by  DryFlush Australia Pty Ltd, based on the Gold Coast.

Adam CEO Landscape.jpg

Now Serving Aussies & Kiwis

Australians and Kiwis are among the most avid campers, caravanners, and outdoors people on the planet.


It is with great pride that we can provide this remarkable toileting solution to people in this part of the world, improving the family camping experience and also supporting the lives of those needing a better solution to a bedside commode.

We look forward to supporting you soon!

DryFlush Australia Pty Ltd


Laveo Toilet: $1,997

How to halve the cost of your bags

In the cartridge price chart above, you can see a range in pricing where it shows the "per use" cost. This variance in cost is based on whether or not you use pee powder.

Pee powder enables you to do up to three "number 1's" (without any sloshing or smell issues) before you have to flush. This will greatly reduce the amount of bagging you use and therefore reduce the cost of using the Laveo Dry Flush system.   


Got Questions?

Almost every question that you might have about these toilets is answered here in our FAQ section.

Things like:

- Where does the waste go?

- What are the dimensions of the toilet?

- Is it legal to put this waste into a council bin?

And much more!

If you have questions about the prices of the toilets or any of the accessories, please click here to visit our shop where everything is listed.

If you still have questions, please submit an inquiry below and we will be back in touch ASAP.

Thanks for submitting!

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