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The Best Portable Camping And Caravan Toilet In Australia!

No More Emptying Cartridges - No More Lingering Smells - No More Jams

Why You Will Love This Caravan or RV Toilet...

  • No cartridge to empty

  • No urine jug to empty or clean

  • No liquids or chemicals

  • Never clogs or jams

  • Clears waste from sight in seconds

  • Locks in 100% of the smell

  • Draws almost no power

  • Can be set up anywhere in 30 seconds

  • 300 flushes on a single 1-hour charge

  • 7-day Money Back Guarantee

  • 12-Month Warranty

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Laveo Portable Toilet How It Works.jpg

This incredible toilet works via a patented process that uses an electric motor, two fans, a proprietary mylar bagging system, and a healthy dose of physics and engineering.

Concealed under the toilet seat is a bagging cartridge that contains a single mylar bag that is more than 5 meters long. When the toilet is “flushed”, the toilet twists the bagging material from under the seat tightly around the waste, sealing in the smell, before pulling down a fresh section of the bag ready for its next use.

  • There are no liquids (or chemicals sloshing around).

  • There are no dumping stations to find or gag-inducing emptying sessions to be done.

  • There is no lingering smell because your waste is tightly wrapped and sealed each time you flush.


You simply push the button, and seconds later you’re done with your waste, never to be seen or smelled again, all without any wiring, plumbing, water, or ongoing maintenance.

12 Reasons Why This Is The Best Caravan Toilet On The Australian Market...


Preserve your onboard water supply because this toilet uses no water!


No more super thin "high-risk" toilet papers for you! You can stick to the plush stuff :-)


This battery stays charged for up to 3 months at a time and it makes the toilet 100% portable. Take it anywhere


You won't be stuck for parts! This power supply is an easy-to-find motor bike battery.


There are no liquids at all in this design.


Feminine products. String. Solids. Anything!


You can run it off your inverter or power as well.


This is a quality, American-made product!


Easily the worst job in caravanning or camping is emptying a chemical toilet. Never do that again. Ever!


There are no pipes or plumbing in this patented system. You'll never get a blockage!


Mylar bag with patented fan and bag twisting system seals in the smell.


We absolutely guarantee all aspects of this product for 12-months.

Voted Best New Technology By Caravan Camping Sales Website!

When it comes to camping, one of the biggest challenges is dealing with the disposal of human waste. While traditional camping toilets such as bucket toilets or porta pottis can be a decent solution, they can also be messy and uncomfortable to use. When camping or traveling in remote areas, access to proper toilet facilities can be limited or nonexistent, which is where a bucket toilet can come in handy. However, traditional bucket toilets often come with unpleasant odors, the need to empty frequently, and a lack of comfort.

When it comes to choosing the best camping toilet, a portable option is often the most practical and convenient choice. The DryFlush portable toilet is a top choice for camping and caravan trips due to its innovative design and ease of use.

Unlike traditional portable camping toilets, the DryFlush toilet does not require a waste tank or holding tanks, or waste bags, which means there's no need to worry about the hassle of emptying it. Instead, the toilet uses a special liner system that wraps and seals waste in a neat and tidy package.


This means that users can simply dispose of the used liners in a regular garbage bin without any fuss or mess. With a double seal system, the DryFlush toilet ensures that there's no chance of leakage, making it a safe and hygienic solution for camping toilet waste. And when it's time to empty the toilet, the compact and lightweight design makes cleaning a breeze.


Its innovative liner system means that there's no need for toilet chemicals or unpleasant plastic bags underneath the seat. Instead, biodegradable bags are used to wrap and seal waste for easy disposal, without any bad odors or mess. This means that you can spend more time enjoying the great outdoors and less time worrying about toilet facilities or the hassle of cleaning a camp toilet


Additionally, the DryFlush toilet is compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport and set up at a camping site. With a comfortable toilet seat and the option to add a water tank for flushing, the DryFlush portable toilet provides a comfortable and hygienic solution for human waste disposal during a camping adventure. So, if you're planning your next camping trip or caravan adventure, be sure to consider the DryFlush toilet for a stress-free and convenient camping toilet option.

It feels just like using a toilet at home and there's no disgusting chemical cartridge to empty.

If you're looking for the perfect camping or caravan toilet, then look no further.

This brand new, patented, America-made, electric toilet is the Rolls Royce of caravan and camping toilets, and it's now available right here in Australia.

  • No more chemical cartridges to empty and clean.

  • No more pooping in cheap-and-nasty bucket or bag toilets.

  • No more waste sloshing around in the bottom of your off-grid toilet.

  • No more nasty smells gently wafting through your campsite.

Check out this remarkable invention and change your family holidays forever!

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Got Questions?

Almost every question that you might have about these toilets is answered here in our FAQ section.

Things like:

- Where does the waste go?

- What are the dimensions of the toilet?

- Is it legal to put this waste into a council bin?

And much more!

If you have questions about the prices of the toilets or any of the accessories, please click here to visit our shop where everything is listed.

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