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What it's really like to go long-term sailing with a young family

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

In this interview, Mick Becker sits down with Perye to discuss his real-life experiences travelling on a catamaran with his partner Lozi and their two young children.

Hear the incredible story of how they weren't even planning on having kids, but it happened at sea, and how they ended up naming their first child after the place she was born, Oceania.

They talk about:

- Teaching kids in the real world.

- Overcoming challenges.

- Facing fears.

- Bartering on the ocean.

- Toilets breaking.

- Visting Vanuatu by boat.

- Hitch-hiking, collecting food, meeting locals...

And so much more!

Here's the transcript:

Commercial Voice 0:00

Welcome to the off grid traveler podcast, where we meet the people who go off grid and into a life of adventure challenge and grand new horizons, whether on land or on sea, you'll meet some fascinating characters who've chosen the road less traveled and discover their best tips, worst moments, favorite destinations, and a whole lot more.

Perye Bentley 0:27

Hey, guys, welcome to the off grid traveler. And I have the wonderful MC Becker with us and just to confirm its MC and your partner's la-z, right? Lozi Yeah,

Mick 0:40

Laura Lozi. Wow,

Perye Bentley 0:42

for surface an interesting way to go for the nickname. And, yeah, the main thing I wanted to really kind of put forward initially is that you have been traveling around on a catamaran not only with you and Lindsey but too little tykes with you and has been cheering the the open seas, so it'd be really cool, mate, if you could like just give her a little bit of background of who you are. And yeah, just just kind of kick it off from there.

Mick 1:10

Well, yeah, I guess we we didn't plan to have kids. It was just going to be myself and Lozi going on little adventures all over the place. And intermediate working, trying to do six, six months working in saving six months adventure, six months working, saving six month adventure, and travel around the world that way if we were able to do it, and then boom, here we are with kids.

Perye Bentley 1:35

And you because we had a little prelim chat you were saying? How? The I think it was the first one. You were on the boat. When you found out that those he was pregnant? Yes. It's just what of all places to find out that you're, you're you're gonna have a kid and I don't know if you've told them like, have you told the kids like, oh, by the way you were you were born like, grown on the open sea. Yeah, well,

Mick 2:01

her middle name is Oceania. Nice, because that's where Xena Oceania she? Yeah, that's where she's from? That's where she spent the first little period of a life. Which Yeah, it was it was it was cute. It was like we did we did plan to have, you know, I shouldn't say it was a completely unplanned thing. But boats and the kids it was just, it happened quite fast. Yeah. And now that we're, we're on land, living this land life a little bit again, we're hanging to get back out there.

Perye Bentley 2:31

Yeah. Because, um, one thing as well, you have a cafe right at the moment called the bucking seahorse. And I was I was checking it out. And it looks, it looks awesome. Like, look at the design. And you were saying to me, like, just just to give a kind of a background on it. You've got a large area around where you are, there's loads of cafes, right? But you've gone a bit niche with what you do. Because, yeah,

Mick 2:58

well, after we lived on the boat for a while in an island, just in the sort of in the middle part of the archipelago of Vanuatu? Yeah, and there's not much there, which is good. It's very nice. But after a while, you do just feel like being able to go to a shop and buy something. Yeah, talk to other people or something. Because we were we were, we were anchored somewhere for a few weeks. And there's literally nothing there. So if you need to go into to get some rice, or you want to try and get some fruit or anything like that. of climbing

Perye Bentley 3:32

the trees, right? You have to climb the trees to get the fruit you have to hold the ground to go get the rice and all that. Yeah,

Mick 3:40

words magic, there's a certain place where fresh water would come out from the higher side of the beach, so we could collect fresh water from the beach. Wow, it was It was unreal, we're getting on the beach. And we're drinking from that. With that, then you had to getting to town was you know, you walk for you know, it's like a 10 minute walk and you got a hitch and that can take up to a few hours at a time, then you're in then you're on the back of someone's van and you try and get where you want to go. And then it takes however long to get into town and then a lot of the time they've got plans and then you're a bit of a token seventh year in the city and then so you know, as simple trip to just go and get some rice and some supplies could pretty much take the day like a lot of times I'd leave in the morning. I wouldn't get back to the boat, you know, at night. So, so getting back to the Sunshine Coast, it was nice to be able to like actually have a place where we craved that. A society again, like somewhere where we could just walk to the shops and have a cold shower and buy a cold drink and go to a place where you hear live music. And that's what when we came here so we really want live music and there was no way that had that really good, intimate atmosphere where you can sit down and listen to a performance. Yeah, right. And now That's the That's the best. So that's what we've made here.

Perye Bentley 5:02

And yeah, to push on to that, as well as that you've, you've created, like new upcoming artists is something that's really a big area within what you've been doing and pushing that that music scene, which I think is, you know, it's something that's close to my heart, mate. So keep keep doing that and find, find those next new talents, right? That's what you got to do.

Mick 5:23

Mate, there's so many there's so many people out there that just have it inside them to write lyrics that you've never thought of before and put it together in a song and sing it away. That just it's, it's exploring in a different way. You know, I mean, like, you can

Perye Bentley 5:38

go make the awkward, the awkward singer, right.

Mick 5:43

Speaking to the awkward singer,

Perye Bentley 5:45

love him, I love it. So going going back to you, like, first of all, the fact that you had to go find rice down at the town, and it takes a full day. So you're probably coming back with a kilogram to 10 kilograms worth of rice to make sure where was that that actually happened? And it was on your you were traveling via your catamaran? Right? Correct.

Mick 6:08

So we lived aboard a 38 foot cat, which is it's it's bigger than a tinny. But when you're out in the ocean, it doesn't really feel that big, but it's probably the smallest ocean going cat that you'd want to really be on, especially with a family. It's got enough space for us. We've got our own room, the kids have a room as a galley area there. I think you might have seen pictures of it on the on the Instagram. So it's, it's not a huge space, but it's enough and Yeah, whenever you would go into into these villages that have happened quite frequently. It's just a day journey and you go to you go in there you go in there and your little dinghy because your mind by its obviously if you look at the main boat that you live on, that's your house. And then you Denise like your car, your motorbike. Yeah, exactly. Right, exactly. Right. So when you go into town, it's you've got the main boat, you make sure there's no bad weather coming family safe, everything's good laws, he would either drop me to the beach with the kids, I'm sorry, dropped me to the beach, and then she take the kids back. Or if they had stuff to do on the boat, that just I'd take the boat and then I'd be gone for the day, I'd come back and then sometimes do two or three loads back out to the boat with a shop, you know, so you don't know where they're going to be gone for three hours or whether you're going to be gone for 12 hours.

Perye Bentley 7:25

So that's just making me think like you would actually more more about like in the sea not an actual marine or anything because you're you're in the middle of nowhere and then you pull the dinghy out you go go do as you said a few trips. Gosh, that's Have you ever during that time? Did you ever get lost? Or was there any times that you like, this is a bit picky? I don't know if I'm gonna get back to see my

Mick 7:51

with that the main thing is with the boat, I think when we were touched on having a chat you never bought. Yeah, there was so much like when you go into a new a new place like a lot of these islands are uncharted, you don't actually know how deep the water is in certain areas. So when you go into a place, you're normally looking at it on a map first for a long period of time and working out where you'd be in certain weather like the weather comes from the North. This is where you're going to tuck in. If a big storm comes from the south, this is we're going to talk in so you look at each territory as or each island you go to, as you know, where are the safe spots? Where is the village? How can we be close to a village? Or how can we be in isolation or there's waterfalls there, there's a nice river there so you really get a good understanding of where you're going first through looking at the map and Google Earth. Oh, Captain John Yeah, Captain Cook would love that shit like all of it. We've got it so easy now compared to those guys like you can Google Earth and area and that's what we normally do. And you can see where the Bombora is or you can which is like a exposed coral head right you're gonna find out where the shallow water is you can see the river you can see civilization you can see huts. So a lot of the time you don't want to pull into an area which is a nice bay that has a village as well straight there because you know it is can be a bit of an invasion.

Perye Bentley 9:10

Right Okay, so you're looking at this on a kind of three dimensional plane in the sense of you need to be looking at where you're going to be because obviously the the under the undergrowth which could be causing an issue the fact you've got your family there and you want to make sure that they're secure and you know there's not there's not a terrible undercurrents happening and first of all you've got a villages there and you don't want to start coming in and just you know in just your cats just waving at them and then going what are these? What are these

Mick 9:41

it's a fine line and then you got to try and gauge each person and a lot of the time if they are not speaking the language so normally bring a fish we could you troll, and that's like an offering. If we do go to a village you try and bring in a fish as a bit of a

Perye Bentley 9:55

Hello. Wow. It's

Mick 9:59

and then um Yeah, and then trade with them whatever you can like, we normally have tobacco. And that's not a good thing to do. But the guys love a smoke and being able to roll someone to smoke, it's a nice thing to be able to, you know, just just pick up some tobacco create something for it and give it to them. They trade you some papaya or

Perye Bentley 10:18

yeah, they always said, if you're ever getting into like trouble, there's a fire always, even if you don't smoke, keep a pack of cigarettes on you. Because you can you can minimize a situation just by handing them handing them a smoke or something within that kind of mind. Because the very second they take it from you it causes psychological change in their mind that oh, he is not afraid he is a friend.

Mick 10:39

Ah, right. Yeah, yeah. Well, yeah, I definitely, definitely find that there are a few situations where obviously we went up to Indonesia at a later point. And there are pirates up there.

Perye Bentley 10:50

So right the with the patches, and it's not, there's

Mick 10:55

a few of them are pretty rough. Yeah, that's that's probably the worst. It was really, I guess, with the Yeah, with their guns, weaponry, coordinated attacks and things like that. They don't normally target private boats.

Perye Bentley 11:12

Wow. Okay. So it's more like the larger commercial boats that they're jumping up to. But I'm guessing it's not unheard of if they're having a tough week or tough month that you could find yourself on the back end of that. But again, I'm guessing because you've got a family and you've got that mindset to think ahead, plan ahead. You know, the areas that they're they're coming from or that they normally sail.

Mick 11:36

So you try and avoid areas where there is a lot of high known pirate activity, obviously, and then there's normally multiple ways around the island, but I guess you got to think of it more like there. Yeah. Like you say people down on their luck. Yeah. Yeah, they're living in hostile environments. They might be out trying to fish. They might have been out for a long time. They're out in the middle of nowhere on these little little boats. Yeah, like a whippersnapper mower. Like motor that's how they're getting around and not much shelter. So just it's just respects it's just human respect and trying to read the situation when they do see you and they come over like, Wait, that's when you do offer him some water like obviously their buddy thirsty and offer him some water if they can't beside the boat, you know, roll on the smoke out. Try and sort of have that unknown. Everyone's got different ways that they deal with it. We tend to find that was the best one for us for just to just as some kind of Hello, thanks for having us in your in your country and your waters. Here's this here's this how's your fishing going? And you know, if we've got if we've got ample if we've just pulled up a big fish just give them what weekend as well.

Perye Bentley 12:51

That's crazy to think that they sometimes they'd more up next to you when you're in the middle of the sea, right? And then yeah, something that happened regularly or what there

Mick 13:00

was a scene when I saw the boat got stranded over in Indonesia. Yeah, sorry. Sorry, if I'm jumping from one thing to another,

Perye Bentley 13:06

it's okay. The point of this is really just to get those those adventures out, you know and hear about it. It's amazing.

Mick 13:13

Well, the most recent one was I had to get the boat back from Indonesia, because because of COVID. It was stuck over there. We weren't allowed into the Indonesia we weren't allowed out of Australia. So that was the thing we weren't allowed out of Australia and Indonesia weren't going to extend our customs duty free exemption. So the boats only allowed to be in there for two years before you need to pay duty on it. So it because it's so your your waive the import tax, because you're just passing through, because we do plan to go around the world at that stage or go to Thailand. So when the boat was stranded over there, we're stuck here. It was very difficult ended up getting over there. So back and on the way back, I was with them. I met an old guy over there, good bloke, he jumped aboard with us. And we're just sailing day and night, day and night just to try and get back across from Lombok to Darwin

Perye Bentley 14:11

to some chap that you met when you were out there. Yeah, yeah, met

Mick 14:14

him over there. I met him in Lombok through other people. This is old guy. It was just really, really interesting bloke actually got to be stuck on a boat with two months

Perye Bentley 14:24

traveling, traveling right? It just you just find some random guys and I'll help you out and now you're not on your own. That's yeah, traveling. Well, he

Mick 14:33

didn't want to leave. He didn't want to get into us. He just wanted to stay in Indonesia. He was in Indonesia. Residency over there. So he just saw the Indonesian leg with us. There was one part where we were going across these an island group just not as far across his team or like not directly above Australia, sort of like north northwest of Australia a little bit. Yeah, not as far over as Lombok and we're going between these islands. So between the islands are off in the distance, and there's three boats, and one of them sort of just shot in front. They were, they were about, you know, two kilometers in front of us. And then one boat shot right out in front. It's like, okay, they might, they might be fishing, so I thought they might have had nets I just turned, turn to starboard quite a bit, just to show that I've going in a different direction. So you could see the side of the boat. And then this boat came back this way. And then the other boat sort of came back this way. And then they sort of like split up and they're heading towards this I mean, this is

Perye Bentley 15:34

like this bit picky.

Mick 15:37

A little bit picky. What's going on here? It was just before dark and then I turned out to see again as I turned the opposite way this time and kept on going out. I just went Ah, she they turned again and kept on kept on on our track as like our what's gonna happen he just did the whole thing. As he said, you know, the smokes, crack, just a couple of little grab bags. Yeah, this was some tobacco with some fruit that I got before I left you know, things that I knew that I could spare some water, a few bottles of water. And I'll make came up beside the boat. The first boat came up and he was yelling at us in Indonesia. And I couldn't really pick up what he was saying he was speaking really, really fast. And I just held up the water and the fruit and everything. And he came beside I just got his boat and chucked it in. And he just gave the thumbs up and just went off. Yeah, that was it. So you know, you know and that's our thing with fire Allah you could quite easily I wasn't sleep deprived at that point. We had quite good weather. Yeah, but when when the storms come in at night, you get bad weather, you get very sleep deprived, and then your judgment starts really things mess with you and you haven't slept for an hour when when you haven't slept for 20 hours, you start to just go a little bit. I used to think that it was the alcohol and you know, whatever else you're doing on a night out,

Perye Bentley 16:56

it's not sleeping. It's not sleeping.

Mick 17:01

I saw like sailing, sailing over to the islands. I actually sailing back to Australia, the amount of nights that I was just hallucinating. I was just looking at over the water I'm thinking is that look like these gigantic people were just standing and I knew I knew they weren't gigantic people. Because there's not many gigantic people walking on the ocean. Not many

Perye Bentley 17:19

not there, especially these days. Yeah. But I could see

Mick 17:22

them and that's the thing is like, Ah, really gonna go to sleep when the sun comes up and tagout with someone. So yeah, just trying to maintain the reality of the situation not get worked up and not think worst case scenarios. There's a certain element of just like putting faith and doing the next right thing because you know, if I was more hostile, or if I was one of the people that are carrying firearms, and I, you know, I would produce a gun at that point. And if they had something similar, you know, three boats one of me, old fella down there like what's going to happen? So

Perye Bentley 17:55

it's the middle of the sea. It's the middle of the sea, like what what is gonna happen?

Mick 17:59

Yeah, yeah, robberies, robberies do happen. And people do get, yeah, things happen. In

Perye Bentley 18:05

the eye. For everyone listening, I want to make this very clear. This isn't like something that happens on a frequent basis. Like I've been, I've been, you know, a decade of truck traveling, Mickey has been traveling for almost all his life, it's not something that is going to happen continuously. But it's something to be very aware of that. Probably a positive attitude. Thinking ahead and just thinking, if I'm going into odd places, it's good idea to have something tangible to offer as a sign of respect, and nine times out of 10 just doing that can get you out of some sticky situations.

Mick 18:44

Exactly. And that's it. It's just having that humility. It's like, whatever you are before you go on the boat, whether you're now we've owned businesses before we've done different things, and you tend to attach that to your identity. When you're in a when you're in your native surroundings. You're this business owner, you're, you're you've got an identity when you're out there, you know, that's it. You're just you're just another human dealing with another human. This humans hungry, this humans thirsty, this humans tired

Perye Bentley 19:17

and stuff that he doesn't have, right? And what's why why do you have that? And do you want to make him feel more angry about this? Or do you want to build a relationship with someone which potentially might you could end up going round there again, and he sees you in the street? He's that mate. Here's that here's that tobacco, by the way, and you're like, I don't smoke, but thank you very much. So, you know,

Mick 19:38

well, yeah. Yeah, that's funny. And that's the thing that people that don't have much probably the most, some of the most generous weed in the world. When we started into Vanuatu. We call it a huge fish. It was this big. Was it was a Benito. So like a sort of like a mack tuna. Yeah, and pulled it up. And we already had We already had a nice macro. It's just like we don't need all this fish so we don't have this much refrigeration space to start with. And as we came into this bay, they travel around in these banana boats there or the local people. So it's literally just 40 people hanging on from this boat and I waved one down. And they came over to us like with everyone on board is like big beautiful smiles and I held up the fish and the guys came towards us and I threw them the fish. Sorry, I had it in a bucket. You know those aren't those plastic bunnies tubs? Yeah, yeah, having one of them right through them the bucket. They took the fish and they're all stoked. Anyway, our boats got a big eyeball on it. And mate came up with a logo the boats called the cosmos, the cosmos. Yes. Yeah. And inside the eye is the earth like which is like the pupil and then outside that is a lightning which is you know, the veins in the eyes and then the tree roots. So it's a pretty it's a pretty trippy kind of design in the cosmos. Right? The cosmos. Exactly right. It's yeah, it's it's a really good it's cool design. And about two weeks later, we're anchored in this bay. And we went to shore there was a little resort and we went to sure there you go the local fella that was the security guard there. He said are you on your on that boat without with the iron? He goes? Yeah, I said yeah, that's that's us. said you gave you gave my cousin my cousin the fish. He goes no, that's that all went back. He goes come in come in. He goes use anything you want. There's there's pools, there's tennis courts, there's always like, Oh, what are we We're just like walking past. And then we ended up having full run of this resort for the day, the week that we were there, we're able to have nice, long hot showers and jump in a clean pool. And, you know, you never know,

Commercial Voice 21:49

If you or someone you know would be an interesting guest on the show. We'd love to hear from you. We love speaking to everyday people who've taken to the open road or open seas for an extended period of time, or anyone that set up their life in an off grid location. Please email to get in touch. That's two L's in traveller.

Perye Bentley 22:14

Wow, like just just from just having a wave, you've got more than enough food, you share it with someone and you end up having the run of a beautiful place because it's his cousin. It is

Mick 22:25

exactly right. Exactly what we met him on, you know, a few days over, you know, before so it's just, you don't do it for that reason. But it's just it's nice to when it does actually come around so quick. Yeah. It's, it's one of the best parts as you know, with with your travels, like you've, you know, been where you are and whatnot, it so you've got to, especially when you're a visitor, the more you give, that you don't want to give?

Perye Bentley 22:53

Yeah, put, like, you know, don't don't change who you are as a person in any way shape or size, because that's who you are. But if the culture says, Don't do a particular thing, don't be that guy. Don't be that guy and do it because you're the one now that's making all the rest of us look terrible. And you see it a lot. And we we talked about this briefly as well as you get a lot of weirdos when you travel as well. But they are 50% of the reasons why you travel because the stories that they can tell themselves as well. It just it's layers upon layers of chaos. Right. And that's it, which makes me think, you know, when when you were mentioning obviously that using Google as was one of the the Google Sat Nav was one of the things that is just a top tip for when you're traveling out there. In your mind when you were like on the catamaran what are the most essential pieces of equipment that you go look if we're going out there, we need these to just have the best time possible.

Mick 23:57

The Watermaker Yeah, which is a little mobile desalination machine.

Perye Bentley 24:03

Right. Okay. Which brand do you use? Specifically?

Unknown Speaker 24:07

Our Rain Man.

Perye Bentley 24:09

Rain, man. Good name rain, man.

Mick 24:10

Yeah, it's good. It's good. We we bought that years and years ago, it's pretty much just, you know how they work. It's, it's a,

Perye Bentley 24:20

I've used I've used one. I've used one in the jungle before, but I didn't like it was one that like, it had the different types of soil in it. So it was a reverse osmosis machine that we used, but it was like a jungle tie guy made it and went look good water. And we were like, alright, wicked. I guess we're drinking well today and I didn't get sick mate. So still, it sounds like a

Mick 24:45

bloody good contraption. Yeah, nice. Now, they're amazing. It's really being able to just get the seawater and pumps it up and basically forces it through a whole heap of like membranes, right? Yeah. We tiny tiny little filters and bustle. Water apart like on a molecular level. Yeah. So all that comes out of it, it gets rid of virus, bacteria, salts, metals, impurities. All you're left is with pure water. Wow. So that's essential. Yeah, I think having maps you need maps obviously need a compass. Yeah.

Perye Bentley 25:19

What? Just just because obviously with the with the water purifier, that's that's on a powered as well. Right. So I'm guessing you've got some sort of energy. You know? What, what's, how are you getting your energy? Basically,

Mick 25:35

we're completely we were completely Ickes comes the podcast off grade me. Hey, we got it. Yeah, that's worth it. Cheers, mate. We got solar panels, you got a wind generator? Yeah. Whenever you do use an engine to get into an area there and we got larger alternators that were fitted to the engines. So whenever you are dropping the anchor or trying to maneuver into a difficult bit of relief, that's when we'd normally turn the engines on. And then that's also a extra charge. And then the battery bank holds that you just need to be smart about power, like Yeah, yeah, obviously charge up your computer, your any devices, anything that has an external battery, or an external lithium, you'd normally put that on charge or put that they have all the plugs ready. As soon as you turn the engines on, and you've got excess power being made, that's when you charge everything up. Right. And then at night, you know, you use minimal power, you don't go playing on your computer at night, you'd say you tend to get more in the rhythm of the world with, you know, when you're away from it all like you go to sleep when it's dark. You wake up when the sun comes up whatever time that is when you stay awake all night. So you're

Perye Bentley 27:01

okay, so the circadian rhythm really comes into play there. And it's just being under, under the stars and everything in the very second nighttime. You're clocked out. It's interesting to think about that because, you know, we we've always got so much light pollution around us that when when you're sitting in your home and all that you think getting four hours a night is normal. Well, it's 90% of us. It's not. It's absolutely not, you know, some people can run on it but 678 hours if you if you clunk out and wake up and you're feeling wonderful. It's probably because you had a good night's sleep. And I can see how being on the waves as well. My grandma back in the day, she had a waterbed. And I'm just remembering when I was. Yeah, no, no, I remember it being on my uncle's boat and like, sleeping on that as well. Same feeling. It's just something about being on something that's got a consistent but peaceful movement. Unless there's a storm that can just knock you out in seconds.

Mick 28:01

Yeah, well, that's the beauty of the waterbeds. Isn't it they were they were pretty safe. I don't actually have you I haven't been on one recently. Not nice to

Perye Bentley 28:09

time mate. To be honest I'm sure that if you open one up the water would be absolutely disgusting and I wouldn't probably recommend you use that water purifier with it because of Grandma's sweat going through there

Unknown Speaker 28:25

now grandma,

Perye Bentley 28:28

stay where you are.

Mick 28:31

Yeah, it's it's you got to conserve your energy because when it does get when it gets bad it gets bad. That's the thing well you get you just get days of bliss and that's the most amazing part about the ocean that's it you can have a morning that is just like you feel like whoever created this is just beyond it's beyond your comprehension how perfect it is how clear the water is and how beautiful that coral is down there and the palm trees and the white sand and the way the base shapes so this is ridiculous you know volcano in the background it's so it's so smart. Yeah, and then within a few hours you can literally feel like you're in hell they just take one little thunder head to pop up over the corner and then before you know it you're dragging anchor towards rocks and there's bloody whitewash all over the place and the lightnings come in threatening to blow everything out and it's it's so it's it's volatile and beautiful and scary all at the same time.

Perye Bentley 29:34

And this the thing even though it's scary, you wouldn't change it for the world would you like the NA T to go out there and do it? It's not it's not stopped you from going. You know what I'm never doing that again.

Mick 29:48

It's a you got to mitigate the risk. Now with anything like there there is Storm seasons. There are certain areas that you avoid at certain times of year So let's say for example, getting the boat back to Australia, we had to do it within this narrow timeframe. Otherwise, the weather systems are going to change. Right? Okay, and, and just just even learning about how all that works. So like you look, you look at the world, there's a really good website called Earth Wind. And you look at the Earth as a whole big, best description, and our guy gave us was, if you've got two rooms next to each other, one of them's got high pressure, super high pressure. And then there's a like, airtight door. And in the other room, there's no pressure, it's very, very low pressure, right. So as soon as, as soon as that door opens a bit, you've got all these high pressure that are just rushed to the low pressure, and the low pressure is going to be sucking. So it's going to be a pulling in a sucking motion at the same time. And depending on what hemisphere and depends on which direction, these wind systems turn, and just watching, that's the main thing, I guess, is getting the weather updates, and watching those synoptic charts and watching where the highs are feeding into the lows and where the lows are how, how low is that low pressure, which is therefore going to work out how much air it's going to be sucking in. And that's where we get our cyclones and everything from Wow. Yeah, it's fascinating. You just jump on earth wind, it's Earth, I think and you can jump on there. And you can see what the earth is doing right now. And so

Perye Bentley 31:23

like, when you're in the middle of the ocean, how are you keeping up to scratch of that? Like, do you have the ability to go on those websites at the same time? Or?

Mick 31:33

We can't go on? No, no, not websites are very limited data. So you're just downloading these tiny little files called grib files, okay. And that allows you to see the where the wind is at that point in time. And then based off the same models that they use, like the global forecasting system, the European weather system as well. There's a few base models that they use all over the world, and you're able to download them in tiny bite form, and then have that on a on a basic map so you can see what's happening.

Perye Bentley 32:05

So you've gotten so you know, you've got your water purifiers, you've got your solar panels, you've got your your little bits of data that telling you which way the winds are blowing, and the high pressure and low pressure so you're not caught with your pants down. That's and then comes to the next one. What about when when when you've got your pants down? Where do you go to the toilet? What was the goal there? Like do you do you go off the side or what?

Mick 32:29

What's the goal? Well, I someone told us when we did our first little overseas wage, that the majority of people that are found lost at CFM with their pants, like pants around their ankles. No, I don't know if it's true or not. But it was just a little message because I had a few mates on board and it's so tempting. Just why would you go inside downstairs into a hole to go and sit on a toilet or go to a toilet when you could literally just take one step to the side and go off the edge Yeah, you know, it depends. Depends on at night. I swore to my wife when we do like night sales big night passages, right? Because that would just be horrific. Imagine waking up her waking up after being asleep for four hours and I was supposed to be at the top she gets up the top and there's Mickey gone you know I mean you got no chance of finding us

Perye Bentley 33:23

get get get downstairs and go go use the dunny there and it just just for just for the safety measures more than anything. Wow. I never I never thought of that. Yeah.

Mick 33:35

Yeah, there's stuff out there, you know, like you could you could, you'd have to be unlucky, you'd have to be really unlucky to hit a whale or get a weird bit of chocolate.

Perye Bentley 33:45

It's a, it's, you say you have to be unlucky, but there's still a probability. It's not worth it. No, no,

Mick 33:54

it's not it's not worth it. And then when it gets sorry, it's not always

Perye Bentley 33:58

gonna say is it a is it like Do you Do you have a portable one there? Or is it one that's actually with the catamaran that there is a toilet

Mick 34:06

down? Yeah, down in the cat down and they cut, right? Okay, got a little portable head down. They call it a head, say weigh in the head.

Perye Bentley 34:14

Right? And then you pump it and then goes goes out into the

Mick 34:20

Yeah, straight out to the fishes. There is like a little holding tank. So if you do go into bays where people are swimming around and everything, they don't end up with nasty shellac.

Perye Bentley 34:28

The black waters are water tanks right.

Mick 34:33

Now you thought you thought nannies. waterbed was bad. Yeah.

Perye Bentley 34:37

Nannies old waterbed. Basically, times 100 is the worst smell in the world. And normally, it's and you know, it's you who asked to do it, right. I don't. I don't see the kids doing it.

Mick 34:52

Now, it's not a fun job. No, that seems to happen a lot like all that that's a constant thing. Just the maintenance. Like, you'll get somewhere and then it's Yeah, I think that's the that was probably the most eye opening part of it is when we decided that we were going to go from living the life we were living. We had three businesses in Sydney. Life was good to going, okay. We're leaving this. Yeah. What are we going to be doing? You think when you get on the boat, you're going to have ample time, you're just going to be cruising around looking at the sales, but ship breaks all the time. And yeah, and you don't have parts and you can't call anyone right and the amount of times I've unlocked that toilet and it's not and it's not easy on about as well. It's not a matter of just being able to you can't go down to the garage and get some tools out and jump on a ladder and it's you got to pull panels apart and then you you know it's it's a can of worms. Yeah, get in there.

Perye Bentley 35:54

There's hope there's hope there isn't a can of worms in there because that's that's another somebody's

Mick 36:07

trying to get that pipe up out of the boat without spilling or trying to get it up through the entrance. Yeah, yeah, there's been there's a lot of jobs on there that you're just like this. Is this worth

Perye Bentley 36:18

it? Okay. Like on a scale of one, let's say like the top free maintenance points in your mind when you're when you're in the middle of the ocean catamaran. What would be the free in, you know, ones that you go I wish I didn't have to do this.

Mick 36:36

Yeah, unblocking normally, it's not actually the toilet itself that blocks it's a it's a pipe rush runs down underneath the toilet underneath the the false floor up one of the holes up into the top and then back down out the secret so you can't just pull the hose in. pulling the hose off isn't a simple thing need to unplug it from the top and clamp it. In which case you improvise then then you go to bucket bucket mode. I'll get my butt pulling that trying to do that underway is just a non event.

Commercial Voice 37:08

This episode of Off Grid traveler is proudly sponsored by dry flush toilets Australia, home of the world famous Laveo dry flush toilet. This patented electric toilet has no chemicals is not a composting system and can be set up literally anywhere in under 60 seconds. It looks and feels like an at home toilet to use. But it can be used anywhere with no external power or water. And it still flushes there's also no car trees to clean or empty and it's perfect for camping, caravans converted vans, boats, tiny homes or anything off grid, go to www.dry and use coupon code off grid to get a 10% discount on your toilet order today.

Mick 37:58

And also any engine work right getting in the engine. You know if if water pump fails or an engine overheats, and you're in the middle of nowhere, and you've got to get down in there. You're in this bloody tight confined space with all these hot little steel Laravel Yeah, and it's just and it's already baking in the sun. So you're literally just in the open sun, flying down these waves down there with all your spanners and toes trying to work out what the hell's going on. That's when you're glad you went to sleep when the sun went down.

Perye Bentley 38:30

I just I so. So when it comes down to the engineering point, Have you have you figured out any ways to with some ease the process? Like you know? Or is it just what it is? You just have to get in there and get into the thick of it?

Mick 38:48

Yeah, I don't I'm not really too. I'm, I'm good with structure. I like working out problems that are structural where you can go, alright, this supports that. And this needs that you know, basic engineering like that makes sense. Yeah. But when it comes to the mechanical parts and exciter fuses and diodes and yeah, that's when I start getting getting a little bit lost. So yeah, that's a big that's a big you learn on the fly for that. Yeah, we try and you try and learn what you can but the things you don't know. There's so many parts to it's a little city, you know what I mean? Like it's, you got water, you've got the propulsion you got electrical generation, you've got all of these little parts it's impossible to know all of it. So to come.

Perye Bentley 39:39

Yes, you like before you get into doing this. Obviously you had an understanding of how to manage it if situations were to become a little bit dodgy right but at the same time you're learning on the job at the same time.

Mick 39:54

Yeah, well, no, I didn't really know too much about it's just endoscope? Well. It's a sailboat, which is, you know, that's our primary way. And that's a structural thing. So I can understand that if if a sails torn, you can fix that you can make the shell sail shorter because the mast snaps where you can make a jewelry jewelry. Yeah, you can be practical and go, Okay, we need to propel that way. We've got some fabric, we've got some ropes, we've got some height, we can do it with a motor. It's like shit. Is that this pump? Is that this spring? Is that this screw? Is that this gasket? Is this leaking out of that? Is it Is this not getting power to it? Like, why isn't that pump working? Why was fuel getting from there to there? Or is it yeah, there's, there's a lot of troubleshooting a lot of reading the manual reading.

Perye Bentley 40:46

So here's a tip everyone keep the manual, do not throw the manual once you buy the boat

Mick 40:52

100% Keep the manual key always get the manual, make a copy of the manual. Definitely get as the only manual when it comes to putting together furniture or anything like that. Destroy the manual, just look at what it's meant to look. And then just make it look like that. Yeah, when it comes to the engine, there's too many, you know, unless you got exploded diagrams of everything

Perye Bentley 41:14

else. Yeah. Okay, so So Number Number one, the toilets, and the chaos that comes behind having having the the less suction than necessary to get it out of the out of the boat. Then use the engines and what was number three, which is a pain in the ass.

Mick 41:37

Man, I think that's all right. Yeah, I think that's those two, they more than make up for everything else.

Perye Bentley 41:42

So those two are a variety of like, so the toilet itself is a one, but it's a big one. And then the other one is a hundreds of little things that come in between it. Gotcha.

Mick 41:53

Yeah, well, everything else is similar. We've had, we've run over boys before, not like human boys. But I've not there's, you know, like fishing boys, that people said all their nets and crab traps set up. We've been sailing along before at night. And then the boat will just come to a stop. And we'll have sail out and you'd be like, Well, what what's going on in, pull the sail down, get the torches out go around the boat. It happened just off Sydney actually. And then went off then you could see a rope. You can see a little string of traps that have been there. And it got wrapped around the Prop was lucky it didn't bloody rip the leg out the boat. But wow, that was a 1030 at night jump overboard to last torching the mouth, trying to untangle it all. But they're practical things and they're a little bit of fun as well. Yeah, we've had a few incidents where things have got caught around the props, but it's practically in jump overboard. And do it it's a bit of it gives you an excuse to get in the water in dodgy situations have had some fun,

Perye Bentley 42:56

right? Like, just have some fun. So yeah. Which again, is one of those things, you know, doing this is fun, like, the adventure of it is fun. The you wouldn't do these things unless you knew that there was a slight bit of risk. A slight bit of fun that can take you to new. We were talking about it briefly beforehand is that, you know, yeah, if you continuously want to go out and travel and you're still at home, thinking if it's a good idea or not. Just go just do it. Because even if you are scared of that initial step, the risk of you not going may be greater than the risk of you going. And the amount of people the amount of experiences you'll have in life in general is just times 10 It Nutanix it literally. Yeah. And yeah, you've gone you've gone a step further, because you've got your your little ones with you. And you've got your you mentioned before you've got an next prod like adventure coming up, potentially, right.

Mick 44:00

Yes, that's yeah, that is that is exciting. It is exciting. Because yeah, you're right, it's getting out to, I think when we were speaking about this earlier, as well. You see, when the little kids play our iPad game or even ourselves, you don't want to play the same level over and over again. That's, you know, you want to do a level that's a bit harder and a bit harder to go back to the easy levels. You want to just get up to that hard level again. Yeah. And that's what it is. I guess when you do travel, it's like you go to a place that's easy. And then you get to a place that's a bit more difficult. And it is sometimes a bit more difficult and it keeps you on that edge. Like the idea of just cruising around the bay. Now it doesn't have the same luster as going to a distant land that you've never been to before. And I think if

Perye Bentley 44:51

this right you know, when you just you see that that visual shot of that brand new thing you've never been part of it could be a cityscape. could be just like you start seeing the mountains and your heart just kind of, yeah, all of a sudden you get this new energy just comes out of nowhere. And you get this feeling and you're like, oh my gosh, you know, this is why I do this. I yeah, I may have no money in my pocket right now. But gosh, I am going to be able to remember this and use this for the rest of my life. Yeah, it's a changing. It's a game changer.

Mick 45:22

That's that's that's the essence of myself. Mrs. or Mrs. always talks about as well, just wanting to see what's around every corner. And that's always the most exciting part. You get around a little bay like what's what's what's good. I've seen it on maps, you studied on maps, you know, what it looks like? Is that, what is it? When you get around there and you see the rock formations and you see the way the beach goes in? You're like, Oh, look at this. Oh, look at that all

Perye Bentley 45:47

see continuous. All right, until, until you're just sitting there gone. I need to I need a beer. I need it. Yeah.

Mick 45:55

You got to just take it all in. And that that easy, right? That is like, it's like meeting people. It's like starting a new business. Like it's like leveling up, you just you unlock a new level, when you get to a one of those new places, and it's exciting. And you you know, especially if you are eating there like finding a little pain in saying that there's some muscles or someone oysters and then being able to crack a nice little oysters off there. Or finding a nice little cave, the ego exploring in like there's, and that's what I think we're looking forward to doing with the kids. And why we want to do this again, we have we have lived the a few lives in this life. And when we do throw ourselves into things, it's 100%. And we're this cafe by it is up for sale, we did get an offer on it actually, just this morning. Wow. thing, I suppose you had a semi off yesterday, but this morning, somebody's keen. So maybe by the time that this is released, it'll be it'll be done.

Perye Bentley 46:52

And you'll be ready for your next adventure. Because you were saying that you're going to be going on you're buying a van with the family, going off to the coast, spending time with family and building out the next steps for your your, your catamaran right for your boat. That's,

Mick 47:11

that's it because it's been, it's going to need some love, you know, before we take off to, like the ultimate goal would be to I think with the family would just be to spend that time doing exactly what we're talking about. Look, exploring, seeing what's around the corner, building things with discovering new places, but the little

Perye Bentley 47:27

ones as well, right. They're building their new their new ability to see things in a way that we probably should have seen things, then. Which is that kind of sides to another question that's really probably going to be a lot of people who've got kids who think that they can't do this is that how do you how do you keep them educated? When you're on the road? Like because that's a big one.

Mick 47:51

And it's a big one. Because because you're not on in comparison to being here, like here running this business. It's a seven day a week business. While we're, we're open for those periods, and then the rest of the time we're still talking about it. You're still you're never 100 Not never, you're not 100% present for the kids as much as what you should be when you're living this life. I think

Perye Bentley 48:20

the way, right, because obviously your your work life, you're working there seven days a week, you've got your business. And even if you're living with them at home, the fact is you're still working. So I was always on time with them. Yeah.

Mick 48:33

Okay. Like, you know, today today, I had the day off, so to speak. But there's still the day off, there's still a few hours worth of spot fires to put out and things that didn't get ordered. And there's always so and these things are all time restricted, because there's deliveries and whatnot. So then when your kids are halfway through a story, and you've got to cut off in 15 minutes, it does get a bit old always having to push it back, and doesn't really feel like that's the real reason why you want to be bringing them into the world. Just to push them back, to be able to make more money to be able to eventually spend more time with them that you get stuck on a. You just get stuck straight back on that cycle again. And it's a slippery slope. And the more you work, the more you want to de stress and stress. And then the moralists end up having an end before you know it. Your times just slipped by and your buddy 67 years old, and you got six months to live.

Perye Bentley 49:32

Like, dude, it's funny. It's funny, though, because when I was in, in North Thailand, I met this woman. She was probably in her late 50s, maybe early 60s. And I was just asking, you know, so have you been traveling a lot? She said, No, this is the first time I've ever traveled and I'm going to live out here and I said, Well, you know, what was the what was the plan? She said I wanted to do this my whole life and I said are you You know regretting? She said this is the best thing I've ever done in my life. So it doesn't matter when you start just tomorrow is the day that you should be planning for your next trip is you're not I mean, like,

Mick 50:11

there's that energy that comes from planning for it as well, isn't it? Like, it's not just, it's not just good. It's not getting in the habit of going, Oh, it's going to be good. Once we go there, it's going to be better once we get there, or once we get there, it's the process that starts like from at that moment, where you're saying, where you're saying you're going from? Okay, let's stop. The planning is

Perye Bentley 50:34

part of it. It is, it really excites you, you know, like, I'm going to, I'm going to Thailand for a month in May with my mate for just because it's my birthday, and we want to enjoy that. And I'm saying to do want to drive down to the coast. Do you want to get a coach, he went, and he was going like, oh, I can't wait, let's do this. Let's do that. And like, I'm like, Okay, I'm gonna write all these things down, then we're just going to point at them, or we're going to choose them, you know, so yeah,

Mick 50:58

that's, yeah, it is. If you feel like if you've got a real control over, you've got freedom. Yeah, you got parameters, which is always money and time. And then you know, your dependents and you know, your risk tolerance and slug any, anything at all you do, whether it's business, or whether it's life, or whether it's doing jumps or catching big waves. It's all it's all relatable. Yeah. And that's the thing, no matter what your background is, as well, I've found everything has been transferable, whether it works in instructional, whether you're working in a corporate world, or whether you work in finance, or whether you work in hospitality, there's certain things that crossover not all elements, but there's a lot that you can bring from this, into this and into this. And there's never a thing that that you've done in the past, that you're not going to be able to bring to this new game, whatever it is, and the place you're going, whether it's coming up with a budget, or whether it's working out or how many miles am I going to get from that if you're really good at calculations, like it pays to be good at calculations to work out how you can get from a spot to a spot and how far you can actually track in a day, what you need, how much drink like you know, you need to do maths. And so getting back around to where you were talking about before with the education. The whole thing is education. Because it's not, you know, it's not bullshit. Like you're not just flapping time away. You're you're living skills,

Perye Bentley 52:25

you're learning literal skills, when you're on the on the boat as well, aren't you, you know, or wherever you are, you're you're going to be learning how to deal with other cultures, you're going to be learning how to potentially talk other languages, which is, is a massive one, you're going to be learning how to deal with a broken toilet when dad doesn't want to deal with it. And he's?

Mick 52:49

Well, that's it. That's exactly as problem solving. Yeah. But that's basically what the whole thing is. It's just everything's problem solving, like the seasons changing. We need to get from here to here. Where are we going to go? Why is that the pros and cons, decision making, problem solving, Adventure seeking, following what you feel like you need, looking at your parameters, like it's, it's not an education in the way of, you're going to end up coming out of it with an ABCD. But the boat kids that we have met in our travels, they're just, you know, that it's incomparable, a 14 year old girl that's been living on a boat compared to a 14 year old girl has been living in the city. They're just two different creatures. Just completely different. Yeah, completely different. And one of them you can actually sit down with and have a, an amazing conversation with and you're like, wow, and it's, it's so engaging the other ones sort of like, oh, okay, so we're on the phone. Yeah, on the phone. And it's just, it's a different world. And unfortunately, the way society sort of going at the moment, I think that the more time we actually do spend hours looking at looking at stars, and actually seeing the world that were attached to a world that we came from, and a world that we're a part of, and a world is here for us to experience. It's a hell of a lot healthier than always going for the attention of others and following groups and trying to fit in and not and being part of a minority and having people side with you and trying to build this sort of fragile society's

Perye Bentley 54:27

ego. Yeah, it's and that's the scary thing is sometimes just realizing that it's okay to make mistakes. And yes, you know, traveling, you make a lot of mistakes. And if you do that, you're it's basically like taking a fast route into it's okay to be human. We don't have to go through all these societal crapping. You know, I was telling you before I came from London rat race, and there was this time when I was every single day I was getting on the underground at like, 7am or 6am. Sorry, I was going I'm not like these people. I'm not like these people. I'm not I was probably about 1920 21. Like, around that time. And then one day, I sat on the train and it was like, packed like sardines. And I went, Oh my gosh, I'm like these people. And the next day I booked my ticket, backpacking, and I've been out here ever since. So, yeah, I just had to do it, man, I've always I was gonna, I felt like I was crashing and burning. And if you feel like that for too long, it becomes the new norm. And then that's the scary thing is, what do you do when that's the new norm? You know, how do you get out of that next hole?

Mick 55:37

Yeah, yeah, that's the thing, it becomes quite tacky, then and then you start attaching yourself to. So you got out at a good time where you didn't have a dog and you're probably long term partner and involved in this and invested in this. And it's hard to tie all those loose ends up love, but you can do at any stage. Possible. Yeah, if you're, if you've got businesses, you can, you can wrap them up, and you can sell and you can and create a new sort of world and a new world for yourself and take control of that. And yeah, like you say, to be out, when you do feel like you're just mentally spiraling, to be able to just sink back into just what you are, is just existence the same as everything else. And get away from all the bullshit for a little bit and get away from looking at the bank balance and away from looking at this and go okay, yeah, obviously, you need to survive. But what's your actual goal in life at the end of the day, when you are just dust? What do you want to experience more of, and when you look up at the stars on one of those beautiful nights, it's just like bomb Do you just realize you're literally just on a planet, looking at all these other planets swirling around? It's like, it puts everything else in perspective, and you think this person was yelling at you about something arriving 15 minutes late. It's like, ah, piss off. Because that you carry so much because he prides attached to your work and what you do and and you got to hold yourself to say you can't throw away all that. It's a it's a delicate balance. And I think we tend to sort of bounce between the two, we'll go and live a life of freedom for a while. And then we throw ourselves in a work 100% leave a bit of freedom, where in the process of constantly being in the process of trying to find a balance, where we're able to be able to, you know, live live that life sustainably. That's the difficult part. I think balance is always a difficult part.

Perye Bentley 57:36

Yeah, balanced skies. And on that note, you know, we have come to the end of the podcast where we've had Mick telling us some of the most incredible things about adventure, heart life, and dodgy toilets, which is the real facts of it, guys. You know, just just make just so that people know you have both and Instagram two Instagrams, right ones, Cosmos underscore living. And that's the one where you show us all your photos and videos of you guys traveling and there's a few few Saudi pictures of you with the catching some fish, which some of the ladies might love. And then you've also got the bucking seahorse, which again, you mentioned that you are selling. But at the same time, guys, I would highly recommend you check it out. Because if you're around that area, and you love music, and you love seeing new talent, these guys are fostering it right now.

Mick 58:31

Please do Yeah, if you if you are a fan of that supporting artists, this is this definitely a place for them to be able to continue their passions as well. So yeah, come down support. Also, there's a YouTube channel, which we might end up resurrecting because we're living through it. I think it's called Cosmos living as well on YouTube. Brilliant. Yeah,

Perye Bentley 58:51

we'll make sure to add it in the everywhere so that people can check those out and make sure to follow you guys. No problem,

Unknown Speaker 58:59

mate. Well, thank you for the chat as well. Yeah.

Perye Bentley 59:01

I mean, it's been emotional mate. And you see this other thing. And when you when you travel windswell You can find people with the same cloth, per se, that just have that same energy. And, you know, would I have been like this? When I first started, there might have been inklings of it. Right? But you grow and you start learning that it broadens the mind. They say that but it does. It does.

Mick 59:25

100% Yeah, that's, and it is nice. Nice. So yeah, thank you. Thanks for sharing. And yeah, happy to help.

Perye Bentley 59:32

Awesome, mate. Oh, just so you guys, guys know. If you enjoyed this, please comment, subscribe and everything in between. We love to have you here. This is the off grid traveler. Which we see is ironic because we're both inside studios right now in homes and stuff. But that's the beauty of it. Otherwise, you probably wouldn't have a connection with us. Speak to us guys soon. Have an awesome day.

Commercial Voice 59:57

We hope you're enjoying this episode of Off Grid travel If you or someone you know would be an interesting guest on the show, we'd love to hear from you. We love speaking to everyday people who take into the open road or open seas for an extended period of time, or anyone that set up their life in an off grid location. Please email to get in touch. That's two L's in traveller.

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