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Van Life Full Time? And running a 7-figure business while travelling full time!

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

In this interview, Perye sits down with Dane Muller to discuss how he packed his family up and took to the open road to join the Van Life community.

This inspirational chat discusses:

- Why they made the bold move in the first place (and almost overnight).

- The practicalities of full-time Van Life living.

- How they've managed to maintain a 7-figure business all from a van.

- The richness and depth that Van LIfe has brought to their lives as a young family.

- Why the road less travelled holds so much good stuff for those who are bold enough to actually do it!

And so much more!

Transcription provided by Otter Ai:

Perye Bentley 0:00

Hey guys and welcome to this episode of the off grid traveler. Today we're going to be joined by Dane Miller, an amazing life coach and full time van lifer, who with his family decided to hit the road 12 months ago with no end in sight. And we're gonna be talking about how they built and coached a seven figure business on the move, and how a family loss accelerated their potential years of planning to buying the van the very next week. And also ways you can stay off grid indefinitely as long as you have a source of water, and maybe a bit of gas. And as always, we'd like to thank the sponsor of today's podcast, dry flush toilets. If you haven't seen these amazing off grid toilets, you really need to check them out. They're the cleanest, easiest smell free toilet that you've ever seen. And they've recently won the Best New camping technology in Australia. No more dumping chemicals or maintaining a composting toilet. Go to to see how they work. Let's get traveling.

Commercial Voice 0:56

Welcome to the off grid traveler podcast, where we make the people who go off grid and into a life of adventure challenge and Grandview horizons, whether on land or on sea, you'll meet some fascinating characters who've chosen the road less traveled and discover the best tips worst moments, favorite destinations and a whole lot more.

Perye Bentley 1:27

Okay, welcome guys to the off grid traveler. I have Dane Mueller. And also I believe Nadine is in the background working hard in entrepreneurship mindset as always, and I just wanted to say beforehand, you guys seriously, I was checking out all of your socials, you're legitimately a power couple who is going from strength to string and you're doing this whilst driving around in your home? Like,

Dane Muller 1:52

yes, well, thank you for that. That's a lovely welcome, mate for thanks for having us on. And, yeah, we, we do it all from the road. So we wanted to, we wanted to create a life of doing what we wanted. And this is, this is how we're doing it. So yeah,

Perye Bentley 2:09

it's amazing, because, you know, I'm just looking at the background as well. And you've made it look like a home as well, like, instead of just gonna, you know, we do camping here and we live here, you've completely switched it up, you're living permanently on the road, you're adventuring from place to place. And so two questions. First one is, you know, why did you do it? And then the second one after that is, you know, how did you How long did it take you to make it look like somewhere that you can live continuously?

Dane Muller 2:39

Okay, so we were in a, I guess we're stuck. My wife and I in a spot of, we're going through a lot of things personally, singular. And then as a married couple. And as a family, we had lots of external things with real with our fathers being really unwell. And we just were in jobs that we weren't liking Ryan careers that we weren't, I was I was in the construction industry for a long time as a builder, my wife was a nurse in the Air Force for a very long time. It just wasn't our passion. So there was a few ideas thrown up by my wife to begin with. And it was me that needed the convincing to actually get on the road. So and then it was it was something that my parents wanted to do after they retired, was get on the road and travel. And my dad retired, and then was diagnosed with cancer. About a month into their trip. So no, that's fine. It's fine. And we it was one one thing that is like what my wife was like, what happens if we do this when we're retired and then you end up getting sick or I get sick, like your dad and we can't do it. I'm like, You know what? You're right. And then I think within a week, we had the deposit on the van and was all ordered and ready to go. So

Perye Bentley 4:10

wow, seven days later, and you've you've jumped into the deep end with

Dane Muller 4:13

Zoom. It was a really it was a quick tip here. Once we're once we're in, we're all in. Wow, that's that's what we're like. So

Perye Bentley 4:22

yeah, it's just so like, seeing what could potentially happen is like you saying that? Nadine, initially it was kind of pushing the mindset of hey, what about if we start traveling and then it was unfortunately a big impact for change in your life, which then moved you to go, you know what, we have to do this tomorrow, instead of doing it in five years or 10 years or 15 years? And then it keeps getting pushed further and further right?

Dane Muller 4:51

Yep, yeah, definitely. And I think for a lot of people too, it generally takes something big in our lives to create change. And we will just We literally ended there's no other nice way to put it. We were actually staying here doing things for our loved ones and just waiting for people to pass on. That was literally it. So we really wanted to live our lives show our boys this beautiful country and, and go from there. So

Perye Bentley 5:18

that's amazing. What a what a way to start that. And so then moving on to the other question is is just how then do you turn this this this thing you're living in which is a tiny home in certain aspects into a livable beautiful home because it looks, it looks like somewhere that I would just chill out and probably sleep about 2024 hours a day. So

Dane Muller 5:42

it really is my it honestly it didn't. During the the process of changing from the house to the van, we had the van parked at our house. So we we literally, I think there was about six weeks, six to eight weeks where we had the we were moving things in and out moving around doing a couple of short trips here and there just to get the feel of the van. And I mean, there's always little things like this, like when you live in a normal house, you're always doing little bits of redecorating here and finalizing touches and things like that. So that's that's an always thing. It really didn't take us long to get. It felt like a home straightaway. Okay. It was actually we got asked that question a fair bit. Especially over our our, the wonders page. How long did it take for you to settle in and got us out of fit a bit. And we both looked at each other. And we were just like it didn't there was no settling in period. It just felt so clarity. We were just it was the exactly the right thing at exactly the right time for us. So

Perye Bentley 6:42

yeah. And you're still on this journey at the same time. So certainly, we've been in the van. It's not changed.

Dane Muller 6:50

No time. No time. So now we've been in the van and living in it since around for a bit over the 12 months. Wow. Yeah, so and we've we've got lots lots more traveling to do yet. So

Perye Bentley 7:04

yeah, so just just to kind of give a reference point, then in those 12 months, where have you Where have been the key points that you've traveled so far.

Dane Muller 7:13

So, so we've taken our time, we're in no rush, because we have no end date. And we're basically just on the east, the east coast of Australia so far. So we started on the Gold Coast, which is close to the center of the east coast of Queensland, probably a little little south of the center. We went all the way out the top, and then we've turned around, come back down the bottom. And now we're back on the Gold Coast. We've spent spending some time here the last little bit over Christmas and just some time with the families

Perye Bentley 7:45

returning for the Christmas time and then an off back on the next adventure. Which then is a question of like, what has been the biggest highlight so far during that journey? Has there been a point where you've gone like, this? Is this is it? You know?

Dane Muller 8:03

That's a tough question. Do this. There's so many. So there's it's so difficult to pinpoint just one because there's so many the things that really stand out of the voice of it. We've got two young boys that are traveling with us and just that seeing their faces, seeing them experience everything that we experience. And then one of my actually one of my favorite things is just the family, the other families that we've met on the road. Oh, that's cool. Yeah, just it's so nice to meet so many beautiful young families like ours, and they are all doing this for the same reason just to create change for themselves, see the country give their kids and experience that I'll never forget, and just the friendships that the kids make is pretty special.

Perye Bentley 8:50

Yeah, I was talking to a couple beforehand who'd been bouncing around on a catamaran. And they mentioned something which was really cool. They said that the difference between kids that are just continuously at home versus kids that are on the road, the conversations you can have with them is just bar none like that. Their experiences are different. Their mindsets are different, you know, I'm guessing obviously you you teach them at home, but at the same time they're learning things that you wish you'd be able to have learned maybe

Dane Muller 9:23

yours seeing seeing more of the country than I ever saw by the time I was seven years old. So yeah, we My oldest is seven years old. We homeschool him my youngest is three and a half. So he's just a he just wants to get out and play all time. So there's no no schooling for him. And though he sits in on the lessons and what he sees and learns from those lessons is helping him immensely so yeah,

Perye Bentley 9:48

well, he's Yeah, so he's, he's at the point where his brain is literally a sponge. And so if he's, he's six years old, he's gonna know probably for whatever reason, I'll probably end up knowing two more language Just for

Dane Muller 10:01

why? With Matt, and like, you touched on just his social skills through the roof, and we get that from a lot of, especially with what now we're back on the Gold Coast and you catch up with all the friends and stuff. And they've just, they mentioned how good he is, how great his language is. And wow, it's like having a conversation with an adult, almost.

Perye Bentley 10:26

So that's an interesting point to put. And obviously, just just as a reference, you guys have your own coaching business, which you do whilst on the road, which is another question. Most people don't know how to how do people fund this and all that? And that you? How did you begin to fund this business? Not business, but this lifestyle? And how are you continuing it obviously with the coaching, but how is that going? In general?

Dane Muller 10:52

The coaching is fantastic, man, we've, it's a business that has taken a great lot of work from both my wife and myself, in particular, my wife, she, she was the driving force to begin with. She's an amazing, amazing person. And just one of those one percenters that anything she does just is 150%. And everything just is perfect. So we created this company, because we both had a had a passion for helping in some way shape, or form helping others where my wife was a nurse, I was in building and then I went into investigations in child protection for a few years. And then love that was a really fulfilling one of my life, because I felt like I was making a difference. And we both just wanted to create an impact for a lot of other people. So with both me in particular, I've, in the past dealt with some depressions and post traumatic stress, all of those fun things, all those labels that doctors and people like to give you. And I started doing some self development work, followed in the footsteps of my wife, and the self development work, changed my life changed our lives. And the impact that it had on me. There's, there's I just could not keep it to myself I had to share. And that's where passions come from is just giving what we've learned and what we've created to other people to, in turn help themselves and create a better life for themselves. So yeah,

Perye Bentley 12:31

those. So that thing comes down to the fact that when in a day's in a day, how many times would you do coaching? Or what what how does your day go? Whilst you're on the road? Because obviously, there's points when you're traveling, then you're stopped. And you said you're, you're you stay in locations, potentially what a few days, up to a couple of weeks, we usually

Dane Muller 12:50

most of the time will only a minimum amount of time would be four nights, so four nights, five days, just for us. Yeah, we, again, we're not on a time, we're not time restricted. So we have created this company, to give us the freedom to do them, do what we want when we want. And we structure in our coaching calls, group calls some and we have I haven't, we have retreats that we run on the Gulf Coast, so we just fly back and stay with family and stuff like that. So everything's structured around the day, we have a shared calendar that's every ours sort of down to the what we're doing. And yes, there's room for movement in there when needed. So is this keeping on top of the shedule making sure that we're both aware of what each other is got on and we see a lot of it's group coaching as well. So we have a lot of clients and they they're in group coaching retainer, so we might have 20 clients in one one container so you're only doing one session for 20 people and then with one on one clients we've generally only got three one on one clients at any time. And that's not because we don't want to help more people that's just you taking you're holding a lot of energy

Perye Bentley 14:10

for a lot of people time effective is not right and they emotionally Yes. And you

Dane Muller 14:15

want to give your 200% to anyone that you're you're giving your time to so we found that having just spacing out our clients, our one on ones and groups just gives us an opportunity to give us ourselves to them in a better way. And we have I mean we have we got 1010 other coaches that work under our our company and they're all in helping as well. So

Perye Bentley 14:46

are they are they in are they doing the travel thing as well? Or are they in one like

Dane Muller 14:51

they're not? No they all they all work or work remotely somewhere on the Gold Coast here but other others in New South Wales we've actually got three that live in the Philippines and work In the Philippines, for us, brilliant, phenomenal. And yeah, always, always looking for different opportunities to expand as a company to just create different avenues to create impact.

Perye Bentley 15:12

But the main key point there was that they're working remote. And that's that's the thing is that if they wanted to jump on the road, if they wanted to be on a boat, if they wanted to be in the middle of the jungle bar, having some Wi Fi, they are actually able to do that. And that's the beauty of the world that we live in that you are like, there's some, there's some positions that you need to be in a location, totally understand that. But you know, there's, there's so much well to see. And that's something that's been part of my life for the last 10 years or so now is that if if I can, I always like going into a new cityscape or new countryside and it just gives you that energy insights go wow, this is this is why we traveled right. And to continuously do that whilst you're on on in, in your van. And at the same time coaching people you're you're constantly keeping your your energies topped up. Have you would you say that? It's not to say that you wouldn't be as inspirational reviewer in one location. But do you think it's it's kind of like putting the butane up to 11? To keep the keep the inspiration going?

Dane Muller 16:24

Yeah, yeah, definitely. It helps when you when you walk out of the door, and you're staring at staring at beautiful blue ocean or something like that, or you're in the rainforest. It definitely. It definitely. It's definitely inspiring. Yeah, that's for sure. And though we've all got unlimited amounts of energy, we just need to figure out ways how to tap into it. So and doing what we've done and the work we've done in ourselves, and we continue to do it ourselves. We're just we're just able to have that. Just tap into energy whenever, whenever we need

Perye Bentley 16:57

there. I've actually got a sign up there says unlimited memory and the key insight. So I agree with you Just anything, we have the ability to do anything, it's just how do you want a lot both things and being on the road. And working at the same time is a it's a pretty unlimited source of inspiration. So

Dane Muller 17:14

100% And the big reason we left when we first left was to date Dan, we knew our passion, we just didn't know in what direction. And we literally we left on the road to sort of rediscover ourselves as a as a as a married couple as individuals as a family. And we just found that about two weeks into the trip. So wow,

Perye Bentley 17:38

that was quick. Jeez,

Dane Muller 17:40

it was it was extremely quick.

Perye Bentley 17:42

So you mentioned that it's your kids are probably the highest point when it comes down to seeing them through their eyes regarding the most these new emotional experiences. Because for what you feel you go, wow. And then you see them go shopping and going. Okay, he gets it better. For this.

Dane Muller 17:59

Yeah, just it down to the little things like the birds, the lizard like, we've seen the same, same type of lizard 1000 times and just the excitement on my youngest boys face every time we see that type of lizard. It's just, it never gets old, ever.

Perye Bentley 18:16

Wow. So that's look at the opposite side. What have been, what's a couple of moments in your mind where you've gone like this is war. This is hard graft. I don't know what's going on. And I'm feeling pretty drained at the moment.

Dane Muller 18:30

To be honest, right? And when you when you ask that question earlier, I struggled to think of anything because there hasn't been that. I mean, there's like anything, you have your highs and lows. There has never been a point since we've traveled, where I've gone. I don't want to do this or it'd be nice to have a house or anything like that. It's just not just there's not to put that mean. I would I would happily give someone else a wet pack up. The days that I've had to do or destinations and it's pouring down rain and I've got to do the pack up. Still. That's all part of the adventure.

Perye Bentley 19:16

Okay, yeah. So what I was on the catamaran they were mentioning about how you have to be careful with the toilet because it can block up as well. Is that something that you're planning your kids to take over at some point or the

Dane Muller 19:34

I'm not sure of the toilets set up on a boat. Or a yacht? Yeah, no one likes to I'm the only one that empties. Yeah, yeah.

Commercial Voice 19:48

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Dane Muller 20:38

Most of the places that we stay because we like to do a lot of off grid camping as well. But we also go to the actual caravan parks, but there's amenities and pools and lots of the boys to play. And we have a dog that we bring along with us as well. So not so generally, when it comes to the the toilet business I if there are if it's not a number one I try and get him to go to the amenities. And

Perye Bentley 21:08

yeah, and that's that's another one as well as obviously, having a dog on the road, I was watching some of your Instagram and you know it that can be not a low point. But a problem is that you do then minimize some of the locations you can go to right. And has that been a problem?

Dane Muller 21:26

Not at all, we, we don't know any different, we've only ever traveled with the adults. So I'm sure there's a lot of other places we could go without him. And though they'd only be 20 minutes closer to a location that we want to go. So the big thing with having the dog on the road is knowing where you're going ahead of time, if there's places that you want to go visit national parks, places where you can't take your dog, because we'll always stay to camps that are dog friendly, or pet friendly. And if we're going if we want to go to a national park or see something that we can't have a mat, we'll just organize either a dog sitter, or there's lots of little pet resorts around now, like, since COVID. There's so many more facilities for pets and travel within within Australia. So it really hasn't, hasn't stopped us from doing anything at all.

Perye Bentley 22:20

So and when you're saying that there's so many facilities for dogs, like you legitimately, there's been no problem for you, you because you've got a dog, you don't look for places that can't take dogs is the same with me because we were potentially planning on doing a road trip around South Korea. And we already like focusing on the fact that we don't know how many places won't take dogs. So we're doing the research. Now we're going to build out a list and it does minimize but then it actually opens up your creativity per se, because then you have to work around that. And it's family, right? Why would you ever leave someone out?

Dane Muller 22:58

That's it. That's it. So yeah, just as long as you're organized ahead of time. And yes, there are times where something might pop up where you want to go do something, and most of the parks that we stay at, will ask the management there, hey, do you have any numbers of dog sitters, and most of them will come with with three or four different phone numbers for you to call for that help. So yeah, just being organized is the biggest thing. And again, there are days with you might something might pop up that you really want to go do and you can't just organize it for the next day or organize, we just call the numbers call and see if you can get a someone's watching for for that time you're out. Or you just don't do

Perye Bentley 23:41

well. And the thing is, like you said, you meet so many amazing people on the journey. There's I'm not saying you should trust every single person that you meet on the on the street. But what I found is when I've been traveling is that I've built a faster connection with these individuals and a level of faith with them so much more quickly, because you are within that same group and you're like, Look, you scratch my back, I scratch yours. And so I'm wondering if you've ever had that where you've been like, hey, we can look after your dog you're like, you know what? Yeah, no worries, like keep keep an eye on him.

Dane Muller 24:16

We make sense of exactly that. Yes. We've met those type of those people, we meet those people everywhere. And we haven't had to ask them we've had plenty of offers, which is fantastic. So it's always really nice to Nice to hear nice to know that they're there. So and it's like, I mean, you make connections so quick with people on the road because they're doing the same thing as you your values are aligned and assist you. It's just that instant connection generally as well. So yeah,

Perye Bentley 24:48

so one thing that I've I found with the people in the catamaran as well as they said that they were spending $1,000 More Since they've been living back at home, compared to when they were traveling, and so my question to you, is it Have you found it's been cheaper on the road? Or has it been more expensive?

Dane Muller 25:12

You know what we were in a position where we don't need to budget.

Perye Bentley 25:17

Gotcha. And

Dane Muller 25:20

we, yes, we watch like anything like when we're living in a house we do we watch our money, we save money, we do this, we do that where Fortunately, we've got a really successful business. And it's not something that we've had to closely monitor. And even before we set out where we were watching money, we still weren't at the same time because we didn't want to limit ourselves to not doing things because of a budget. The only the only thing we spend more money on now is fuel, as you do on the van around, so yeah, we got the big Listen, patrol that is very thirsty, and we need it. So yeah,

Perye Bentley 26:01

it's like, okay, so even so we've we've the fact that you have the luxury per se to go out and travel and do what you want, which is the beauty of it. Right? You've you literally living the dream on that, that aspect. If it came down to the bare minimum necessities, do you think you could do it for cheaper or what? What do you think

Dane Muller 26:21

are 100%? Yeah, definitely. I would say our living costs, in general are less on the road. Yeah. Because you can't you do your state, the free camps and the low cost camps and things like that. We're only spending like $5 a night and I know what rent in Australia is like at the moment mortgages with the interest rates going up. So definitely, that sort of cost of living is a lot less for us. I would say groceries are very similar to what we spend. Usually. Yeah, so definitely, I would say All in all, good to be a less less on the road than living in a place. living costs anyway. Sorry. Yeah, sure.

Perye Bentley 27:09

So what what do you think the likeliness is of, of like, a large percentage of the Australian population ended up being travelers? Half the time? Because if cost of living is cheaper on the road, do you think that there could be a push where you you end up getting maybe 1/3 of the population just continuously moving? I hope so. That'd be cool. Right?

Dane Muller 27:32

I really, I think I mean, each to each their own, I would hope that somewhere down the line, everyone gets to experience this in some way, shape, or form. Because it really is. This is a beautiful country that we have. It's so there's so much to do, and so much to see. And when you get I mean, there's lots of nothing when you get the place as well, which is really special to see as well, if that makes sense. So yeah, you went

Perye Bentley 28:01

on that trip trip recently, didn't you to the middle of Yeah. And yeah, I saw some of the images. And I was like, there's a lot of nothing and then something a lot of, but it's stunning, absolutely stunning,

Dane Muller 28:16

beautiful. It is we say my wife and I, we flew to yulara, which is Ayers Rock, or Uluru better known as a lot of people would know either or as rockets. The other is the indigenous time for the big the big red rock with the heart of Australia. It's called us cool. We did three nights there just myself and my wife. It was kind of a little celebration for us. And my kids stayed with my parents, they had three nights with their grandparents and I knew I that's the first time I've been there. I knew how special the place was. I just did not know it would have that kind of effect on me of how special it was. There's this there's so much of nothing there. And there's this is a this is the ultimate paradox. There's so much of nothing in it. There's a lot of stuff there at the same time. So it's just blows me away. That the the aboriginals have lived there for 35,000 years. I just you look at it and like how they survived. Yeah, that's amazing. It really is.

Perye Bentley 29:27

Is it because obviously they they've got a hunt game. They're

Dane Muller 29:31

all like, Yeah, I mean, I mean, there's so much there without us knowing they know at all. There's lots of different like bushtucker They call it so and yeah, they're I mean even the animals are few and far between so there's a lot of birds and lizards and things like that that they they'd use and still do they still practice a lot of their of everything that they have forever. So yeah,

Perye Bentley 29:56

no, that's it's just beautiful and like anyone who I would like to see more about it you should definitely check out is it's the heart led wonders, right? Which is really cool. You guys have got like four different Instagrams I was hanging out. And they're all super, super inspirational. One thing I really, really liked was that it's not just one of those where it's like, everything's amazing. And everything's great. There's some, there's some videos in there, where it's like, Instagram photo, I believe it was your missus and the kid and then five seconds after the kid headbutts her accidentally and I was just like, yeah, that's real life. And I feel Yeah,

Dane Muller 30:36

look. It's very, it's very, it's very easy to show, the glamorous side of everything. And I mean, that's the beauty with social media, you can you can do whatever you like on there. And we just, we set out, it's my wife, my wife's personal page, she's had a great, she's amassed a great following or great audience. And beautiful little community that's followed her for a long time. And a lot of them jumped over when we started the new page. And just like she's been from the start, she's just she shows who she is. And that's how we are, there's no point of being any different. We just we are who we are, will show our back the good, bad and ugly. So yeah,

Perye Bentley 31:21

but that's the beauty of it. I think like there's too much polish these days, on social media, and it just it this is what causes people that feeling of doom scrolling, I think is that, you know, when they feel like, oh my gosh, you know, how can my life be any better? Because all these people are already doing it? Why would I but the fact of the matter is, it's those people that then show the, like, the toilets exploded, or, you know, like, it's, it's absolutely hammering down with rain, and I've got to go put the camping in right now. And I'm going to show you what I'm doing. And I'm going to show you my emotions right now. Yeah, those sort of things are what make like, when I watch people and follow people, it's like, ah, that that makes me want to go out there because I realized loadable Exactly. It's it's real life. It's the fact of it. If if you were walking around in a suit in the middle of nowhere, and going like this is this is it and you've got a Lamborghini next year, I probably be wondering, how much are you? Okay? Yes, there's probably something might not be right. You know, and, and nothing against people that want to be like that. It's just, you know, realism is is far and few between sometimes and having people who are on the road, but also life coaching, it's, it's a beautiful mix of realism and being the best version of yourself. And I think it's important to find that

Dane Muller 32:48

100% And then, again, with the other pages, we, we share so much of our story, whether it's on the road or our past, or what we're doing now. And that's that's just to show people that we've been to some pretty dark, low places, and me personally, my wife, and that creating the life that you really want is absolutely achievable. You just have to want just want to and that's that's what we wanted. So that's when we went after it. So yeah, yeah.

Perye Bentley 33:23

What would be the three biggest like pushes as as a life coach and someone who's done it? What would be the three biggest pushes that you'd say for someone who feels like they're stuck in the mud right now? And needs to needs to just go out and travel or do something? What would you say is just yeah, those three those three big points or even one you know,

Dane Muller 33:44

if they're wanting to travel? Yeah. If you're wanting to like, step into it, or take take that leap Don't be scared. Yes, it can be scary. Lane into that, that, that fee that awkwardness because you'll never regret it. Yeah. If you if you travel and you only you get out for a month and you're like, Okay, this isn't for me. You're never going to regret not doing it. Wow Leisha go you never you're going to regret not doing it back. So if you go you like get out even if you go for two weeks, you might find out and just like up and up. This isn't for me. You're never gonna go Oh, that was you gotta be thankful that you did it for yourself that and everything comes back to self. So if you're scared or worried or have these limiting beliefs about yourself and that you can't do stuff, start that self development and self work on yourself that everything starts with self. It all comes back to self Once you clear whatever it is in you that holding you back. Nothing's gonna

Perye Bentley 34:55

stop you after that. So it's the it's the you know, go go and find yourself because You know, if you're doing the same thing every single day, it's hard to, to look in the mirror sometimes and see, see where you've gone and what you need to do. And I think it's important as well for people to realize that it's okay to feel stuck at the moment. It's okay. Yes, to be in a mess. Sometimes it's okay, all of us go for it. Like I've hit rock bottom at points. And, you know, it's just how you then deal with it afterwards and putting good people around you can say, hey, we're we're here for you and you're not alone. Like you said, depression, it can really it can take take human can take you very

Dane Muller 35:37

have, I've lost friends to, to their inner inner demons. And that's, I mean, there's so many great outlets now for and I speak into men because that's my my area. And I have female clients too. There's so many great outlets now for men to speak up and seek advice and seek help. It's just again, it's there. That it's like it's built into our DNA almost that societal way of men. Yeah, don't don't speak so. And the fact that it's a big thing that I preached to is everyone still talks of the stigma around Men's Health men's mental health is only a stigma because everyone keeps on saying there's a stigma so we a big thing that I do is if someone reaches out I celebrate them and make sure that they know that they've made they've just taken the first step to change their life.

Perye Bentley 36:33

And that that that pulls into you know traveling as well if you do that two weeks you do a month. Congratulations. If you do a day you go somewhere for a day and you've never done that before. Congratulations as well celebrate

Dane Muller 36:46

celebrate your wins. Celebrate your little wins doesn't matter how big or small they are. Celebrate them. Don't hold them in let everyone know that yourself. You have a little win. Have a beer.

Perye Bentley 36:56

Yeah, in Korea in Korea, they call it MC do and they have this really cool thing. I don't know if you've ever had it, but it's chicken and beer together. But it's fried chicken. May it's probably the best thing you'll ever try. So make sure you know when you head down this way in your in your motorhome. We'll go for make sure and be a bit just make sure you don't drive afterwards because you might get in trouble.

Dane Muller 37:20

Yeah, right. I have. They do something similar here on the barbecue, where they have the cans of beer and they sit in a chicken over the top of the can and roasted. Oh yeah, I've seen Yeah, I haven't tried it myself. And though on my give it a crack on the weather.

Perye Bentley 37:39

That's that sounds good. But it to me it just sounds like a waste of beer. But that's just because yeah, yeah. Just just just because I a lot of people always want to know these sort of things as well is what are the three biggest tech items that are essential for you on the road? When you're traveling?

Dane Muller 38:02

Or running the business? Or just just general

Perye Bentley 38:06

in general, I'd say for traveling and living. So let's say let's let's just say travel, let's say travel,

Dane Muller 38:11

and travel. Okay, so with kids, having internet is great. Yeah. So as you can, especially in Australia, you can hit sections or areas where you'll get rain three, four weeks in. And it just, it's difficult. It's not impossible. It's difficult to find things to do every day when it's raining. So having that the the the Wi Fi and for them to just have a little bit of another outlet is I mean they can only play in the rain so much. Yeah. The airfryer Oh, it was a must have for us the quick fixes and quick dinners for the travel for me because we do like off grid. I've got a complete lithium setup in the van with all my solar and stuff. So I've got we've got about 1200 Water solar on the roof. And then I've got 600 amps of energy drive battery and a 2000 watt inverter and everything so we can literally we don't need to plug into power. Anywhere we go. So we can literally I can even in the heat. I can run the air conditioning overnight with batteries. Yeah, wow. If you're really wanting to do it and living full time in it, something setup like that is definitely definitely something to look into.

Perye Bentley 39:45

So So then how long do you think you could you could stay off grid before you'd be turning back to civilization.

Dane Muller 39:53

It'd be water that stops us so we'd probably get I mean we have endless amounts. Drinking water, you can purchase that. So water tanks, we've got about 200 liters. And I carry 150 liter bladder. So depending on how close the water supply is, I can do a quick check, fill up the bladder and fill tanks up things like that. So we can push it, especially if we're near the ocean and the boys are swimming and not needing a shower every night. We can probably push the water tanks to about five days.

Perye Bentley 40:25

Wow, okay, cool. But then there's like, obviously, because you've got the internet, you're able to always check where there is a water source, you know, is the next location needing the I'm guessing? Has there been any times when you been a little bit further and your internet dropped out? Or are you you had no problem,

Dane Muller 40:44

we've been pretty well covered. In that sense. We carry a few different devices with us. There's a little, a little modem that we carry around from Telstra, who's one of the main suppliers here in Australia. And there's a great company called out there internet. Okay, they've developed their product that runs off a Telstra sim or any any one of the companies seems we use Telstra because we we generally haven't had an issue and needed any other. And they actually developed this product travelling around Australia themselves and tested on a lap of Australia. So we use that and that's what I'm running off. Now there hasn't been an issue with the the upload speeds, so kicks

Perye Bentley 41:23

a tool. So really, it's like, this is the beauty like we are talking and you are on the road right now. And I really want to like get this into people's mind, we are in the future. This is the future like, the only thing that's going to be changing soon is that, you know, you'll probably end up having a solar panel, van at some point when that becomes like a fully fledged thing. And then there'll be off grid, they won't ever ever come back. It's just

Dane Muller 41:47

wrong. As long as there's a bit of water around movie, we're good to go. I'm sure there'll

Perye Bentley 41:51

be a way to pull out all the moisture from the air around you. Watch this space guys. The very second we hear about that we'll be talking about it. And I'm sure they won't be one of the first to go through it. So we'll be we'll be asking them about it. But is there any just any last comments or any things that you'd recommend for people if they're looking to travel or looking to start a business and and but be on the road and remote anything that you just want to share?

Dane Muller 42:25

Just if it's something that you really want to do do it? Yeah, it's I mean, you there's there's so many inspirational quotes and things that you can say and do. If you never try it, you'll never know. If you don't ask the answer is always no. Yeah, yeah, just just do it. Yeah, Nike, just do it man. Like, it's actually I stick by it is the greatest Yeah. The greatest greatest phrase of all time is just do it. And literally is. There's no failure. Only lessons. Yeah, that's my biggest one. So you can set off and you can be worried about not failing. Don't treat it as a failure, treat it as a lesson and you go okay, what have I learned from this? So exactly.

Perye Bentley 43:11

I love it. I love it. And what are your Instagram, Facebook channels any that you'd want to push forward

Dane Muller 43:18

love to always want to give it a five minute so our travel pages Heartland wonders. That's the family travel page. My wife's pages. Nadine. Mala. NAD, or any me WL er, and that's, that's, that's her main one. And then I my coaching page, or the men's group pages HeartMate. Underscore warriors. Yes, that's our instagram, facebook websites, all of it. And we have a free Facebook group. We both have one rise by Nadine Mueller. And that's a free Facebook group for women. I think the Dean's got around 5000 members in there. And it's just women who can share and give advice. And there's five highly qualified coaches in there to help answer questions and thoughts and everything like that as well. And on the men's side, we have heart led men. And again, this is a tip toe or a fingertip into men's work, where you can post anonymously ask questions where again, we've got four really highly skilled coaches in there, myself included. We do free q&a Is every Wednesday night. So if you've got a question you want to hear two coaches chat about men's work and things that we can do topics that's all in there. So yeah,

Perye Bentley 44:31

see, and that's that's the awesome thing is you know, what Nadine is doing is is incredible and what what you're doing as well for the male side, which again, as you mentioned, it's a lot quieter but the fact is, it's because we don't we don't talk about it and we need to have an area where we can talk about probing we will grow

Dane Muller 44:51

That's it. That's one thing that the women are definitely doing better than us at the moment and that is self development and and letting their feelings be heard. I heard him talking about it. And so I will say that when the men are ready, they definitely knock on the door. And that's fantastic.

Perye Bentley 45:08

So yeah, and when when we do open the door, it's probably too many emotions at first. I've been there myself.

Dane Muller 45:15

It's never too many. Yeah,

Perye Bentley 45:15

no, I respect that. It's just, I've definitely opened doors before and I've gone poor. That was a bit much for me personally, you know what I mean? But they've got these people around you who are who want you to share that, you know,

Dane Muller 45:28

so yes. And that's, and that's and you and that's a great point that you just brought up, maybe I wasn't ready for that. If your unconscious mind didn't want you to say it, it wouldn't you wouldn't have said it. So there's a reason and there's timing and reasons for everything. And just just trust your judgment when it's timing. Yeah, everyone has their own gestation period.

Perye Bentley 45:49

Exactly. Guys, welcome and thank you so much for coming to the off grid traveler. We've had the awesome Dane with us telling us well life lessons life coaching and everything good in between all the way from his, his his van on the road, and I'm sure we will be seeing some really cool things in the future. Cheers, guys.

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If you or someone you know would be an interesting guest on the show, we'd love to hear from you. We love speaking to everyday people who've taken to the open road or open seas for an extended period of time, or anyone that set up their life in an off grid location. Please email guest at off grid to get in touch. That's two L's in traveler.

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