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The next batch of Laveo toilets is on its way to Australia & New Zealand

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

After recently securing the exclusive distribution rights to the patented Laveo Dry Flush toilet system and its accessories in Australia and New Zealand, Dry Flush Australia Pty Ltd is excited to see this 40-foot shipping container loaded and ready to leave the port of New York (bound for Brisbane) in a few days' time.

Packed to the ceiling with Laveo toilets, mylar bags, and a range of spare parts, this is the first major shipment of this game-changing waterless toilet into the southern hemisphere, ready to serve the burgeoning caravan, RV, and outdoors sector in this part of the world. Doug Rice, President of Connecticut-based Waterless Toilets Inc, the parent company and owner of the Laveo system said,

"We are really excited about the prospect of Aussies and Kiwis having direct access to our toilets down under, as well as having them supported locally by the team at Dry Flush Australia. Australia & New Zealand has always been a market that we've wanted to serve, and we've already sold quite a few toilets down there before the appointment of Adam and his team. We think Australians and Kiwis will love the product."

This first shipment will reach Australian shores in early January and will be available via

Adam Hudson, the director of Dry Flush Australia stated,

"We are confident that outdoor enthusiasts and travelers in this part of the world will love the portability and convenience of this remarkable toilet system. We see an enormous opportunity for this product to challenge incumbent solutions such as chemical toilets, composting toilets, camping toilets, caravan toilets, and bedside commodes and chairs.

These toilets are also ideal for the booming tiny home and off-grid cabin markets, as well as a wonderful way for those using bedside commodes to recover their dignity by replacing the humble bedside commode toilet that needs to be cleaned after every use by a carer.

We also believe that Australian and Kiwi customers will appreciate the fact that this is a quality American-made product that is durable and infinitely capable of handling the sometimes harsh conditions in this part of the world."


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