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The Mindset Behind Building Luxury Tiny Homes: An Interview with Cris & Bryh of Big Life Tiny Home

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Cris and Bryh of Big Life, Tiny Home Australia, in an interview with Perye on the Off Grid traveller, discussing the design and building of tiny homes and their focus on utilizing space in a functional and beautiful way.

They emphasize the importance of every square meter being justified and utilized and the idea of "luxury affordable housing."

They also focus their attention on sustainability, with options for off-grid power, water, and waste solutions and their interest in building tiny homes on wheels, as well as modular homes delivered, and assembled quickly with minimal stress for the homeowner.

The business partners also talk about their new designs which include a larger version that is all on one level for retirees.

They believe that this type of living is about finding a balance between less is more, and providing financial freedom and more time for the people who choose to live in tiny homes.

Perye Bentley 0:00

Hey guys, and welcome to this episode of the offgrid traveller. Today we're going to be joined by Bryh and Cris, who are the owners and creators of big life, tiny home. And not only have the elevated the tiny home experience, but we talk about the tiny home revolution, and how more and more people are sick of their things, owning them, and what you need to know if you're looking to get into this community. And as always, we'd like to thank the sponsor of today's podcast, Dry Flush toilets. If you haven't seen these amazing offgrid toilets, you really need to check them out. They're the cleanest, easiest smell free toilet that you've ever seen. And they recently won the Best New camping technology in Australia. No more dumping chemicals or maintaining a composting toilet, go to to see how they work. Let's get travelling.

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Welcome to the off-grid traveller podcast, where we make the people who go off grid and into a life of adventure challenge and grand new horizons. Whether on land or on sea, you'll meet some fascinating characters who've chosen the road less traveled and discover their best tips, worst moments, favorite destinations, and a whole lot more.

Perye Bentley 1:20

Hey, guys, welcome to this episode of the off grid traveler. Today I'm joined by Bryh and Cris, who are absolutely awesome. People that are really you've jumped into the tiny home area and made a really big impact within only just a year. Is that right? Yeah, yeah, we started a year ago over drinks, which is ironic because we're not big drinkers. But we were just

Cris 1:45

sharing one cocktail. We're like, do it are we actually building a tiny home, we've got a video and we and that was so little video that we decided we shook on it over our shared cocktail. And we execute it and we executed in it, it was almost 12 months to the day that we launched our business. Yeah, what so what what got to the point where when you were sitting there just going okay, we want to go for this type of business. Because I know Chris, I know that you have done interior design beforehand. So it wasn't like you were coming completely off off the rail. You had a set of skills that you could bring with you. But what what was the thought of going like, you know, tiny homes, and we can make this work? Well, yeah. COVID

Brian was my assistant interior designer, and we I've been designing for 25 years and I love what I do. But you get tired of anything after 25 years. And we because we always design for people, right? So it's always in the end there. Their decision and Brian are just dying to do our own design their own vision. So we're like, every single person on the planet who's like, we're gonna buy a fixer upper and flip it. And then COVID hit and prices doubled in

Unknown Speaker 3:05

flip Yeah,

Cris 3:06

a million dollars per rundown like rackapps Pretty much.

Perye Bentley 3:09

That's a good crack house. So you know, people still find them right?

Cris 3:13

Um, so then we're like, oh, what else can we fix up? Like, let's fix up Boise Lee's cute caravans let's pick up picks up a vintage caravan started looking and was like, everyone's doing it. We couldn't find a good one to do. And then our friend was like now. He's like, No, that's not what you're doing. You need to build a tiny home. I'm like, a tiny, tiny home on wheels. So I went like, watched all the shows tinium nation and sort of research and I'm like, Oh, we're onto something here. And I say to Brian, like, instead, do you want to design a tiny house? And she was like,

Brhy 3:47

but we'll move it into like doll furniture.

Cris 3:50

Yeah, I literally thought we were talking about like, scale down. Now. Yeah.

Perye Bentley 3:57

Do you think?

Cris 3:58

Yeah, it's all our desired? Yeah, it's magnificent. Yeah, so we like to really like deep took a deep dive into the tiny house community, which is full of like, beautiful people and frothers. And like,

Brhy 4:15

really supportive community.

Cris 4:17

Yeah. And they come to it from all different angles. And so we saw the it was like the convergence of everything we love. We felt like we were a part of a lifestyle and a revolution that we felt good about. We knew that we could engineer philanthropic Phil philanthropy into this eventually. Plus just getting to design it exactly the way

Brhy 4:39

we want it.

Cris 4:40

We want it now. We

Brhy 4:41

like having clients push back.

Cris 4:44

We would design it and so do you know what our goal was? Go? It was super immodest. I'm like, we're gonna build the most beautiful tiny home in Australia. On your website,

Perye Bentley 4:54

and it's true. Yeah, sorry.

Cris 4:57

We are and I told people that you know, How do you say when you set audacious goals? Tell people, and I'm like, That's maybe the American coming out of me not being like, I really believe we can do this. And when we went to the tiny home Expo, people were like, this beautiful tiny home I've ever seen. And the lady who runs the expo Fay, she said, I've been in every tiny house in Australia and dammit, girls, you guys have seriously built the most beautiful tiny home in Australia. Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Perye Bentley 5:27

So so what? Why? Why do you think because obviously, I know, you know, you pushed out that audacious goal was the initial step to say no, we're gonna make this incredible. And why do you think yours was better? Like, what? What was it that and you know, it's a difficult thing to be humble at the same time as being audacious and pushing the love that you have for it. Obviously, yours is beautiful. So what do you think you did that made it shine? Where women that's

Cris 5:51

exactly what I'm gonna say. We're women.

Brhy 5:55

It was like, that was a comment where people would walk past and everyone would be like, Oh, this has been designed and built by women like so people knew before they even knew who we were. Yeah, that it was definitely done by women.

Cris 6:09

And and there's no pink like there's nothing like currently Fatah it's that it's that up until now the tiny home world and I would dare say like the caravan world a lot of like your listeners who are in the off grid world. Like it's all designed for functionality by men like look you can pick up this tiny table when there's a chainsaw inside and it turns into like a transforms into like your work shed and like you know what I mean? It's like all this and it's all black and timber and utilitarian or it looks like a mining Dahmer it like solves problems and they forgot about aesthetics along the way. And we did the reverse. We said let's we design multimillion dollar homes. Let's take everything that we know we know what people love, like we like and engineer that down into a tiny home and then also looked at practicality from how we would want to live so dearly people walked in was like oh, you've got a dishwasher. Christ who wants to live without a dishwasher? Why don't you know what I mean? So it's like that's the winning thing is like oh it should be beautiful and feel like a real home

Perye Bentley 7:19

still have functionality but at the same time it start with the end in mind of how do you want it to actually look initially and then you can slot in all the things that are actually going to make it a home

Brhy 7:29

right like the bath out the back?

Cris 7:32


Perye Bentley 7:33

100% having a bath out the back

Cris 7:35

the bathroom I don't want to live in a hospital have a bath or a dishwasher you know or a full size shower so you'd like I literally could have keys can you imagine how like 20 to 25 years like designing something literally for me even though I don't live in it I you know like and I think that the response was overwhelmingly yes that's what we wanted

Perye Bentley 7:56

that's so cool. We went back and mentioned about how you to the woman within the big life tiny home area like is it specifically that's just largely male dominated who are creating most of these houses and when you went to that show, what you basically the only two that were like hey, we're we're here to stay Yeah, so

Brhy 8:17

there is women like but they're generally like the head honcho is the husband or like the man so there's like I feel that majority of the companies and men lead and yes they might have their you know their wife or something but there's no companies that solely led by women

Perye Bentley 8:37

a woman's touch right it's why

Cris 8:40

we literally strapped on tools and learn trades and dirty cut ourselves and burned ourselves and all that kind of stuff as well and but let me

Brhy 8:52

ban from the nail gun

Cris 8:56

she was yeah, get a

Perye Bentley 8:58

beat rogue every now and again. Still firing into the air or what was

Brhy 9:03

the one where I blew Chris away with the blow off?

Cris 9:06

Yeah, she's literally like not to be flat on my back.

Perye Bentley 9:10

I know. Everyone needs to check out their Instagram because they have their own special shahzada and shit lives presents the shitty Shed show which is phenomenal will make you laugh and I hope that they do a season two season three and season four because they're hilarious

Brhy 9:27

to change your name Big like tiny home to the shitty schedge

Perye Bentley 9:31

dripping get old get passed approval is this the problem

Brhy 9:34

and that maybe we should do like a Sheedy shed so series of being

Perye Bentley 9:40

shed show series right? It's got to have the sheer ease as well. That

Brhy 9:45

could be the paid content one.

Perye Bentley 9:48

Patreon, right you go in that right now as well happy days.

Cris 9:53

But I want to because it sounds like so far we started off bashing men in their tiny home design skills. No, no, no Oh,

Brhy 10:00


Cris 10:03

Yeah, we can't find me that want to data's we do love that. We really love you guys. anybody's listening. We're both single we're not we don't um we've already been asked her threesome we?

Perye Bentley 10:19

Oh, you know. So

Cris 10:23

what I was gonna say is though, then the other builders and tiny home companies are like we love you guys and you you've breathed the breath of fresh air into this industry. Like if they stood

Brhy 10:35

there like what they say that we've really lifted the standard Yeah,

Cris 10:40

everything from going into trade tools or like the guys down where we build like people were excited, they did not feel that their toes were tread on order. And felt that it was a bit of fun, like sort of a little bit kind of like, look at this stuff

Perye Bentley 10:59

done is you've just opened up the whole room, a whole different area for those who are like, Oh, I'd love a tiny home. But I don't need 1000 drawers for every single functionality, you know not to say that you don't have that. But you know, there's that you're not stepping on anyone's toes because the guys are going to go there and go, I want that completely black one with every single thing and my video games and whatever they think is that the necessity, whereas you're going to get maybe a family or a unit that like you know what, I want something a little bit more livable, pretty, you know, and again, livable. I'm using that word carefully. But you know, it's because I don't want to say that the guys ones aren't because I would live in the guys once I've traveled around in a backpack and a little heart, you know, so we can live anywhere. But why not live in a beautiful place like that? And I just want to mention, like the one that you made recently, which was the the blue, the blue little? Do you have a Do you have a name for it? By the way?

Cris 11:54

No, we've got a name, we were going to sorry, we'll just call it the loft. Anyhow.

Perye Bentley 12:02

That's what I love about it is it's the size of it, but you have two floors on it like and this is the thing, like people sometimes worry that when you live in a tiny home that you don't have space, there is a lot of space in there because you realize how much you actually don't need.

Cris 12:19

So when people walk in, the overwhelming thing is like, like so many people say, like this, it's so light, bright and airy. Oh my gosh, it feels bigger than I thought. And then after like about 10 minutes they go, this is all this all you need. Right? So we've engineered everything down. And I'm like, I would encourage people to think about that. Every single square meter, let's say every single square centimeter in your home should be justified, it should be there for a reason. Because you know what you paid for that square centimeter with whatever blood sweat and tears with your time you traded a part of yourself, even if you love what you do, right? Even if you love your work, like you're trading that and then that square centimeter has to be maintained and dusted and insured and, and refinished and whatever every single thing you own every little bit of space you own. You have paid for and you are going to continue to pay for it. So a tiny home says everything from like, how much space do you need? How much hallway space do you need? Do you really need 1200? It looks cool, right? Like, do you need an entry entry foyer? Probably not. So like, every space is utilized and justified. So then you feel like, like nothing's been left out. But suddenly, you're not looking after a million square meters and a million things that you don't love.

Unknown Speaker 13:48

It's really plain.

Perye Bentley 13:50

Yeah, well, that's just crazy. You just said that, like the amount of whole space that you're using. And when do you use that space except for when you are traveling from one room to the other. And you've just put everything into a nice place and like the fact is the amount of windows that you have within your tiny home you are literally inside outside. If that makes sense. Like you know you let's say you put it on on a on a green or whatever. How much room do you have? And you I mean, you mentioned before Chris How like okay, yes, you've got your tiny home where you're living and sleeping, but what about all that space that you can put other things outside like the bathroom and what was it you mentioned about having I saw in one of the videos is having like a deck area where you can have table and stuff like that that is

Cris 14:38

depending on what kind of what part of the world you live in. And if you live in a beautiful, like weather like we were we love being outside like so when I move into a tiny home. My outdoor room will be twice as big as the inside because I want I want all the things I want a big old farmhouse table that I can have 12 people over for dinner like my current house can't even fit that right? I want a duck a day bed I want some Adirondack chairs for reading I want some heat lamps for those cool nights I want like cabana curtains and cover for when it's sprinkling. You know I want like a big outdoor kitchen like with a barbecue like all of that can go outside and is infinitely less expensive and infinitely more enjoyable outside like I want the fire pit or you know what I mean? Like like we've got three new designs and two of them have double sided fireplaces fire outside fire into like one way what's our saying only

Brhy 15:37

only the best for our tiny mansion. Yeah. Oh yeah, well, because that's why we have applied the same principle to the mansions that we do and just put it in to a tiny home. Yeah, because you know, you're only buying you go for design attack way right? Because you only really need one to tap where's the kitchen? Bathroom? You don't need to feel five bathroom powder room like so. You can kind of splurge exactly because it's tiny. So you're not you're not feeling a five bedroom house.

Perye Bentley 16:11

Yes. So you've you've taken the luxury of the mansion put it into into a tiny home and that comes with the added benefit of the cost of it right which is astronomically different from wolves seven to eight figure houses I'm guessing

Cris 16:31

Yeah, so what a lot of people equate tiny home affordable housing. So we've just added that and said luxury affordable housing so we are not at the low low and we're not supplying to the government for flood ravaged right like temporary housing like that. And we think there's a place for that but it's just not what we're doing. So for all those people that want that aren't desperate, right, but are just going I actually want more financial freedom. I want more time. I want what I have to be absolutely freaking beautiful. What an and have luxuries that I couldn't afford. If I had to spread them across a big house in some like solace little box suburb like 50 miles from the beach, right? Like my like, instead, I can live somewhere beautiful in a space that's beautiful. And still, we're talking like 150 to 200,000. Like, you know what I'm saying and they're going, Wait a minute that stacks up and it's not coming from a place of desperation like that's all I can afford. It's coming from that's an actual choice that enables me not only to have those first two things, financial freedom and more time, but to live where I want to live whether that's communing with nature, or like getting a few friends like who also have time I'm really Yeah,

Perye Bentley 17:55

it's so cool. Have you have you have you had a chance to go to any of those like tiny home villages and see people living in that kind of stuff. I know

Brhy 18:03

there's one that they're currently doing down in Melbourne like to live tiny home village, but I don't know whether

Cris 18:10

to get their head around it and support it without it being so that what people don't want to happen is for it to become. What do they call it? Trailer Park? Yeah, yeah, sure, sure. You just

Perye Bentley 18:25

did that very fine line. Right. But that people could see it as, whereas it's not the point of it. It's supposed to be people that you know, come from all types of backgrounds, but then just minimizing their actual space and being in a community of people that feel the same way.

Cris 18:39

Yeah, yeah. Which could be like, like, you know, like, it could be like a yuppie commune not like, where they share. This is my dream for retirement where we share like a chef, a nurse and Mazouz like a four wheel drive about an ATV because it's like, shared of mine, like all of us, like retirees, like, that'd be

Brhy 19:01

a big crazy mortgages, because we have our tiny home so we can afford that stuff.

Perye Bentley 19:06

That's a and you heard it here first. That's what their goal is get in contact with. They are they are ready to start taking people's names names down, who get to be part of that commune. So that's

Brhy 19:16

my goal to have the big dead. My goal is to have my tiny home and then a resort size falls that's like five times bigger than

Perye Bentley 19:25

the gigantic

Brhy 19:30

the back then I walk in wardrobe, because I've got too many clothes to me. So but that and then that's fine, though, because that's why you have an outside

Perye Bentley 19:39

for it. Which the next question I have regarding that, though, is and I did see it on your website, but I'd love for you to elaborate is regarding where you can put your tiny home and because I'm sure a lot of people would have the question of, you know, do I need to have a location for it? Don't I need some sort of permissions or what's the kind of route of that? Well, I'm

Cris 19:59

That is like Pandora's box. Okay, so I'm gonna try to break it down simply. First of all, every council has different rules around tiny homes now they first came about because they basically exploited a little bit of a loophole because they're on wheels. They are technically a caravan. Right. So you don't need building approval or development approval right. Now, as some councils are fine with that. It's a caravan so you could park your caravan at your house or on a property that you own and live in it right. Other councils say you cannot live in your caravan for more than like, eight days a year or something crazy like Goldco City Council is quite quite difficult. What? It's really like Council by council so in

Brhy 20:46

Brisbane, you can live in New caravan. Yeah, you can live in like Brisbane City Council. They have no issue with you living in a caravan. Yeah. So we

Cris 20:53

could go on a on an empty property. Or it could go just in the backyard or side of an existing property. So people are using them. For Airbnbs for grownup kids for elderly parents. Yeah, like all kinds of things, or they are buying a piece of land where it would be completely cost prohibitive to build out there, right. Like there's no services, there's no like builders or like I'm not like they would charge the customer half a million dollars. Right? Like, like they pull up their tiny home park and we provide an off grid solution. And suddenly, that's whether that's their weekend getaway or where they live full time, it's solving a totally different problem. And again, that depends on the council, whether they're happy for a caravan to be parked on a piece of land, you know, here's the second part of that rabbit hole, which is that people go okay, so I need to either own a property with a house or own piece of land. More and more there are websites when it

Brhy 21:52

was called park my tiny, tiny home or Lando Briony. It's like

Cris 21:55

a matches a matchmaker where there are people who have land over like maybe with a property or maybe with a house on it, maybe not, who want to make some extra money, and they rent their land to tiny home owners, and she matches them. So if you were like, I want to live in the tiny home in the Byron Shire, she will find people who are willing to rent Tina, you could also do letter drops, you know, like, there are so many different paths to in the same way that you would rent a house from somebody, you just rent a land, you just rent the right to put your tiny home on that. That's crazy,

Perye Bentley 22:30

because it's kind of go coexists with the sense of the people that go to the camping parks. And then they rent out the space of the camera parks. But this is a whole the whole different Eric's and to say elevated per se. They're living there. They're, you know, there's so many potential routes for people to take if they want to live off grid. And that that then stems into another question. You mentioned about going off grid, which is the name of the show.

Cris 22:57

I thought I'd drop that in there.

Perye Bentley 23:00

I saw on the website as well. Is that nice? I was just I was just wondering like how when it comes to off grid, a lot of people worry about plumbing and toileting. And look, it's not a luxury thing, but it's something you've your bloody need. Are you going to be with your tax down? Aren't you? So it'd be really cool to just get like an understanding of you said Do you guys have a solution for that? Is that something that you've built in? Or what what's the kind of process for that

Cris 23:24

basically, no two solutions are the same because you've got your three main things you've got power, water and waste, right. So some people will need all three to one completely depends so like a tiny home is equipped like a caravan has a hose inlet, but of course you need a hose. It has a 15 amp power supply just like a caravan. So you would need like a mains box somewhere. And then of course, you need to like deal with your grey water and your wastewater from a toilet. Okay, so let's just say somebody needs all three, let's go with the the worst one first the toilet. So generally there's compost toilets. They range from sort of two to $4,000. And they aren't as horrible and smelly as people think. But they do require a little bit of maintenance. There's a new product called dry flush, and that's really amazing. And that's like that, that's almost like a Diaper Genie that wraps up all your waste. And then you just throw the whole thing and you're

Brhy 24:24

not limited to you know, women can put their sanitary products and stuff in this particular toilet so you're not limited to like you know, you don't have to go to the toilet and then go somewhere else to do something. Yes, you know,

Cris 24:37

that's probably like the easiest and the most efficient but like some people don't want to deal with like throwing that in the landfill if they're full on eco warriors.

Commercial Voice 24:49

This episode of Off Grid traveler is proudly sponsored by dry flush toilets Australia, home of the world famous Laveo dry flush toilet. This payment that electric toilet has no chemicals is not a composting system and can be set up literally anywhere in under 60 seconds. It looks and feels like an at home toilet to use, but it can be used anywhere with no external power or water. And it still flushes. There's also no cartridges to clean or empty and it's perfect for camping, caravans converted vans, boats, tiny homes or anything off grid, go to and use coupon code off grid to get a 10% discount on your toilet order today.

Cris 25:38

Then there's incinerated toilets, which are the most expensive and the most practical. They're sort of seven to 9000. And they literally burn all of your stuff into like a little coffee can of ash. So those are power intensive. Yeah, they either use gas or electricity. But you've got no smell, nothing easy peasy. Just like an expensive, very, very practical solution. And then of course, with power, we don't like on our website all the time, home builders are the same. They won't be like, oh, a solar solution is this amount, you know, it's kind of like, I'm going to just throw out there. It's kind of anywhere from sort of eight to 20,000. That's right, right now we're designing a solution for somebody in the southern highlands, right, it ranges from zero degrees to 40 degrees. So that makes a difference as to like, like how much of a power draw you're going to have, what kind of battery storage you can have, like so other people will want to be semi off grid, like have solar panels, right, but they have, like a mains option for like, when the weather isn't good, you know. So it all depends on if you're literally coming to your off grid from an eco warrior perspective, or you're literally like now I have no option, the place I want to put my tiny home has no services. That's and so you can see how customizable it

Perye Bentley 27:01

is. Well, and I love that that you you guys have done the research to find out all these different alternatives to build into these tiny homes for whatever people are looking for. And I'm guessing that most people would probably, you know, well, depending on who they are. You've got the luxury there. So there's presets that the luxury let's go for on grid, we're still we're still in the system, but we're living in a tiny home, you've got the half grid who want to travel and you know, they've got maybe a libido or they've got the composite toilet because they want to, they want to have that comfort or you've got someone who's off in the middle of nowhere. And maybe your bucket. And that's okay, too.

Cris 27:39

Yeah, yeah. I think that, like I'm quite sure that there's like, people listening to this, like, everybody has a different level of rustic. That's right. I love like, camping. But when I'm not camping, if I'm living like I don't want like a rustic cabin experience. So it's like a tiny home. Our tiny homes are for people who maybe want to, like have the spectacular view and commune with nature and go hiking and sit around a campfire, and then have total comfort and luxury once they close that front door. Yeah, I'm gonna go and venture and say that's a, that's a lot of people. That would be like a lot of people that would fall into that who, who like, like I said, it's not about roughing it.

Perye Bentley 28:34

You know, the beautiful thing is a lot of people especially since COVID, as well, they've been stuck at home and wanting to travel but not wanting to leave their comfort and by giving them the opportunity to still live with everything that they need, but be a little bit off grid. It gives them that opportunity to experience a new life and it that that then stems back to something that you said at the beginning, which really clicked in my head which is currently in I love dogs love him. Oh good. Oh, good. Oh, so many of them. There's so many of them. No, no, it's all in. It's all in

Commercial Voice 29:14

a man.

Cris 29:16

Cindy, no.

Brhy 29:20


Perye Bentley 29:21

has of it. You said something that really really stuck with me. And it's that we're currently in a revolution of tiny homes. It's happening right now and what what do you think is the emotional reason for this?

Cris 29:37

I think people are questioning the entire paradigm of basically materialistic West. I'm going real deep here this morning in the morning. Watching it like that the Western materialistic consumerist lifestyle. I think people are really I'm hearing this Do friends podcasts TV? Comelec hmm. Is this it? Is this really like because I don't I don't feel that happy. You know what I mean? Like, they're, they're living to work rather than working to live. They like have all of this stuff and they're still feeling listless they're feeling a malaise and people are starting

Brhy 30:19

flooded. Yeah, and there's all of these brains are clouded because their houses the clutter. Yeah.

Cris 30:25

And there's like a strong link between the more, the more stuff you have are like unable to get rid of it's directly correlated to depression. Yes. And I think so. I think there's a little bit of waking up and being like, hold on. And I don't think people are going all the way to monk slash minimalism. Yeah, but to kind of like question everything. How much do I need? How many toys how many cars? How many TVs? How many social media accounts? Like they're starting to think of their time as precious as as time as like money? Like, how much of my Am I willing to trade an hour? Like three hours for a breadmaker or better Cuisinart, like, you know what I'm saying like, well, I don't know if that trade off makes sense as three hours. Not with my kids. Not with my family not running on the beach. Always at the beach for us, you know what I'm saying? So, I think that, um, I don't think people are going to go all the way down to this really. Like, like I said, rustic? Like, you know,

Perye Bentley 31:29

totally, you know, lights on but like a candle. I don't think that's

Brhy 31:36

pretty true. You know, like, you can still do that lifestyle but be in something beautiful. Done. Yeah. Little cabin in the woods.

Cris 31:44

Yeah. So So I think that when you start questioning every purchase with have fully a full realization of what it's cost you and what it will continue to cost you in perpetuity because whatever it is, you know, like your phone this cup, This cup has to be washed, stored dusted, it lives in a cabinet, that is create square footage that I pay for when I when I work, right? So it's like, it didn't just cost $5 It continues to cost face everything the time that I spend to clean it to put it away out of the dishwasher. Right So so how many cups do I need? I in this house? I need about eight because otherwise they're like they're all depression I can't do wine me this is like actually like this is do I need four more other cute styles? Like oh, these are my like cabana looking cups with palm trees. And these are my fancy cups are like, do I need like four other styles that just sit in a in a cupboard? And not?

Perye Bentley 32:50

I would say lots of dust?

Cris 32:52

Yeah, lots of people

Brhy 32:54

have those. You know, your mom's China? Yes, China cupboard where it only came out on special occasions. And I don't think we ever ate off it. Yeah.

Perye Bentley 33:01

So if you touched it,

Brhy 33:05

you're in trouble.

Cris 33:07

Yeah, yeah. So it's not about living. Without cups. It's about living with our cups. 48 different cups.

Perye Bentley 33:16

So get those little cups that pop out and stuff. And no Yeah, can go even deeper, to be honest.

Cris 33:21

So now apply that to a house. And like so for some people like a tiny home on wheels, really tiny. So maybe you're gonna get to those together, or we're branching into the modular. So this house that you see is about 100 square meters. I love it every single person that comes in when you first make sure my teen daughters were like, Oh, everybody else has nicer house private school girls, you know, everybody else has nicer big houses in suburbia, all their friends freaking love it, it's a walking distance to like Coolangatta like a hip little town and they could ride their bikes to the beach. And, and suddenly like, they're like, I'm so jealous, your mom's house is so cute, whatever. So we're really interested in anything from tiny house on wheels, which might be like 19 square meters to 100 square meters, because we think there's a whole lot of good living in that space.

Perye Bentley 34:08

But and that's literally what you said there as well that you're going the modular route is that you're going to be building these tiny homes to have the ability to say you know what, we could do have an extra room on the side and you can literally just add it on and it's interesting.

Cris 34:26

So they could be you want but imagine this like okay, now said I'm going into full infomercial mode because

Brhy 34:33

I just think this is so it should be offering free flight not yet.

Cris 34:38

Right so as interior designers, we deal with clients who have literally I swear they need therapy or Prozac or both, from dealing with renovations and builders, right like so they want to build a house like it's two years of their life that they're never going to get back and stress and like plumbers crack and Dustin stuff right so bear with me. chiller, right? They're like, Hey Chris, and by can you build like design a 48 square meter or 70 square meter house and be like, that's gonna get totally built in a factory where you don't even need to worry about you can come visit us if you want and see how it's going. But you're like, you're not gonna get anything but a weekly little like, you know, video or pictures like, here's your house being built, right? gets delivered, hooked up to plumbing and waste. And like a week later, it's done. We just think why this is how buildings should have always been done. Right. Like it's makes so much sense that we we just think we want to be a part of that as well. But we're not interested in the huge modular, we still want to like be a part of that. Like the tiny you guys less is more. Yeah,

Perye Bentley 35:47

yeah. Yeah. And honestly, if anyone hasn't had an opportunity to check their Instagram, yeah, all of their social medias in general because they're everywhere. They're they're hilarious. They're, it's amazing. And how beautiful these these places are. And what's the what's the next like? Like? Because obviously you've done the last one. Do you have another one in mind? Like do you have it already on up and running? What what's what's going on with that?

Brhy 36:16

We just finished drawing our favorite part, right? Yeah, time

Cris 36:23

line for new designs, which have all been drafted and then we'll do computer renderings. And then we're going to build a new prototype so one will be the biggest request we've got at both tiny home expos hands down was can you do one a little bit bigger? That's all on one levels with no stairs because people want to retire in them. Yeah, they're like I'm going to be at in this thing. Yeah, I need to work it needs to work for maybe an ad. So we've designed you one that's a little bit bigger. And it's all on one level because a lot

Brhy 36:52

about a lot about people that love our homes. There's a lot of middle aged women that look like us like us that are looking for a forever home that they can grow old in and they're like, well, the stairs are okay, now that I may not be able to use them in 10 years. Yeah. So that's made us no single level.

Cris 37:11

So that's one our second biggest group of people are the Airbnb people people Yeah, cool as their escape place, right, like on a beautiful piece of land that they're going to buy in the Southern Highlands or wherever else or in their backyard or whatever. So we're doing like one that's high on luxury, low on storage. So like, your robe is about that big, but like it's big bolted like themes that king bed it's got kind of a Caribbean feel, you know, so huge pendant

law. Yeah.

Perye Bentley 37:43

So you so that, that there's the two differences. They're the ones that are going to have the full lifestyle and you've got the ones who are coming for Airbnb, or they're renting it out, potentially. And it's for someone to just go on the beach from they've got this tiny home, which has this experience with the the you've got the quarter the quarter windows. Wow, that hurt. You've got a window looking at

Cris 38:06

opening. It's all you think this one had this one has so much glass, are engineers going to shoot himself?

Perye Bentley 38:12

Good. He freaked out

Brhy 38:15

a lot. There was a lot of lucky she's been in the industry pushing back these men for years because he got

Cris 38:21

out, right? Yeah, you just gotta be like, come on. You're talented. So I'm

Brhy 38:25

being an engineer, and you work it out? Yeah.

Cris 38:28

Then our third one is a little for all the whole work from home revolution. But like maybe your kids are too distracting to the fridge keeps calling to you like Perry, you're hungry. So yeah, so but fine, like anybody can go get one of those rent those shitty flat pack things. And it's not very nice to have clients over or to be in the back of a podcast, right? So this is like, imagine a beautiful just six meter by two and a half meter office space. And then our last one is modular, so not on wheels, it's about 40 square meters. And again, it's just that step up more space, more like a real home and that one will need a building approval. But now we've got a private certifier on board and we'll do that for people, we'll get it all certified and again, still make it 1000 times more easier than going it alone hiring an architect or builder and certifier will do it all. So

Perye Bentley 39:27

Wow. And you said something as well. They're about like having the workspace that kind of round the back or wherever it is. That That means that you're able to actually if someone wanted to make a music studio, for instance, you'd be able to get it insulated for them to be able to create their music or if someone wants to use it for podcasting whatever their decision

Cris 39:50

somebody who wants to do that because that can you soundproof it literally Yeah.

Perye Bentley 39:54

That's incredible. And then they'll be able to take that anywhere they want because it's on wheels as well, right? Yeah, yeah. Come on, guys. We should be doing this

Cris 40:04

idea we just thought would be like, Oh, these good ideas. No, they need our vision

Brhy 40:10

what content because we were we work from home from Christmas higher. Yeah, sometimes when all the kids are here, I have to go outside and sit outside in the sun and get some tent, but I can't concentrate. There's so much happening. So it kind of was like we were like we need to make a little office for ourselves. Yeah, so and then, you know, suddenly we're like, we're not going to just sit in a little crappy shed. Let's make it kick ass office space. Yeah,

Perye Bentley 40:38

that's awesome. Have you have you created your your spaceship that use outside yet? Are you still figuring out exactly what you want to be the best? The best one?

Brhy 40:47

Yeah, yeah, we're still figuring we're still figuring it out. Yeah, yeah,

Perye Bentley 40:51

that's important, guys. That would be awesome. Yeah. I love that. That's so cool. Guys, do you have any other like last minute things or anything you'd want to recommend people that are on the fence about jumping into tiny homes or going off grid or just any tips that you'd recommend for those that just feeling maybe this is this is the move they should make?

Brhy 41:12

First thing you have to go and be in a tiny home? Yeah, I don't think like I mean, it's awesome to look at it like online and all that but nothing compares to actually going into a tiny home and feeling it like that.

Cris 41:27

So there's probably four or five expos around Australia throughout the year so look those up and then also hop on either so tiny homes are so popular Airbnb has a section at the top that says tiny

Perye Bentley 41:41

tiny homes Yeah,

Cris 41:42

yeah so tiny away so go spend a weekend we actually we our new offer for the new year now I'm this is like blatant self promotion. Is that Yeah Is there anybody who like decides to buy a tiny home with us like we will pay for a weekend through tiny away or Airbnb up to the value of like $1,000 because we want them to see what they like what they don't like, what they were like I hated the whatever tiny shower be like no problem done, you will get you a big shower. So we design everything from scratch for people which is a bit different from other tiny home companies. But the biggest thing that people are also just really confused about is Council regulation. Yeah, so also start there just hop on your local council look up tiny homes see if there's anything on there give them a call also just look up Can I live in my caravan in whatever area you are thinking of living in a tiny house or call us so also part of our service is we will do that research and advise you to the best of our ability of what we found and come up with a solution as to whether you can do it at all you need to go down this route or the modular route whatever is going to be best for your account your council area,

Perye Bentley 42:53

so And on that is do your research guys, anyone who's looking to do tiny homes, do your research call your council find out those things because it will save you a lot of hassle. But at the same time these wonderful ladies will help you with pretty much 80 To 90 to 100% of it. Oh no not at all. Sorry.

Brhy 43:10

She does that. I have to watch my P's and Q's when I get frustrated Yeah. So I just want we say that's what we say to people if you're dealing with counsel and you get too overwhelmed and stressed because counsel can be difficult to deal with

Cris 43:28

I will kill them with kindness I just did this for somebody

Brhy 43:32

that's another thing I'm banned from talking to counsel.

Cris 43:36

So I'm like that is amazing that in an email to me and I and I'm living in that council and I send that to her

Brhy 43:43

I'm like What do you mean you partly mean you're in caravan

Perye Bentley 43:49

Oh, I know your guys website it's big life tiny and also

Cris 43:55

big life tiny data

Perye Bentley 43:58

you they go I said it wrong

Cris 44:01

have between the big

Brhy 44:03

life dot tiny home yeah. socials

Perye Bentley 44:06

big life dot tiny home over all socials and I noticed you guys got a YouTube channel that's not open at the moment, but I'm sure there'll be something coming soon right.

Brhy 44:16

Oh, so we saw our YouTube channel is there we just haven't posted for a while because we've been in the design phase.

Cris 44:24

Yeah, cuz we were like we stopped building and then there's holidays so it's just gone quiet. But yeah, but we're starting to build the next one in like two or three weeks.

Brhy 44:33

feed into the

Perye Bentley 44:38

ship they're on a tick tock YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, check out their website and they also have requests and plan specs if anyone is interested. These two amazing women who have completely changed the luxury tiny home mindset. And honestly, it's been really cool having you guys here For anyone who's watching, thank you so much. This is the off grid traveler and keep on traveling cheers.

Commercial Voice 45:06

If you or someone you know would be an interesting guest on the show, we'd love to hear from you. We love speaking to everyday people who take into the open road or open seas for an extended period of time, or anyone that set up they live in an off grid location, please email to get in touch. That's two L's in traveler.

Perye Bentley 45:31

If you like that video, you'll probably like this one and you'll really love this one. And as always, we want to thank you for joining us and if you want to like and subscribe it really helps the channel grow and it means that we can talk about more travel, get more tips and everything off grid. Cheers

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