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Laveo Dry Flush V Nature's Head composting toilet. Which toilet is better?

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

It's official.

The camper lifestyle is here to stay!

Be it RV, caravan, or an exciting camping trip, the big question is, "where are we going to go to the toilet?"

That great question you have been searching for on your travels.

What’s the best waterless toilet?

You love the smell of the outdoors, but not the scent of your own, let alone your kid's “business”!

Laveo Dry Flush V the Nature's Head composting toilet

You’re not interested in spending $50 on a portable dunny that breaks halfway through use and spills everywhere.


Comfort is an investment, so that’s why you’re here.

We will look at two of the market's highest-quality “non-smell” waterless toilets.

After comparing two very different ways to deal with your “private business,” you’ll be a believer and know which one hits the right spot for you.

So, how do we do this?

To the judging criteria!

Two of the most prominent contenders in the portable waterless toilet RV, caravan & camping world.

Despite the fact that we only sell the Laveo, we really have tried to judge these fairly & objectively, and I think you'll see that as this article unfolds.

Both are great portable toilets for camping.

We have essentially compared each product on their merits, and then you can come to your conclusion as to what’s right for you.

  1. Size - Does it matter?

  2. Electrical - What’s the charge?

  3. Installation - What goes where?

  4. Comfort - Enjoyable experience?

  5. Waste - What can you put into the toilet?

  6. Emptying - Dirty business?

  7. Cartridge - Time to reload?

  8. Cost of use - What’s the investment?

  9. Reviews - What are people saying?

  10. Summary - What’s your choice?

Each of these will be examined through a technical, practical & emotional lens.

That way, you are armed with all the information to make the right choice.

Ok, we know the judging criteria, let’s do an introduction of the contenders!

Laveo Dry Flush Toilet

The Laveo is a fully electric self-contained, waterless, dry toilet that takes a different method of portable toileting. The Dry Flush toilet uses a patented mylar bagging system that operates fans, a vacuum, and a motor to hygienically wrap your waste instantly after you hit the flush button.

No smell, no mess, no problem.

With zero chemicals, composting bricks, or vents required, you’ll be able to move this toilet anywhere.

The most significant benefit is zero smell because the toilet automatically spins an airtight mylar bag around your waste before offering the next camper a fresh seat.

Here's a very quick video that show how the toilet works.

Nature’s Head Composting Toilet

The Natures Head is a great composting, waterless, and portable toilet, allowing for ease of use for many applications. In addition, it is light and compact, making it an excellent fit for your tiny home, RV or Camper.

This eco-friendly toilet with a firm structure and user-friendliness has been designed to withstand the most difficult situations. If you’re a big fan of composting your waste to make the flowers smell great, then spin to win.

Laveo Dry Flush toilet V the Nature's Head composting toilet

Size - does it matter?

It’s all about the perfect fit!

Be it sitting in your shower room or tucked under your cabinet to be utilized when required. The dimensions of your portable waterless toilet are a must-know!

So let’s look at the figures.

Laveo Dry Flush Toilet

Toilet weight = 13kg

Toilet height = 464mm

Toilet width = 407mm

Toilet depth =508mm

Natures Head compost toilet

Toilet weight = 13kg

Toilet height = 508mm

Toilet width = 482mm

Toilet depth =457mm

The size is pretty comparable, with neither one being a runaway. It will come down to your preferences and the space you have available. We’ll go into more detail about why each may be a better match for you from here on out.

Electrical - What's the charge?

The Laveo Dry Flush & The Nature’s head compost require electricity to work, however, that’s where the parallels stop.

Laveo Dry Flush

The Laveo uses electricity to flush, pure and simple.

You charge the 12V battery in 1-hour giving you 2 - 3 months' worth of usage, and the patented process will sweep your waste away with no smell, just convenience.

This portable battery power is an added comfort for those who don’t have access to a constant electrical charge for their toilet, and it means you can take it anywhere, anytime, and it will still work.

You can also run it off an inverter or from the wall.

Just keep in mind that if you run out of charge, then it won’t flush.

What’s in the box of the Laveo? (Electrical)

  • 1 x 12V 7AH battery

  • 1 x Battery cable

  • 1 x Battery charger

  • Optional AC adapter available.

Nature’s Head

The Natures Head uses a fan that helps with composting and dissipating the (eye-watering) smell.

It can be run entirely powerless by running the unit through a solar vent if you have this available, and a great option for those energy-saving warriors.

It comes with one 12 volt power hook-up for a small electrical fan, and it’s important to note that it must be hardwired to work.

It doesn’t use much power, but you need to think about having a wire running from your compost toilets location to your electricals, so get measuring!

The important note here is that the Nature's Head toilet does need to have the fans running constantly in order to manage the smell.

The Laveo only needs power to flush and the smell is contained permanently. Even months at a time.

So if you're only using your caravan, RV, off-grid cabin etc intermittently, the Laveo may be much better from that point of view.

What’s in the box of the Nature's Head? (Electrical)

  • 1x Electrical Fan

  • 1x Cable

  • 1x Plug for 12v connection

Installation - What goes where?

Laveo Dry Flush

Setting up is as easy as 1, 2, and 3.

There is only one moving part, so it’s a dependable off-grid toilet option.

Self-contained and portable, it just doesn’t need to be connected anywhere, save a couple of clips if you like keeping things secure.

The most crucial part will be having a charged battery or making sure it’s plugged in when you do your “business.”

The only other installation comes down to the internal cartridges, which we will discuss soon.

Nature’s head

The Nature's Head needs the electrical to be connected and a hose attached and vented through the floor/wall/roof so that you can vent the smell, and the composting will need airflow.

If the composting toilet is your long-term solution, you must keep this running at all times; otherwise, no airflow = a lousy time.

Though it may sound complicated, the process is straightforward.

That being said, you do need to be a little handy to set one up with the proper venting but certainly nothing that is insurmountable or would cause the Nature's Head to lose points on this one.

You'll be off to the bush when you’ve done the initial steps of getting it up and running.

Comfort - enjoyable experience?

The Laveo

It’s like using a regular toilet.

Please take a seat, and enjoy the ride.

Just make sure that when you’re done to press the flush.

We mean it when we say it's comfortable.

The toilet seat is the same as the one you’d sit on back home.

This Dry flush toilet is focused on those who put comfort and convenience above all else.

Also, as the Laveo is waterless, you have no chance of spilling once you have pressed and let the toilet do its “magic.”

Nature’s Head

Like the Laveo, you’re looking at a similar-sized toilet with comfort as an essential feature.

It’s completely waterless and chemical-free, so you’ll not have to worry about any nasty liquids flying around.

Instead, sit down on the toilet-sized seat and relax.

After you’ve had your “meeting, " the easy-to-use crank” is recommended to spin three times, and then you’re done.

Comfort for the guys

With both toilets, we highly recommend sitting for number 1, as even though there isn’t any spilling, splash-back is possible.

Waste - What can you put into the toilet?


You can put anything you want in it.

It does have a limited capacity, so don’t go pouring in last night's chicken pot roast, but you get the idea.

Anything from human waste, food & feminine hygiene products can all be dropped into the Laveo and twisted out of sight and mind.

Every time you flush, the bowl's contents are quickly and hygienically wrapped, effectively locking the waste (and smell) and compressing it into the bottom of the receptacle.

Once the wrapping process is complete, a new mylar lining re-coats the bowl and is ready to use again before your next sit-down.

Nature's head

Now, this toilet is focused on human waste only, which isn’t a bad thing!

That’s what toilets are made for.

If you put almost anything non-human into the composting system, it will cause problems.

So is that really an issue?

Well for many people, it can be.

For example, with the Nature's Head, it is strongly recommended that you only use the very thin, eco-friendly toilet paper .

This is a relatively small thing but for some people, one of the reasons they hate camping toilets is because of seemingly small things just like that.

They like their soft, comfy, non-scratchy, luxury toilet paper!

The Nature's Head also cannot deal with feminine products.

So where do you put those items when you're camping or caravanning off-grid if not into your camping toilet?

An eco-friendly composting toilet aims to keep everything as natural as possible.

So think about these things in the context of you actually being out there in the wild.

What will you want at that moment and what trade-offs are you. prepared to accept for those comforts (or not)?

Emptying - Dirty business?


The ease and cleanliness of managing the waste after it's left your body is one of the greatest benefits of the Laveo Dry Flush toilet.

The contents of the mylar wrapped parcels, all locked up and smell-free, are kept in a heavy-duty garbage bag which you can easily lift out, wrap and throw away in a regular garbage bin (just like throwing away a doggy bag or dirty nappy).

You should do this each time you change the bagging cartridge which is about every 15 flushes.

The great thing is that even if you can't dump that garbage bag of waste right away (because you're in the middle of nowhere), because of the proprietary waste wrapping system, there is no smell at all.

The whole point of the Laveo Dry Flush is convenience meets portability. So flush, and you’re done!

Nature's Head

Composting toilets are much slower and require time to process the waste naturally.

With that in mind, it is best to allow the solids to decompose before unloading the composting toilet.

Like any good composting, the longer you wait before emptying, the more pleasant the job will be.

You will find that even in as short as one week, most solid wastes have started to decompose, and just the 1-ply paper will be visible.

It is better not to leave the liquid wastes in the tank for extended periods.

As with most people, depending on what they eat or drink, that odour can ripen pretty quickly and it's one of the few criticisms that users of the Nature's Head have.

Emptying the wee, not the poo, can be a bit icky.

Cartridges - Time to reload?


These are the mylar bags you need to operate the Laveo Dry Flush toilet for heavy-duty action!

Each cartridge holds 5 meters of bagging material for around 15 flushes.

As an added benefit, if you use the pee powder, you’ll be able to double the number of uses, making it a top-notch toilet.

Here's a quick video showing you how that pee powder works.

The refill cartridges take less than a minute to change, which is one more reason why the Laveo is the most convenient portable toilet in Australia.

Want to see the whole process?

Here's a full demonstration of the Laveo toilet and how it works.

Nature's Head

When it comes to composting, you may need some help to turn that waste into nature's magic.

The composting Coir-Peat Bricks are a necessity when you’re going number 2.

Also, note that you will need a composting cleaning solution to help keep the bowl clean and prevent build-up.

The product will also stimulate the compost in the collection bin and provide a fragrance after a person has used the toilet.

Laveo Dry Flush V Natures Head costs - What’s the investment?

Right now, in Australia, we are looking at two of the best quality products you can get.

Whether your goal is eco or convenience, the options are available.

The Laveo sits comfortably at $2,300AUD, and at the time of writing this, the Nature’s Head is at $2,200AUD, which is an excellent comparison on why spending more for your portaloo needs is essential!

Be it an RV, Caravan, or camping trip, the price for comfort and an enduring portable toilet is at the top of the list for serious off-grid adventurers.

The big difference from the cost point of view is the consumables.

As you'll see below in the summary, the compositing toilet has much lower ongoing consumables costs because there are no mylar bags to replace.

This could be a really decisive difference if the toilet you are shopping for is located somewhere that is your full time residence, AKA, you live in your RV permanently.

If you are only using your camping toilet intermittently, the zero smell and instant solution offered by the Laveo may well be worth the cost of the bags.

Again, like everything to do with camping and off-roading, it's all about your particular use-case and tolerances.

Reviews - What are people saying?

Both products have rave reviews and do the same job differently.


Natures Head

Summary - What’s your choice?

This review was focused on objectively looking at each toilet and giving a side-by-side comparison of what makes them a cut above the rest.

Anyone who has used a sewage-focused portable toilet will tell you that avoiding the giant black sewage tower is a must (the smell is atrocious).

This article is for those who aren’t looking for a cheap one-time use or a gross bucket the family can share (anyone for fried chicken?).

So, if you’re living in your van full time and want to keep your toilet in one place, then the composting toilet may the way to go.

It's less expensive over the long term. That being said, you have to be OK with the much stricter and slower processing of your waste.

Composting toilets are built for the full-time van lifer, caravanner, of off-gridder who wants to be as natural as possible and keep their costs down.

If however you’re a part-time van lifer, camper or grey nomad doing trip of only a few weeks at a time, or want to be able to move your toilet around quickly, tuck it away, and take it anywhere in the world at a moment's notice, then it's hard to beat the Laveo.

It is so convenient and easy that it really doesn't have a peer.

You can buy a Laveo and its products here, or keep updated with our blog for exciting news and everything portable!


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