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Family's Epic Journey: A Van-Lifestyle Adventure Across Australia Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Georgia and her family have been traveling around Australia in a van for the past three months and are preparing for a year-long journey around the country.

They are currently in Brisbane, staying in someone's backyard to get ready for their next adventure. Georgia shares that the idea to travel came about during the COVID-19 pandemic, as they were looking for a way to continue having a lifestyle of adventure and travel.

She also mentions that she had recently left her corporate career and sold an Amazon business she had been building on the side, which gave her a sense of financial freedom and time to plan the journey.

She also mentions that they have learned a lot during the test run and are excited to see how all their planning pays off.

Perye Bentley 0:00

Free mumps living on the road, homeschooling from the back of a van and building a business six weeks before exploring Australia. Let's meet Giorgio and her family who are now prepping for a year on the road around Ozzie with a Starlink satellite in tow. This is one not to miss. And as always, we'd like to thank the sponsor of today's podcast, dry flush toilets. If you haven't seen these amazing off grid toilets, you really need to check them out. They're the cleanest, easiest smell free toilet that you've ever seen. And they recently won the Best New camping technology in Australia. No more dumping chemicals or maintaining a composting toilet. Go to to see how they work. Let's get traveling. Welcome to the off grid traveler podcast, where we meet the people who go off grid and into a life of adventure challenge and grand new horizons. Whether on land or on sea, you'll meet some fascinating characters who've chosen the road less traveled and discover their best tips, worst moments, favorite destinations and a whole lot more.

Hey guys, and welcome to the off grid traveler. Today we're with a really close friend of mine Georgia watt, who has been on an adventure for three months with her family and you actually got another adventure coming up soon. For a year when you've been in. Well, where are you right now? Right now we're in Brisbane in someone's backyard prepping because we're leaving on Tuesday. So only a few days away before to go around Australia for you. Yeah, but where are you right now? Inside? Inside one's caravan.

Georgia 1:44

Location. Yeah, Brisbane inside a caravan inside the caravan. Out 22 poured out which is? Yeah, home is where turtle where we've got everything we need in that on a you know, under a shell. So yeah, it's, it's exciting. That's what I love about it. It's literally like you, and I want to kind of we'll go back to a question I have in a sec. But what I love the fact with you, Giorgio is that, like you said to me earlier that you didn't know what you were doing. When you went on this initial journey. You were just like, look, let's let's go. Let's figure these things out. And at the same time as that, and we'll go into this later is that you built a business on the side with that. We're gonna we're gonna unpack that later. But how did you come up with the idea to pack up and go? Yeah, look, it was It wasn't something that we've always dreamed of dreamed about. But having young kids having kids through COVID Screen Junkies

like being not able to travel when we wanted to, probably brought it to a bit of a head where we were kind of like trying to troubleshoot How can we still have some type of lifestyle not knowing at the beginning of COVID How long is this actually going to go on for you back and I had done some travel in a motorhome around France for a couple of weeks before kids and loved it. And so that probably just planted a few seeds. And then it was serendipitous, because from a business perspective, a whole bunch of things just lined up perfectly for me I just left my corporate career of 20 years accidentally but gloriously sold the Amazon business I was building on the side and then had you know, a time and a sense of financial freedom for a bit so yeah, it had the time and then it was really just challenging ourselves and how can we how can we make it work? So that that seed was planted 18 months ago now obviously we're now at the other end of it all and planning planning lots and lots and lots of planning will plan a lover plan but I'm I'm getting better at that Perry I'm more letting it letting it go but in the wind in the breeze but it's you know, it's not just where am I going to go? Where am I going to set up camp tonight? It's how am I going to you know, school the kids what clothes am I going to wear? What are we gonna do with my house when I'm away? Who's gonna look after the garbage if we have guests those kinds of things that you know that you would when you start you don't appreciate but when you're in the thick of it, you're like, this isn't just something you'd pack a backpack in and go when am I gonna get you know, all those kinds of things. So it's been a really cool project and yeah, it's kind of it's really exciting to see it come to a tip and see see if all of the planning pays off. Yeah, we've had that test run that you mentioned the three months so we've we've we've we've got a we've got a few scars now already in a good way you know we've got some we've got some training wheels. I think we're good to take training wheels off now.

Perye Bentley 4:36

Well, scars are merely medals. So take take it as that and so let's unpack that that pretty much right is you you went where did you go on that journey? And what was you Hughes you've said this to me before but what was Why did you make it more difficult for yourself as well? Well,

Georgia 4:57

well when we bought the van the beginning of mountain Rain Matt round March last year during Christmas Easter time, sorry. And we took a we picked up from a chi we went up to Airlie Beach and everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong in in the sense and not not in a bad way like we could easily put find the silver lining on everything. Because I've had a boding background I knew my dad bought when I was young, only vote. And so he went through this similar process, I was kind of it wasn't a huge shock to me that, oh, the plumbing is kind of not working as anticipated, or the 12 volt kind of blue. Now we have to sit down and work that all out. So that's the shakedown period. And so yeah, we're in thankfully, we're still close to the dealer, we got a lot of those kinds of things sorted. And then we went took it all the way down to Jindabyne. For the snow season in June, I think it's June, July. Cool. Very cool. And, and weed. None of us other than back had been skiing. So we'd never been so I'd never even seen snow before. So there was all that exciting thing. But then you're like, Oh, you wake up in the morning to make yourself a cup of tea. The taps don't work, because the hoses are frozen. So really fun things like that. Or while we've got to bolted down, we were in the caravan park in the snow. And we had in Jindabyne. And we're looking around us and every other caravan is like, heavy duty strapped down. And we're like, we're just rocking up. We're just here for a few days. And we

Perye Bentley 6:24

are short still. Right? Yeah.

Georgia 6:27

We ever want the wind there. So you know, it's learning by osmosis and getting out there and having a good time. But yeah, those were a couple of little test runs for a couple of weeks. And then we weren't going to do this, actually. But through the planning, we were trying to work out an itinerary of how we wanted to do this big lab. And what we realized is Yeah, everyone kind of goes around as a conference. So I'm going 42 years of old age, and I've never seen the Red Center. And for me, I don't want to fly in. I want to experience the driving and the red dirt and all those so we decided we couldn't work it out other than doing a figure of eight how we could do it without backtracking and, you know, doubling up. So we decided, well, why don't we just take three months, the last term of school for the kids last year, and just do a half lap. So we left Brisbane, we went up through the back end of Queensland. Some really cool places, you know, long reach Winton mount iser, real, you know, country cattle mining territory. And then we went down through Northern Territory. So through el el Alice Springs into all the room, some fun stories around that. And then we went down through Kuba PD, which is another really interesting place and then spent a bit of time of course in the wine area. Rosser McLaren,

Perye Bentley 7:46

your cheeks are looking red today got Yeah, yeah, yeah, in the morning.

Georgia 7:50

I'm gonna be cleaning not drinking didn't work out too. Well, by the time I got to that part of the Adelaide, which is really, I mean, it packs a punch that that part of the country I think it's just credibly understated. And we had a great time down in South Australia, and then cut home through New South Wales, and we had to abandon any plans we had because we had there was some serious flooding, water damage, and the roads were just ripped apart, like literally ripped apart. So we were traveling at sometimes, you know, 20 30k an hour to avoiding potholes the size of a car, not exaggerating. And one one time we wanted, I really wanted to go through Lightning Ridge. So we had to go by book. And the water was still 45 degrees, sorry, 45 centimeters above the road. And they said you've got a high rig you've got we could have we would have you would have been able to do it able to because we've got a van and car. I mean the ladder almost again to both of them. But um, he said like you need you need you basically trucks go through, of course, but they even they needed pilots to get through because only the locals know where the road would stop and finish. Yeah. So it's like, you know what, I don't need that complexity in my life. So we just navigated around around that. So

Perye Bentley 9:00

longer trip on that. Right. So yeah, it was a few more

Georgia 9:03

days. Yeah, we have deadline we had to be back for so we just we just keep adapting. And I think that's the coolest thing that's happened for myself and my family, especially the kids is they've learned to adapt. They've learned you know, nothing goes perfectly and roll with the punches.

Perye Bentley 9:18

Learn about everything in Australia is trying to kill you and so you need to adapt to the situation.

Georgia 9:23

Pretty much Carrie i i That was a moment that I had been four girls hitting the road there was a safety element and that was the snakes and redbacks

Perye Bentley 9:34

scary stuff out there. And you basically taking the boss the boss stance on that to attack everything on its way right?

Georgia 9:42

Pretty much so far. Yeah. I know it's gonna go this short time but there wasn't a limit where I was googling what what weapons could I count take with me. In every state, there's different laws. So I just resorted to a big stick. And I did end up And I would advocate for this doing like a another read first aid refresher. Because oh my god, that stuff changes year on year I swear, like, you know, when you get a jelly sting, sometimes they say do something cold war, and now it's hot water and stuff like that. So that was cool to do just gave us more confidence before we hit the road because it didn't know how remote things are gonna get. Yeah, that's cool. Thankfully, nothing ever happened. And we were on the side of caution anyway, but we still had an awesome time and still did some really wild stuff.

Perye Bentley 10:28

So just just to reiterate that get a big stick and do a first aid kit, like set up, like do first aid course. You know, if you if you've got if people are going to go on these long term journeys, it is good just to be up to date with that scratch, because you never know what's going to be out there. And it's not to say that, you know, it's always going to be doom and gloom in potential book because you're going to go on another trip soon. You're going on this year trip because obviously, even with all the negatives that happened, gosh, the positives must have outshone them by a longshot.

Georgia 10:58

Yeah, absolutely. I definitely being you know, my corporate background, I was quite risk adverse. Well, risk, not risk adverse. But I would always be thinking I want to have a plan B, plan C and exit strategy for everything. So yeah, I really I have no mechanical experience. i Yeah, first aid was probably 10 years out of date, those kinds of things. So and I, I hear had, you know, we watched blogs, we listened to YouTubes and stuff like that, and, and you peep everyone who says you don't realize how big Australia is and how remote it is. So I had that picture in my mind. You know, I watched you know, the trailer only I refuse to watch the full movie of Wolf Creek. I got the gist, you know, and I prepare for the worst case scenario and hope for the best. And and we wouldn't know any other way we it was, you know, there's a lot of catastrophists out there. I don't know if that's the right word. But yeah, if you, if you listen to the Facebook crew, you're you're not going to go and visit places. And because you're going to be too scared. And I'm so glad that we didn't we push through, and we saw some really close. And we really met some really interesting people. Of course, that's what it's not it's as cliche as it sounds, you really do meet salt of the earth, people who've lived in these places their whole lives, and will probably have a heart attack if they've ever visited a city.

Perye Bentley 12:13

And that's two awesome things there. One of them is the fact that you have the internet at your fingertips, right? So you at all times you have the ability to go, oh, no, that looks a bit of a dodgy plays. And you're just checking these places on, you know, real time being able to say no, let's make that left turn instead of that right turn because we could be in Cote country within two minutes, you know? Yeah. So much

Georgia 12:35

that you use the city don't work as well, Google Maps will guarantee take on a dirt road instead of the bitumen, because it'll save you 30 seconds. So we always had the maps. Yeah, the old paper maps as a backup just so we knew roughly which direction we were heading. We did have the answer with a couple of black spots. I'm really looking forward. Actually, I love my tech, as you know. So I had an app for everything, including dumpfile. And which was a fun one. But the instance Yeah, dumb five, find out. Yeah, well, you need to think about these things. Right. So yeah, look, we flipped everything across the Telstra, Telstra is amazing. You really appreciate them when you're out in the out in the bush, but they're still black spots. This time I'm looking at we have sat phone as a backup to which satellite will work obviously, anywhere, you've got some clear view to the sky. Our internet was slow in some places, which frustrated me. But I learned to breathe through it. And the kids did too. But this time, I'm actually really looking forward to I've just invested in a Starlink satellite, which four feet and a lot of other people it's actually the dishes behind me it's only the size of about a microwave. And that is a game changer for people who trap foot for RV, the RV world. And imagine a lot of people who live rural and NBN isn't really doing cutting it for them. The speeds are insane. It's super easy, and it's relatively cheap. So I think

Perye Bentley 13:58

we've seen it I love it. This is this is the real stuff like you know if anyone's ever interested to know what the best apps are or the best tech to your, your van or your catamaran or wherever you're traveling. Got to know Georgia because you research it and she would then look at all top 10 And then go through them each one to make sure that they're working. So you've always been

Georgia 14:24

it's part of my DNA but no it's fun love ticks ticks important I think when you're on the road and crowdsourcing opinions and making your own at the end of the day so yeah, um that's me I'm I've got apps for everything wiki camps wiki camps is that on the road is for me the number one thing because like you said, you're constantly like Beck is is like she's more than navigating a researcher whilst I'm doing bit of the driving she's she'll go on think the next two, three days a week ahead, whatever. And so she'll go and say, You know what, there's been better violence in that area. We'll stay away from that caravan park or the roads are ripped. up, you know bringing the counselors ahead and stuff like that so you are constantly it's not like you can plan 18 months out you know, you need to constantly check in to the situation

Perye Bentley 15:09

Yeah, yeah so with that so you said top apps that you would use as wiki camps what would you say the other two that you found yourself flying suit was top down or something like that.

Georgia 15:23

They should really know into that it's it's done finder. For every public toilet or dump area that you need to empties one's caravan cassette into unless of course you have an alternative.

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Georgia 16:30

that you do that is a that's a necessity Perry that's one of those things that are part of our life. And every two three days, you're not going to get away with it if you can stand it for that long. So human nature. Yeah, so that's one of them. And antenna finders. So when you rock up, if you want some TV, I can send all these links straight to the app. So basically, it'll tell you where to point your TV antenna to the low roll, you know, TV TV station, so you can actually get service phone towers, there's one called I think it's AWS phone towers. So again, when you've you've got your 4g, I've got to nerding out a little bit, but I've got like a 4g external antenna. So it's like a booster. We didn't have the styling, and use again Stop. And then you can basically open it up and give you a map. And it'll show you the certain the strength of how far you are from the local cell tower. And you know, you know, opposite over there, Telstra is over there. So I'm going to point my antenna that way and hope for the best. So

Perye Bentley 17:25

even though you've got to even though you've got the Starlink now you're going to keep your Telstra as a backup.

Georgia 17:30

Yeah, yeah, you know, me, I'll keep as a backup. But I was like, You know what, because I'm running, I'm still still building up another business on the side. And so ecommerce and staying in touch with the VA and those kind of things is so important to me. And schooling, you know, this year as well. That's, you know, having instant access. It's not it's actually not a luxury, it's almost a utility for us. Yeah,

Perye Bentley 17:54

I agree with that. And, and that that actually moves into the next question, which is about homeschooling. Because you know, a lot a lot of people I've spoken to a couple people that have got their kids on the road, and everyone's got a different way that they're educating the children and No, no way is right in no way is wrong. It is. I was speaking to someone recently, and they were saying that they do homeschooling, and they're ridiculously rigid and structured. I spoke to someone else where they're like, No, we're of the of the so you know, we're going to teach them the right things, but then we're going to show them how to use it on a practical sense. And so it'd be really interesting to know what your take on that is and how you think, what what, you know, because there's again, there's no right or wrong way. What do you think is the process?

Georgia 18:40

Well, I'm very lucky, I'd said you're gonna ask me, it's fine, because I should have always dragged dragged back into his back is actually a primary school teacher for the last 20 years.

Perye Bentley 18:48

So there you go.

Georgia 18:50

shifted that to her. But what I can't say I've observed is that we tested on that three month trip, half lap. We said to Audrey, Audrey is our eight year old Mavis four. So she doesn't actually need formal education per se, shoot, you know, she's still in play mode and discovery. But my Audrey was grade three going to grade four. So we we had the, the school's been great. They gave us you know, some guidelines and Crick. And Vic knows the national curriculum anyway, like the back of a hair, but they gave us some resources. And Beck's got all these resources. Anyway. To be fair, a lot of this stuff is online. There's some really cool stuff out there. And we were like, well, you know what, we'll we'll do it organically. We will if we stopped for a couple of days, we'll pause we'll open up the book. And we'll go through some stuff but majority of learning was going to you know, the kids did some awesome dot painting with some local indigenous people in Colorado. And then we get to do it blog. We'd get that we get I get older to sit down with their iPad and actually type out a blog and I copy and paste that and put that on our website. So that and then what was really cool actually is the grade three. So she had three three terms with the kids in the fourth term, she was way so in that fourth term, the teacher said send me your blocks when you do The blog, let me know. And then he would actually bring it up onto the big screen. And kids would know which so when Audrey came back on the very last day of school, she popped in and then was able to share those kinds of stories. So, but yeah, like, we will go to the petrol station and fill up and that's fun when you realize the guy's $3.10 a liter of diesel, I'll say, Yeah, I've got 100 foot lay the tank, Audrey work out how much it's gonna cost me. So we, we gamify it on the way

Perye Bentley 20:24

and real life experience around it. And, like, Okay, so the biggest recommendation is have a partner that has at least 20 years experience in primary school teaching that that is always going to be a winner. If you don't have that, obviously, you know, I'm sure understand what the curriculum is, and how you can use that for real world experiences, like what you've just mentioned there because let's be let's be, I love the fact that you're first of all the blog with that you're giving them an understanding of how to, you know, share themselves into the world with the experiences that now the other kids are going to see. And then the other one of hey, look, this is how much it's cost. You know, here's a bit of maths that you're actually going to use like you know, it's not to say that algebra and anything like that isn't useful for some people it will be but it's understanding where are your kids skills and interests and then defining those and making those sharp as sharp as possible

Georgia 21:20

Yeah, well yeah, we spot on work work work closely with the school because chances are you might come back unless you're gonna do this forever translating and come back to that that school community and so we've we found that the educating industry it's really you know, what else very supportive of us to make sure that she doesn't slip behind. We probably learned from the Freelancers need to be a little bit more routine around it. So a half an hour black before we go out for the day kind of thing just to keep keep them on track on the mind. Yeah, yeah, to get into discipline because it is ultimately a discipline education and get the blog if you're good, right, like she's, she is really keen on you know, doing, she wants a YouTube drunk run a YouTube channel and stuff like that. She's only eight, but getting preparing herself to get out there. The blog at the end of the day and all of our youngsters a bit different from a lot of other people on the road, we find a lot of other people do it to get sponsorship, because that's how they support themselves. Financially, which is there's no hard feelings on that. We intentionally didn't want to go down that path though. We wanted to share it with family and friends or anybody who around us in our community who actually cares or wants to keep tracking where we're going. But for us, we were treating as a travelogue or travel theme so we can whisk that back to the kids afterwards. So third put her blog and her feeling feelings about how it was when she went to that factory or or met those people is what we're going to wrap up and protect I suppose I wouldn't look back on

Perye Bentley 22:48

what the fingers it's going to be there as for everyone to be able to see but I've already checked them out as well the beautiful like it's really nice and I love the fact that you've been using your the flying camera, your drone getting better and better as well because some of those some of those are getting really really awesome. Some of the first ones I was like the cameras go away from

Georgia 23:09

the camera and Georgia get away from the camera. The next

Perye Bentley 23:13

ones you like yeah, no, I know how to do this now. So the next question I have and it's something again we spoke about very briefly but I'm sure a lot of people would love to know this is you set up another business whilst you are traveling which cause absolute chaos in one way but it has been a huge benefit now and just to give references regarding the Airbnb, right?

Georgia 23:39

Oh, yeah, yeah, I never thought that that was going to be considered a business until again you get your hands dirty with setting it all up that it is it's it's like running another ecommerce business you know? So we stress the challenge was for us is we only had this brain for six weeks before we actually decided to leave on that three month tour. And the brain fog came from a mixture of our cleaner who comes in every couple of weeks and just does the stuff that we don't like doesn't like to she was telling us how much she loves cleaning Airbnbs because there's no there there blank canvases and looking at the fuel price and it just hiking and hiking from when I originally did my budget. And so I was like yeah, oh, and home insurance. Generally speaking in Australia, we found that we weren't protective here left our property empty for 60 days. So we decided Alright, well give us a go we'll do this three months as a test if we don't like it. We'll work on another solution on this year but we did it and yeah, it's like a business because you actually need to do listing photography not too dissimilar from you know a lot of the other ecommerce stuff and so then we had to work out a timeline to have our place stripped and then think are we packing for the Caravan we packing for back for Christmas, or an in buys stuff to dress six weeks before, six weeks before for photography. Then you got keywords, you got to think about how you're presenting. So it was really it was fun. I love to It was it was this next level stress that we didn't actually need. In hindsight, it took us probably another four weeks to calm down and chill out and just exhale after. And then when you've got your people in, you're like, they're going to break everything. They're going to a party, whatever. But we Touchwood we had amazing guests, and it worked out really, really well. And my mom's around the corner. So she has like a little house manager and was able to help out to switch.

Perye Bentley 25:22

That's a crazy thing that you mentioned, though, is that the insurance? Right? For six years, you aren't in the house for 60 days, then the premium goes up? Or what? What's the what's the what's the issue there?

Georgia 25:34

We will look, every policy is different. But the couple that I rang around, yeah, there is a period, where if you're not actually in it, they don't cover it. I mentioned any type of insurance at all, it's like, yeah, putting my mom in for you know, every for a week, every 60 days if we needed to, but we thankfully never had to, but it's just problem solving periods. It's, it's, that's I mean, I love that that's part of my DNA isn't mix engineer, but it's constantly you know, it constant problem solving. And that sense of accomplishment is what keeps driving me and the family to, to keep keep pushing forward and trying to break things. But this

Perye Bentley 26:11

is something that I want people to really understand if they're thinking how am I going to make money when I'm on this journey is that you do an Airbnb immediately, right? You've not only just given yourself protection of your home, but you know you can be the hardest thing that you mentioned to me was that when you're first getting these people to come in, you're betting them to a certain level, you want to make sure that these individuals aren't going to cause problems. But realistically, you're using a system which does a lot of that betting initially as well to give you that kind of protection. And you could end up having a lot of your costs dealt with that you're on the road, because I'm sure I've obviously we've all the extra things that you're spending money on. Because, you know, you want to have a great time when you're traveling and enjoying that. But at the same time, you're spending less money on the road compared to being at home, right?

Georgia 27:05

For us, it's kind of it wasn't as advantageous as I thought it was, we still probably ate the same amount, obviously, fuel counteracted some of the services were able to switch off. So it wasn't as astronomically different. But I tell you what, it's nice to have, it's nice to come back on the same keel rather than the other way.

Perye Bentley 27:24

Yeah, every single day, you're opening your door and you're, you're seeing a different view. And you know, sometimes the sunset, you get up at 5am. And it's just read or it might be just blue, depending on if you're up by the sea. Like these are the reasons why people travel. These are the reasons why I find myself hungry to get out into the world every single other week, because I know that every every day that I'm spending behind the computer, and don't get me wrong, I do love doing this sort of stuff as well. It just reminds me of what I'm missing out on and, you know, those experiences last a lifetime like I I have, I have gone to points where I've had literally $0 in my pocket, but I'm standing on the front top of a mountain looking over the sea and going like, this is this is life right now.

Georgia 28:12

It's priceless, these kinds of things, right? You might just have zero $0 in your bank account. But it's, you can't buy that stuff either. So yeah, I can always make more money. You always can. And you're right, there are so many, I mean, gosh, if you just sit there and blog or Google, you know, there's so many blogs, I was gonna say on how to make money on the road, we would go to parks and see people just using their services, like they'd have a sign up at the front of and saying, what a hairdresser, you know, haircut, or, yeah, and you talk to people and they and I know some people who will actually get free van accommodation or state park because they'll offered the local caravan owners, I'll put a drone up, and I'll do a 10 minute video and hand you the file. So it's again, it's a troubleshooting you you're just constantly creatively thinking out how to work around stuff. And there's heaps of ideas online. But yeah, a lot of people most people, you know, I suppose my age around that age still do work and still bring some type of income and I've just gone with with what I know from an E commerce perspective. And yeah, we the internet will travel and still make some coin which is which is great.

Perye Bentley 29:15

And that's that's really really interesting things that look you've got, you're gonna have a proportion of people that can work remote and they're able to work from anywhere as long as they've got a connection. And then you've got a large proportion of people that if you're good at cooking right and you just put put put a little pot out the front with the little fan in it so that he starts getting other people coming around. Oh, what do you make him? Do you know what we sell this for? $5 a bowl or whatever, you're gonna get so many people jump in because they're sick and tired of what all the chips that they've been eating on the road. So haircuts, I'm sure there's always someone who wants a haircut, I'm sure. You know, it's one of those things and I'm sure even you could even go deeper and say look, I am willing to, you know, clean out your toilet for you and send it over. Nothing. niche in itself, I promise you people would pay for that.

Georgia 30:06

Oh my gosh, it's so funny. When we started, we looked like we were in Breaking Bad. You know, we had the long gloves that went up, we had the eyewear. And now we're just like you get over it. But you're right, you are constantly on the road surrounded by people who are either, you know, tinkerers, you know, inventors in some way, because everyone loves to sit there. They're set up their own way. Um, yeah, oh, many entrepreneurs, you know, small business owners. And that's what's really cool. You know, I just love that, that lights me up to talk to other people and see what they're passionate about and how they solve problems. So, yeah, it's good people out there.

Perye Bentley 30:38

Good people out there. There's crazy people out there, but there's good people out there as well. There's a couple

Georgia 30:42

bit crazy good in some ways, too. Yeah, right. Everyone's got a story. And you know, we all know this but I'm guilty of becoming bit complacent as well around that side of things. So that was my that was probably my biggest learnings the last three months is don't get complacent and don't be afraid to I'm a bit of an introvert normally, but I'd walk out now and make the effort to say g'day to a couple of neighbors and shoot the fat for a bit and slow down

Perye Bentley 31:08

but that's the thing when when you're traveling as well like compared to being in the city centre come to being there and I spoke with gentlemen before about this like everyone says hello everyone so you're likely says that you know if you don't say hello, you're the weird one and they think that you're in a mood which is which is not what you want. It's just you might find that you're a little bit or I don't know if I should say hello because if I said that in the city they'd probably spit on my shoes.

Georgia 31:34

Some cities Yeah, absolutely. Do you know it's um, it I've sussed out and actually did put a little blog together on this when I was dabbling with trying to do blogs anyway. But I've sussed out found like I've got it. I've sat and observed for a while now caravan parks, right. And what they do is you wake up in the morning, and and I'm gonna stereotype here but I'll say the older guy, the 60 year old guy kind of walks around his van first thing in the morning with a cup of tea, he sits down, he scratches his head, and he looks at it he goes, looks at it gets underneath and looks he goes, Why did my caravan manufacturer do the plumbing that way? So then he says, I got it and goes across to Bunnings he finds a local banks every Bunnings is different in Australia, by the way, that hurts. Increase with electrical and you get there it's not so anyway, it goes to bunny. So that saves him not. That blows another 15 minutes he tries to work out with the plumbing section isn't Bunnings. And he goes and they stand there. They stand there and Bunnings cross leg look and it's cross armed, head cocked, staring at the wall for hours. And then they come back with eight different parts to make their own custom paneling. And then they come back in interest. Damn, I needed that nice, nice part. So then there's another hour of sitting there. And by about three o'clock or four o'clock in the afternoon, they sit in their cussing current because then and then they get it and then they stand back and they stare at it for half an hour. They go oh, I'm awesome. Then they crack the beer four o'clock. I don't happy Alexander earlier and earlier and earlier. Yeah. And then then they all come together to admire each other's work for the day and time some people like to argue about physics. This is what I found firsthand experience. I might be one of the 60 year old men trapped in a 42 year old woman's body. But yeah, and that anything and you wake up next thing you repeat that is caravan park life is I found that a bit different from being off road off grid I should say but it's it's a lifestyle.

Perye Bentley 33:30

It is off grid to a certain extent as well because you know what is off grid when most places now have some sort of internet connection you do get those Blackstone's as you said but even I would say going off grid is getting out of the city getting away from the main roads sometimes going and actually seeing the countryside seeing things that most people have been dreaming about doing it again, I say this every time if you are thinking about going somewhere, please just go do it. Even if it's a one day trip, even if it's 30 minutes down the road, get out get off this well listen to this podcast as you're going and keep reminding yourself David savor this and just get out there and see see the world because the world is not going to wait for you. It's never going to wait for you but it will welcome you with open arms. Yep,

Georgia 34:21

spot on. You couldn't have put it more eloquently I've got that more traditional I suppose technical off grid for me means you're running off your batteries you know you're loving the sun because that's given you the juice you know you're drying your clothes and off grid means to me rationing water and and not being that consumer that I am guilty of in the city it's actually being resourceful and mindful of my resources and Absolutely and you know, telling the kids don't leave the light on because that's gonna you know, lights probably a bad example but you know, mainly thinking about what you have your conscious consciously living and consuming consciously. And, you know, gang You get some, some fantastic we we have done off grid out of the van. But then parks are great for kids because there's always other kids as part, you know, the waterslides and that kind of stuff. But we have actually and we're going to do this more especially during the beach run around the coast, we wake up and you're the only person you know for 10 kilometers or more and you know your kangaroos right there and stuff like that. So that for me is off grid that you're everyone's got a different definition of it. It's just a case of getting out there. And yeah, I think I watched Chris's thing and she put a bit rustic is different from everybody or something like that. She said, and, and glamping camping, it doesn't matter as long as you outside of your bricks and mortar home and looking at the stars at some point, right.

Perye Bentley 35:41

But your feet for the grass once in a while, you'll realize how much how good it actually feels. And you know, I've got socks on at the moment because it's frickin cold over this way. Thank you so much for coming on here. You're awesome. And I'm looking forward to hearing your adventures six months from now because we're going to get you back on here when you're actually on the road going.

Commercial Voice 36:02

Yeah. Hey, yeah, thanks so much. And thanks, everyone for joining. It's been awesome. Have an awesome day. Cheers. If you or someone you know would be an interesting guest on the show, we'd love to hear from you. We love speaking to everyday people who've taken to the open road or open seas for an extended period of time, or anyone that set up their life in an off-grid location. Please email to get in touch. That's two L's in traveller.

Perye Bentley 36:34

If you like that video, you'll probably like this one and you'll really love this one. And as always, we want to thank you for joining us and if you want to like and subscribe it really helps the channel grow and it means that we can talk about more travel, get more tips and everything off grid chairs

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