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Exploring the Wild Wonders of New Zealand: An Adventure to Remember

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Vince Betham's trip to New Zealand with his family during the pandemic was a unique and unexpected adventure.

Initially, they had planned to travel around the world but due to the pandemic, they were stuck in Thailand and could not travel as they had intended.

However, they eventually made it back to New Zealand where they focused on exploring the Islands. The trip was a way for them to spend quality time together as a family before their children started their own families and lives.

Perye Bentley 0:00

What do you do when your World Wide trip is cut short? When your camper van is sinking into the sand with the tide coming in, and you meet a guy who's climbed Mount Everest back in the 70s, who's also a priest? Let's meet Vince betheme and his family who decided to grab a camper van and travel the north of New Zealand, all the way down to the bottom of the South. We talk about how driving across country can be more fulfilling than flying around the world. And why getting a franchised gym membership means you're always going to be staying clean. Just a few reasons why you'll finish this body with itchy feet. And as always, we'd like to thank the sponsor of today's podcast, Dryflush toilets. If you haven't seen these amazing off grid toilets, you really need to check them out. They're the cleanest, easiest smell free toilet that you've ever seen. And they recently won the Best New camping technology in Australia. No more dumping chemicals or maintaining a composting toilet. Go to to see how they work. Let's get traveling.

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Welcome to the off grid traveler podcast, where we meet the people who go off grid and into a life of adventure challenge and Grandview horizons, whether on land or on sea, you'll meet some fascinating characters who've chosen the road less traveled and discover their best tips, worst moments, favorite destinations, and a whole lot more.

Perye Bentley 1:24

Welcome to the off grid traveler. Today I have Vince betheme, who is a gentleman who's during the pandemic traveled all the way from the top of New Zealand all the way down to the bottom. And he actually the plans you had for for the pandemic started was to do a worldwide trip with your family.

Vince Betham 1:44

This is great. Yeah.

Perye Bentley 1:47

So it's so it's interesting. Like what what was the what was the plan for the world trip? Did you have everything kind of the locations you wanted to go?

Vince Betham 1:56

Yeah, we actually had flights booked and everything so and then alternative customers when we start. So actually, if I take a step back, so So I'm married three kids, and most couple of years prior to 2020. So COVID had 2020. But a couple of years prior to that, honey, it's 2017 2018, my wife and I were having dinner for our anniversary. So it was just the two of us. And we were our eldest child left home. And we were kind of talking about that. And then also talking about travel, how we can travel together as a family for a little while, and it was a shame that should should lift and we missed out on being able to do that one more time. And then we, as we started talking, we realized her 2020 was the year where our eldest child because she had gone away to the University in New Zealand, we realized that 2020 was the year that she would have graduated from uni, in our middle child graduated from high school, and our youngest child would be starting year nine. It was like having this like the perfect window of opportunity to go and do something. Go overseas as a family. That could be our last opportunity. And so we started there. That was when we planted the seed and the ball started rolling from there. And like you were saying before the we went to Thailand. So we live live Brisbane, I left my corporate job of 20 years, been called over 20 years. Now plan our flights are booked to travel around random places that we hadn't been to before like India, Russia, Turkey, Middle East. We had flights booked and we went to Thailand because we're going to use it as a base. Yes, we love Thailand is also low cost of living etc. We got to Thailand, January 2020. And then that's when everything kind of the whole world turned upside down. Yeah, and we got stuck there. We couldn't leave. Yeah, in and. But But we love we loved it. Because we're in a couple of hours south of Bangkok. And we're in a nice house in a gated complex or a safe and food and all that there's no problem. So we're all good. But we thought oh, we better get out of here in but at the time. At the time, we were thinking we can't travel the world. Our flights are all canceled. What can we do? Given that we have our family all together? This is possibly for the last time like this before they go and get their own partners and families etc. Yeah. And my wife and I even though we're both New Zealanders. We both grew up, born and raised in the North Island of New Zealand. So my wife Wellington me Auckland. We've never really done much travel in the South Island, which is one of the most beautiful places not just in New Zealand but in the world. So hang on what if we can get back to New Zealand? You New Zealand was closed on as a clever way was closed. But we thought, what if we can get back there? We could just go and see the South Island. You've got a salad from there.

Perye Bentley 5:10

Yeah, you've got the most beautiful place in your back garden and it's taken the world to turn off for you to go out and we've actually got an incredible experience it. I just want to that it's funny because obviously we were talking about it beforehand. Just before we unpack that is that you were in Hawaii and and I was in New York. I was in Chiang Mai at the same time. Yes. And it's funny because you saying that in January, everything closed off and me and my wife, we were like, do we go to England? Or do we go to South Korea to go to England or South Korea, England looked like the world was exploding. And Korea seemed like they had everything figured out. So we went there and it's just, you know, the even though these crazy things happen, I don't know if you remember when you were going in the plate like the flight and you landed in Australia for the first time or to New Zealand. They had masks. We had army around us. You just go like Oh my gosh, like this is this is crazy,

Vince Betham 6:03

right? out of a movie. It just seems so surreal. Like is this really happening? Put it in your ear?

Perye Bentley 6:09

Look in your eye like and you're just like, am I am I going into some sort of zombie apocalypse right now? Like that's terrifying. Yeah. So I just wanted to bring that up because that that I will never forget that. And then you do your two weeks. You know, you go into the little home for a bit and then yes, you. You did. You're in New Zealand. You're from the North. Please continue.

Vince Betham 6:32

Yeah, so so so so we've got to New Zealand so actually, we're stuck in Thailand for six months. We've got a repatriation flights. Yep. From from Thailand to Australia. We had to quarantine in Australia stayed for a week or two and then to New Zealand because our middle child went into University in New Zealand so we went to take him over there. Yeah, and then we got to New Zealand we had to quarantine and Christchurch hotel there. And while I was while we're in the just looking online, camera vans, motorhomes all that sort of stuff. And you know, making inquiries ran up on the phone, etc. and found a few that we actually wanted to go look at when we got out of the quarantine. So as soon as we finished quarantine my call flights from Christchurch up to Auckland, and just went out and started driving these these vehicles and ended up buying a camper van was

Perye Bentley 7:29

just yeah to go into that then so you said there were a few that really caught your attention with remember off the top of your head which ones you were like are this this would be a great family adventure vehicle.

Vince Betham 7:42

You were kind of looking at the ones the smaller ones, so we only needed something that could fit three to four people. Yeah, yeah, so we're looking at like smaller motorhomes or or Ember vans, they had a couple of beds in the in the inside the bid sorry the one we ended up buying was Toyota hice. campervan which which we bought in Auckland, which which which was really good really happy I was really happy that we ended up buying them just because that ended up serving our travel plans from there so it was a I think it was 2008 so wasn't too wasn't too old. It was was the same same size is a normal long wheelbase them so you just drive it anywhere you can park anywhere yeah the only thing we couldn't do yeah it was it was high top though so the only thing you couldn't do was going underground car parks but in terms of anything else you just park anywhere driving we're like a normal car or van

Perye Bentley 8:55

right it was so easy because if you're not going to park in New Zealand overall is pretty safe anyway and I'm guessing this parking pretty pretty much everywhere if you look for it right so you did you have any problem with it being that high or you just you just minimize your point of going towards those sort of locations where you would park on the ground anyway.

Vince Betham 9:18

Yeah, I can't even maybe it only happened once where we went to a an underground carpark so hang on we can't go in here but the rest of the time you know it's parking on the street or just normal app acts no issue at all.

Perye Bentley 9:33

Because it's that room size you don't you literally like you said you can just park it anywhere so like you could be you could be in the city or you could be out in the in the countryside and no one's you'd never get any problems or qualms about it. That's interesting.

Vince Betham 9:47

100% here ahead ahead. Ahead two double beats that you had to make up. So the bottom one was a double bed and then you had one above which was more like King single, but the interior height of it was was really good. When the beds were packed away, I could stand up in the van and move around easily and I'm six foot one. So the height was really good in a head five seatbelts in that as well. So you could just use it as a commute event. Brilliant. Yeah, so if you're driving around, you need to make sure you've got enough seatbelts if you buy a camp of any of these just something to think about. And also automatic so so it was really easy to drive. Just drive it around like a car or you know, just a normal van fast, easy. park anywhere set up a super easy so you go into camping grounds. Yeah. I see people come on with big motorhomes or caravans and then it takes them a little while just to set everything up. But we literally just drive into the spot, plug in the power in it, boom, we're good to go and literally less than less than a minute. And then when we want to move on, just pull the power out. And then we're off you know, we're not stuck to the camping ground. Having to use it as a base we can just just go go anyway.

Perye Bentley 11:07

So that because that just tells me that your your view on it. Vince was to find something which was king of convenience in the sense of like, can we get an all encompassing unit which then when we're on the road, we don't have to focus on anything but plug and play?

Vince Betham 11:23

Yes, yes. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Because I can also because last night I was trying because it was a couple of years ago so I'm trying to remember what we did. But we so we were in New Zealand from July through to December and we visited approximately already towns cities give or take in so we were traveling a lot so on average we were going to a new town every two to three days. Sometimes we stay there just for one night because it's like a you know in transit other towns we might stay for five days because it's a bigger city things to do right? Yes, yeah, yeah. Yeah. The downside of the van though is that your buddy have to sit up and pack down the beats every day is Sundays we don't because we get lazy but because you got wooden slips you've got to put in place and then put the mattress cushions on top of your bed but a bit extra

Perye Bentley 12:20

drive and see just get get

Vince Betham 12:24

Yeah, yeah. That's the only downside besides the space but what the space we're spending most of our time traveling in the NF we're at a place where we're exploring and outside anyway, so

Perye Bentley 12:38

yeah, so becomes your garden doesn't it? Everywhere becomes comes your garden you're literally in there for X amount of time you're going out and like just out of your mind because I know New Zealand's got a different temperate climate from Australia. You know, was it was it bad weather? Was it good weather? How did you how did it fare?

Vince Betham 12:58

Most of it was amazing weather. Yeah, we're so fortunate. We're so fortunate we had amazing weather. New Zealand is quite easy to travel through. It's obviously a much smaller country. It's about 1600 kilometers long. So compared to go it's nothing can be said like trekking through Australia. It's really just just a whole nother level. But but but but that's the beauty of New Zealand it's quite easy to travel through good roads in and of course amazing sights to see any even though we went to 40 times a week. This don't so much that we didn't get to three.

Perye Bentley 13:40

Yeah. You said it was about a five to six month track that you did from top to bottom right.

Vince Betham 13:46

Yes, yeah. So we we flew out to Auckland, ended up buying a camper van there. And then we drove right up to the very top of the North Island. Wow. Have you been to New Zealand?

Perye Bentley 13:57

No, I haven't.

Vince Betham 13:59

Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Perye Bentley 14:01

You can take the train if you want.

Vince Betham 14:03

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. All right, recommend it. But the the very top of the North Island is base called cabling. Yep. And you're literally there. You can see the Tasman ocean and suffocation colliding in here. We started from there. And just made our way down. Stopping our towns along the way. The North Island we kind of just went down the middle because we we've been through the North Island many times before. So we didn't go to the coasts. Yeah. And then we called the ferry across the South Island in South Alabama down the east coast all the way to the bottom in the store to back up the west coast. But we didn't in terms of planning. We kind of made it up as we went along. So we would plan maybe to two to three towns next in advance. Yeah, we would work out you know, one of the must see studies or sites that we do Personally I have to go to, and then we would look at the different routes to get there. In Okay, all we could go this way, go that way. I mean, yeah, that's about as much planning as we would do at the campsite as we went along.

Perye Bentley 15:14

And you because you mentioned to me beforehand as well, that during that time, because obviously it was the pandemic, there was barely anyone at those sites as well. You, you were in this kind of, you know, obviously, it's bittersweet because their businesses are in a bit of a weird position. But, you know, you're at the same time giving them that stimulate the stimulus of going hey, you know, we were a family that fought. Let's go traveling around New Zealand. And did you did you meet any other people who were doing the same thing? They were like, we can't leave. So you've got these little pandemic families adventuring around New Zealand?

Vince Betham 15:50

Wow. Actually, I don't think. I don't think we did. We never really stayed in places long enough to get to know. People. I've met some really interesting people though. But they were they were people they live there. At the towns were locals. Yeah, yeah, the locals, some some amazing people. I mean, like, for example, with friends, Joseph. We met this priest, his name is Father Mike. Winter, this parish on Sunday, is randomly in the small little Catholic Church. And after his mess, we're just talking to him. And he's, I think he's in his mid 70s, anytune. Eight, he was the first he was part of the first New Zealand expedition to climb Mount Everest. Way back in the day, he was he was a tour guide. And then in Antarctica, what. But he was talking about his growing up Mount Everest. So Edmund, Hillary was obviously the first New Zealand to go up. But that wasn't a New Zealand expedition, I think there was a British expedition. And I found them like, went up. And he, he was talking about how we went up. And he, they looked, they saw someone, there are other groups trying to go up, but they are turning back and coming down as they're going up. And there was one, there was one group just ahead of them many, they literally saw someone, one off the mountain, no way. So that group came back down after that happened. And his party got down to him and one other guy, because the rest of the party just couldn't. It's just really, really difficult, harsh conditions. And he got to the point where he estimated they could see the summit, and maybe it was pure weekend, live five hours was all they needed to get to the top. But I think that they had no, they didn't use oxygen for this thing. And they're at the point where they knew 100% That if they went, they would lose fingers and toes. Because Because the things were wet or frozen, they will 100%. And then there's a good chance that really rich has them, why not actually make it anyway. So they had to make a really tough decision of those to him and the other guy of turning back into, like, if they can see it just made. They're just amazing. People like that. Wow. Absolutely.

Perye Bentley 18:17

First of all, you know, it takes you know, toes and fingers definitely come ahead of the end of the, you know, the top of Everest, but, you know, we're talking about this is what he said he was one of the first this is going to be 5050 years ago, or maybe even even longer that he did that. So, you know, these are different times as well. Whereas now all these different equipment, you'd have satellite you know, everything right to make sure you've got the ability to do that. He couldn't ask anyone for help on the radio potentially had the heart man.

Vince Betham 18:52

They didn't even have oxygen tanks or anything. These are OG OG liters.

Perye Bentley 18:59

And that's and that's like, that comes down to something I've spoke about on this podcast before is that go and talk to locals. Because nine times out of 10 Their story is going to send your brain off into another adventure. Like you know, I asked you soon I'm sure you may or may not. Are you planning on going to Everest now?

Vince Betham 19:20

Basecamp Basecamp was on my list. Yeah. I value my life. I'm gonna keep it real. I'd love to you never know. You never know. Yeah, once you get it. Yeah, well, are you thinking about

Perye Bentley 19:36

it? So for me like the code the code affects me pretty badly, right? Like it might my fingers and my toes get rapidly cold and I love the cold but I'm very aware that I'd be the guy that's you know, we've we've no fingers by the end of it. So logically, I should be heading to the islands and being nice and warm. So you can't argue how my body feels.

Vince Betham 20:00

I listen to your body. Yeah, exactly.

Perye Bentley 20:02

So that's, that's really cool regarding, you know, meeting locals and just understanding these crazy stories. But were there any times when you were on the route that you were like, this is this is a bad day. Like we've just had one problem after another happened.

Vince Betham 20:20

Yeah, I was I was trying to think of one. Like, we didn't have any massive challenges. To be honest. It was just like, the most amazing year of my life. But there was one day there was this, the scariest moment was at a place called 90 Mile Beach, which is a north near the top of the North Island is a very long remote beach, which is also officially a highway so vehicles allowed to drive on it including tour buses, normal cars, they can drive like a motorway, high speed. And so we stayed. We stayed here for a couple of days and I thought, hey, let's just drive to being on give it a go. They put some food in the van The plan was to drive on to the beach and find a nice spot to have lunch. And we're driving along online small beach. And when you're driving you you stay on the wit compact said it's quite hard and firm driving along and then eventually found a particularly scenic spot and decided to stop and pack up pack up there. But as I turned the van to pack up, we ended up driving on sand that was very dry and soft. In so you just sayin. Yeah, started spinning and got stuck. And we tried pushing. We tried using planks, all sorts of stuff, and we just couldn't get it out. Nothing worked. I got on the phone, and some tow truck companies they said sorry, we don't go on the beach in the tide that the tide started coming in. As the first time in my life for a very long I can't remember the previous time where I literally felt absolutely helpless. Like what am I going to do? The tides coming in? My family says you came in we just bought and then a couple of guys driving past in this little small Suzuki Hall drive away, drove past and I looked at them and then they turned around and came back and got out of the car. They started laughing because I'd seen this happen to their locals they've seen so many other people come in from out of town and stuck in the same lane just got the entire open pulled us out. I was so grateful that those guys made. Yeah, I'll never make the mistake. The funny thing is when you're driving onto the beach, yeah, just because these entry points onto the beach. And these all these warning signs. Big warning signs saying be careful and I've got literally got photos of tour buses and cars stuck in sand in the water that had been overtaken by the tide. But despite seeing all the signs we just carried on driving. Never gonna do that again.

Perye Bentley 23:21

Well, like you said, so you know it was the best year of your life so you were you were living on cloud nine at that point right and it happens to you welcome back to Earth and then and then when you feel everything's gone you've got again locals coming out of nowhere to save save the day and then bringing it back onto cloud nine because you know within within what how long would you start there?

Vince Betham 23:48

Ah between half an hour and an hour.

Perye Bentley 23:52

Okay, so you are slowly getting to that point where you've been like this is this is

Vince Betham 23:56

might have been an hour of mine because I remember the tide coming in. Yeah, yeah, but those are locals absolute legions I'm so grateful that those costs for the heavens will be driving along the beach that day instead of the road they decided to drive on the beach. Yeah

Perye Bentley 24:14

four wheels four wheel drive as well you know because that would have been How heavy is your was your camper van Do you remember?

Vince Betham 24:24

Ah Oh Tron the words. Sorry. Yeah, I don't I had no idea how much it weighed. Heavy. long wheelbase in converted to a campervan so it's pretty heavy

Unknown Speaker 24:35


Vince Betham 24:35

yeah pretty easy sounds I wouldn't want to drive it on the beach again but definitely would only do it on a with a forward drive next time.

Perye Bentley 24:46

And that does that because obviously you know you did the you wanted to do the global trip around the world right? That's got switched and then you started doing the the camping trip. Now. You I'm guessing them Maybe a plan for the future for you to go travel again. Would you? Would you be ever doing a camping trip again? Or are you thinking of just doing you know, like that kind of round the world trip? What's, what would be more of an interest to you?

Vince Betham 25:15

Oh, that's a good question. Well, funnily enough, so our youngest child, now, he's 16, at the moment going on 17. This is his last year of school. So just the other day, on our thinking about it, oh, well, maybe we could do something next year, he could take a gap year. Before he does uni, if we could just do something in we're talking about Thailand again. And war, spending some time and some more. Pacific Island. My wife and I are both Simon our parents born and raised here. And then they emigrated to New Zealand, which is where my wife and I were born. But but it would be cool to spend some time in our parents homeland and experience the culture there. Yeah, the third option is maybe Australia. But but you know, doing traveling around Australia, but that but that's this next level. So that's that's a big one. Yeah, let's jump in George is doing there. I'm not sure if I'm quite ready for the

Perye Bentley 26:16

well, it and then it's understood, like because I've got I've got some friends who are currently in America who are doing the road trip around America. Their truck one they bought a truck, and then it exploded. So they like they've got a video of it. And it's in fire flames and stuff like that. And they they got another one. But it's just really funny because they did a video going out. It's great. We've got this, it's really cool. And then the next day, they're like, it's on fire over there. But it's interesting that like, in your mind you you think that maybe a road trip would be more interesting for your family as as a unit thing to do than to actually go to these locations and travel.

Vince Betham 27:03

Yeah, finally hasn't really crossed my mind. Again, just because I know flights are very expensive. gone to New Zealand a few times in the last six months in flights has really pricey. They're nowhere near as cheap as they were pre COVID. When they started coming down, we might think about that again. And funnily enough, when you talk about America, an American Road Trip is on now on my bucket list anyway, to go from West Coast to East Coast. They possibly fly to Europe from there. But yeah, yeah, that would be really cool.

Perye Bentley 27:37

Yeah, right. bigness. A big one, though, in that maybe? Yes, yes. I think I think for me, if I were your in your boots, I would probably you got you got Ozzie so close to you that doing even like the East Coast or North Coast, you know, you're there right now, doing those sort of areas would be an easier route. And then, you know, the big one is when when your kids are a bit older, and you know, they can drive as well. And maybe you can take them to a couple of the American bars when they're 21 or something. So yeah. Or if you don't, if you wait till before they're 21, then you can go to the bar with your with your wife, and then they can drive you home.

Vince Betham 28:14

While I was doing it in New Zealand, like obviously, Alaska. Yeah, so two of our kids are in the 20s Someone's 25 cent the other one's 20. He's 2121 2021. Yeah, yeah. So he was he was driving me around after a few beers.

Perye Bentley 28:31

That's the way forward, right? Yes, that's what you have. But yeah, no, brilliant may. Look, the only thing I really wanted to more to ask you is just Do you have any, like recommendations on tech or anything that when you were on your trip that you were just like we're so glad that we have this like we spoke to people before the way they've said stuff like, it's really good when you're on on a boat in the middle of the sea to have like this, this software, this app that allows you to track your positioning, even if it's small bits of data, did you did you find that there was anything that you were like this has made my trip 100 times better?

Vince Betham 29:12

I did have some tech toys in the van like I put an entertainment system GPS TV in there, but um but the things that came to mind, not necessarily tick but so when we're in New Zealand, we got mobile plants that had big data on them. So we could in there are three of us doing most of the trips. So me wife had our youngest. And so we had a shared data plan with Vodafone New Zealand, so we could just get online anywhere. In so my son was doing school. He was doing school through Brisbane distance. That's so cool since learning Yeah, and I was doing I have a couple of ecommerce businesses. So we needed to have access to the Internet all the time every day in so because we had so much data available to us on our mobile planes. We could do that from anywhere. And we also had enough data for entertainment as well. So that was one the second one that for New Zealand anyway, which is really cool was we got gym memberships. We signed up to snap fitness. So similar, you know, one of those franchise ones 20 everywhere, right? Yeah. Stephen realized slide Yesterday, we saw him Stephanus. And I don't know how many electricians but they usually had a gym, and all of the major towns and cities in New Zealand. So we would go there. Most days that was available not just to exercise, but also use the showers. Yeah. So he used to show us a lot as well. That's a

Perye Bentley 30:38

really good point. That's a really, really good point is like you get one of those memberships and then you know, then that's what a month. You know, those franchise ones are normally lower price as well. And you get the showers, you get the amenities, you get a place to probably relax for a little bit. That's a really good reference point for anyone who's like, you know, we live in a world now you've got the internet at your fingertips. You can go to all these amenities and have nice showers instead of I'm guessing your one the shower that you had on board was quite small, quite compact.

Vince Betham 31:09

We didn't have a shower. And here you go. So sorry. We went camping sites they had you know, Charles toilets, kitchens, and the van we had a we had a kitchen with a guest over microwave, you know, shelves and drawers and whatnot. We had a portable toilet

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Vince Betham 32:22

Yeah, yeah. So. So we just use the shells at the camping grounds. And they're the jumps. Yeah, yeah.

Perye Bentley 32:29

Yeah. Gotcha. No, it's interesting. And then what would you say is the third biggest necessity in your mind for traveling, tech wise,

Vince Betham 32:42

tech wise. Things like power inverters and reversing cameras. But I think most people already have the mods to say if you don't have them, they didn't get them in a dash cam as well. So because their problem might be different to others, because we're just traveling so much. So having a dashcam. We didn't we didn't have any accidents. But it was good to have a just peace of mind.

Perye Bentley 33:08

Yeah, that's right. Yeah. So. So to reiterate, gym membership data pack for when you're on the road and living, working at the same time as traveling around and then having power inverters to make sure you've continuously got plugins. Yeah, no, that's Yeah, yeah. And the the only other thing is, what would you say to anyone who is thinking about doing this, but they haven't found the right campervan yet?

Vince Betham 33:43

Yeah, well, whether it's fun in there, I came in a lot. And if you're just thinking of doing it, just take action. Yeah, just just do it. Just do it. Just do it. Yeah, they said, I'll say that. A dream without action is just a wish. So just love that take action make it a reality. In essence, a trip obviously to my wife, several times just a random moment, said the year 2020. was by far the best year of my life. Just amazing experiences, not just for me, but also here in our son. No other son was with us for half of it as well, just for them to be able to experience just life experience and see all those amazing sites in New Zealand. There's some amazing places in New Zealand particularly the South Island. You got to do it. It's just one of the most beautiful places on earth. And you were saying before how you mentioned how we were there, and they weren't a lot of people around, which was a blessing for us so we didn't have to compete. But also I feel sorry for the businesses in a kind of metaphor. is a couple of times in particular, I think, when we went to Milford Sound, which is often termed the eighth, eighth wonder of the world, and we were walking up to the ferry and we soon see all these signs of we're supposed to be queuing up. And it shows photos of tourists coming up. And it's just, everything's just full. You know, the wharf is just packed with people waiting to get on to the theories that were, there was no hardly anyone around. We just happen to get on. And also we went up to Franz Joseph, which is a Glacia. So follow up on a helicopter tour guide took us glacial ice, we're small waterfalls purists. What are you find anywhere in the landscape? We're just like something out of science fiction movie, but the The tall guy when he's talking to us in and he was one point where he was always kind of in tears. He was just so happy they were there. And he's getting to make some money and just interact with people and make some money. In Yeah, yeah. It's like, oh, well, just so so happy that we were here for him as well. Yeah. Yeah. It was called.

Perye Bentley 36:12

single handedly keeping the traveling community afloat. Is Vince betheme. And his

Vince Betham 36:22

small small fat Yeah. Yeah.

Perye Bentley 36:26

Brilliant. Well, no, Vince, it's been amazing having you on the podcast and you've been a flippin pleasure and a half mate. Yeah, thanks so much for joining us today. And yeah, keep on traveling.

Commercial Voice 36:39

If you or someone you know would be an interesting guest on the show, we'd love to hear from you. We love speaking to everyday people who've taken to the open road or open seas for an extended period of time, or anyone that set up their life in an off grid location. Please email to get in touch. That's two L's in traveller.

Perye Bentley 37:04

If you liked that video, you'll probably like this one and you'll really love this one. And as always, we want to thank you for joining us and if you want to like and subscribe it really helps the channel grow and it means that we can talk about more travel, get more tips and everything off grid. Cheers.

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