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"Exploring the Off-Grid Lifestyle: Insights from Alys, an Unintentional Off-Gridder"

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Alys, from Western Australia, took the leap and went off-grid in just one week. This was an unintentional decision as she had bought a house in an interesting condition in the middle of nowhere, but her journey has been nothing short of exciting and empowering.

Alys explains how she's been able to live comfortably without luxuries and how she's been able to cut down her costs by becoming more self-sufficient.

She shares her experiences on how to live off the grid, from generating her own electricity to finding ways to cook her food.

Her goal is to be able to afford some luxuries and make money back up, but for now, she's enjoying her life off-grid and encourages others to consider it as an option.

This interview is a must-listen for anyone who wants to learn more about off-grid living and how to make it work for them.

Perye Bentley 0:00

Hey guys, and welcome to this episode of the off grid traveler. Let's get a little bit deeper when we speak to Elise who has unintentionally gone off grid, it's been about two weeks into electricity has been cut off, and the off grid lifestyle has never looked better. This is now her lifestyle, and she's learning as she goes. And as always, we'd like to thank the sponsor of today's podcast, dry flush toilets. If you haven't seen these amazing off grid toilets, you really need to check them out. They're the cleanest, easiest smell free toilet that you've ever seen. And they recently won the Best New camping technology in Australia. No more dumping chemicals or maintaining a composting toilet, go to www.dry to see how they work. Let's get travelling.

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Welcome to the off grid traveler podcast, where we meet the people who go off grid and into a life of adventure challenge and grand new horizons. Whether on land or on sea, you'll meet some fascinating characters who've chosen the road less traveled and discover their best tips, worst moments, favorite destinations, and a whole lot more.

Perye Bentley 1:15

Today, we're with Elise here on the off grid traveler and we started the conversation. Some of the things at least is talking about how she's gone unintentionally off grid. I was just like, oh my gosh, no, we have to start now and just let you let you flow with what's happened. But can you just go back to earlier that you mentioned that basically. You didn't have Why are you unintentionally off grid?

Elys 1:43

Well, it was never intentional. Hence the name. I basically bought a house that I bought a house about 15 years ago, which cost me $5,000 In the middle Iowa and North Australia. Yes, it was technically 12,000. But I got a first time by grant which reduced it down down to that price. And I've always wanted to buy it back because I've been frustrated and scared and everything about renting. Yes, we're eating, because rents have gone from about 350 a week for about $500 or upwards. Just

Perye Bentley 2:17


Elys 2:19

I don't have that money. And I'm just like, I do not want to keep work three jobs just so I can afford to pay accommodation, and then die. It's just not the way you should go about life. Really. It's incredibly stressful plus real estate agent. We love them. I'm a real estate agent. So I've managed to buy, buy the house back from the guy who I sold it to. Now at the time when I sold the house initially it was done without an agent. And with me writing a rather mildly amusing Gumtree ad, right and that I had a little bit of media attention, I won't say went viral. But I guess back in the day, it went semi somewhat viral. That way, so I got the house back. I thought, oh, let's organize. Yeah, the electricity to be turned on. And so I run the electricity company. And they said, all you need to do is to get all you need to do is to get an electrician to come and say it's safe. Yeah. And the one that I spoke to basically said very politely, we that they wouldn't touch it with a barge. That is what sets you off grid sort of adventure. Yeah. And I'd never thought about power or how much I used to anything. You just plug your appliances. And they work. You don't think oh, this microwave is going to use 800 watts. I can't plug it into a power source that doesn't cover that. Or oh, I'm going to plug in my washing machine. Oh, it's going to be this amount of amount of what?

Perye Bentley 3:53

Yeah, you just never came to your mind before that. You need this level of electricity to power just just to get Boiling Boiling water and stuff like that, right?

Elys 4:02

Yes, yes. And even the laptop, you know, who doesn't leave their laptop plugged in overnight? Yeah, you do? I do.

Perye Bentley 4:12

Actually, I'll tell you what, I always unplug my stop because I have my brain is just a little bit like I don't like fingers plugged in when I'm gone. But I have done it many times in the past. So just don't think about it right?

Elys 4:26

But you don't realize it and when you've got a 300 watt power station with a limited amount of amp hours, which are not normal hours. I haven't quite figured it out. But there is a thing you can Google that will tell you how many Amp Hours something uses. On top of the actual words. You are basically a very careful with how you use power. So it's all charged to 100% and then it's turned off when I'm not using it. And I'm trying to turn off other things like modems when I'm not using them. You know, and I'm sorry my dog is in the background. So I'm all good.

Perye Bentley 5:01

I've got, I've got a dog as well. And he's been he's been hidden away by my wife at the moment. So

Elys 5:08

a well behaved dog.

Perye Bentley 5:11

It depends. It depends day to day, sometimes he likes people, sometimes he doesn't, you know, just energy, right? So you're mentioning about how you, you've actually started looking at alternative ways of getting electricity. And so what's what's been the kind of route? And how much have you learned during that rabbit hole of finding out what's the best usage of your space, and, you know, at the best price as well, because obviously, you want to keep things intentionally off grid. But you don't want to be spending, you know, over and above, kind of 10s of grand to get this all sorted out, do you

Elys 5:50

know, I had no idea what to do. So for a moment, I panicked. When they said, We can't do your No, we won't come and look at your house and see whether it's safe. But then I went down the rabbit hole, and I found these portable power stations that are powered by the sun. They can also obviously, do things with basil. And you can do things with gas, but I don't want to use gas, I want it to be all 100% from the sun. So what I found, first of all was okay, I want to power because I don't have any money. And I was like well, first of all, I have to power my main things, which is where my business which is I sell online, and I also transcribe, so I need to have something that deals with all the low wattage stuff. So that is like the laptop. The modem that runs the internet, and I've also got internet on my phone. So I had to figure that out. And I found it a 300 watt power station would power that. So I actually bought one of them. And two, two solar power to two solar panels. And that is how I've run my house. So for the last week, it's been really great. And I have yet to run out of power.

Perye Bentley 7:05

And when did you start? When did you start doing this off grid? When was the beginning that it happened that they were like no, we're not touching it with a bargepole?

Elys 7:15

Oh, about three months ago, I'd say wow. So this is

Perye Bentley 7:19

this is literally this is like you're right, well, you're three months into it now. And how long did it take you to get to a point where you started feeling comfortable with the situation that you were in and in turning it into a positive?

Elys 7:33

Well, first to start as I've only been in Norseman in my middle of nowhere house with no power for the last week. Okay, I was in a truck for eight hours with my dog right beside me this time last week. So this is the first time I've had to try it out fully without any power at all. And so for the last week, I've managed to learn how to boil water with a little device.

Perye Bentley 7:58

I saw that on. You literally have have it outside because it's hot. It's hot enough right outside that you leave it outside and then it heats up the water and then you're using it for showering and stuff like that. Is it right or two different?

Elys 8:12

Not two different methods? Yes, I have a shower that was made out of weed sprayer, which is basically. And yeah. And that's your hot water system. You get hot, it gets hot from the I haven't found it in amongst all my packaging yet. So I've been bathing out of a bucket.

Perye Bentley 8:31

This is off growth mindset. I love this. Yeah,

Elys 8:34

I washed my hair yesterday because I thought I need to wash. So that was out of a bucket as well. So when I used to live here, my hair was much, much longer. So that was a bit more of a challenge. But yeah, so you just make it work. So yeah, that is the that is the ensuite shower, which I haven't found yet. But now the boiling of the water was actually a little device that I got from targets about targets about the size of your hand. Yeah, like not good for a family. Not unless you like watching. Well, you might enjoy doing, you know, as a family. It's quite, it's quite interesting. I think we are both water from that it's a little tiny with my 300 watt power station. And you cannot water usually with the with a 300 watt power station. Oh, at least 1000 Watts I'd say. Give it the microwave, which like the smallest microwave wattage I found his about 700 watts. Yes, but you do you've you've got to look it up to find it. And you and if I find when you go into the shop, and and you're sort of looking at the boxes, a lot of the times it doesn't have the what what's on there

Perye Bentley 9:46

is on average, on average, they're around about 850 Aren't they like 850 to 1000 for microwaves and so

Elys 9:52

yeah, well, it depends. But I'd say you could get get away with an 800 Watt kind of mic right I mean, if you've got all this stuff that you've already bought, you suddenly decide I've got no power. You've got to be really aware of my wife wife, how much is that? Let's look at the back of it and see what it's got some details on the back a little sticker. It's like I found a fan here the other day that I'd left here when I started the last time and it had 50 Watts written on itself.

Perye Bentley 10:19

It's within it's within the limit. Yeah, so what what are you doing for for your food at the moment then you did very, very briefly touch on it just before we started, which was pretty cool.

Elys 10:34

Bit of everything really? Like I do have some tin. Yeah, I have tins of beetroot and tins of mushrooms and spaghetti. I have chocolate milk that is not refrigerated. Straight off the shelf.

Perye Bentley 10:48

pretty rapidly.

Elys 10:50

Oh, it's it's it's it's fine. It's got so much sugar in it doesn't really matter. Lovely to have a bottle of this sugary, this sugary sort of cereal as well and and I've got the same as the chocolate milk. They're those long life milk. So like we call them poppers. I don't know whether you call them poppers, I know poppers are another name for something very naughty. But we were going this is we call them properties in Australia in some states in Australia anyway. And they usually have juice in them or things like that. And you send it with the kids lunchbox not that I have any kids or require any kids or want any kids. But but that's that's what they are. They're basically about 200 mils and you just drink them and will you put them on your cereal and you're done. Um, the other things if I want to be more sort of extravagant. There are MRE meals, which you can put into there a plastic bag. Yeah, and they're good eating element inside it like a little little pad thing that you put inside a plastic bag. And then you add the pouches of the food. So my favorite the moment is steak and mashed potato. Well, there's a dog there's a dog steak and mashed potato. So you put them in the bag and I put them both in the bag, even though you might not supposed to put them both in the same day. Add a little tiny bit of water, and then the bag gets hot and heated steam. You know when people get angry and steam comes out there is like Yeah, yeah, that's what happens with the bag and you touch the bag and the bag is hot. And then about 12 minutes later, you have steak and mashed potatoes, which is you know, a lot of people like to use delivery services and a lot of the time it arrives cold. Now the price of that was a bit extravagant. It was about $28.55

Perye Bentley 12:36

How many do you get with the 20 $28?

Elys 12:40

Well, this is one state pouch one mashed potatoes, pumpkin and one hate a bag to go and fun. So I mean, I would recommend giving it a go

Perye Bentley 12:55

How was the taste of it as well.

Elys 12:57

Amazing like it's real food this is you can get Mrs. And I'm not real food that I tried one the other day that was not good from this particular brand, but this brand makes amazing stuff. So this is like if I cooked it for you, but like how you're such a good cook, you're amazing. So it's proper and it doesn't require any phrases or fridges or anything to store it it literally just comes in a pouch like you know how you buy gravy from Yeah, it's just, it's just like that you just buy it and and it just magically happens in this bag in 12 minutes, because

Perye Bentley 13:32

similar ones, but this is this isn't an MRA this is basically you crush it and then it becomes a heat pad that you can use for like 12 hours. They're phenomenal here in Korea. And yeah, but I think it might be the same material that's inside that heats it up because it gets to a point where you're like you could probably cook stuff with this. And it's amazing. It is it is amazing. And it's just it's making me wonder like what about if you had the the stuff in it that you could use them to cook other food? Would that be a problem or is that is that another rabbit hole that I've just

Elys 14:12

I've gone down that rabbit hole I actually have bought a meal that I found in a supermarket that is just in a similar bag I'm like hmm, can I can I put that in the bag and cook it you know? And that's a more of a metally kind of bag and then I've got like a stick one and I'm like oh I don't know whether I get to if it's toxic or you know whatever

Perye Bentley 14:35

what about if you took it out and put it in something which was a different container and then had it heated underneath? Like even a glass container potentially I don't know like it's an you know, I'm not saying that you should try it I'm just saying that if it comes to mind and you do please let me know because I'd really

Elys 14:52

will I'll There's people doing bad things to MRA like those heater bag things on YouTube like yeah, that doing things that you shouldn't be. I don't know when the last container would would, would work. But I think the main thing is that you've at the top of the bag, there is a seal. Yeah. So it's a, it's a seal that doesn't. I think that's what does it the fact that it's getting to the water, and there's nothing nowhere really for the water to escape except for the little, little holes at the side where the steam comes out. Yeah,

Perye Bentley 15:23

okay, cool.

Elys 15:25

I might, when I've got more time and more money, I might, you might have an experimental time. Like I said, I didn't expect to be able to boil water. And I did know, maybe I can make a cake. Maybe I can make eggs maybe I don't know this.

Perye Bentley 15:40

Only one week in at the moment. So the fact of the matter is, you're still at the beginning of this brand new adventure, which you're what I love about it is that you're not going like oh my gosh, this is this. What am I going to do? You're gonna Okay, I'm unintentionally off grid. What do I do to make the best of this situation? And actually thrive in it as well? Because it sounds like you're having the best time of your life to be Oh, it's

Elys 16:02

wonderful. I'm not stressed the only thing that's stressing it I called Double G's if you had a double G's they're a pest in Western Australia. Okay, you go for walked outside and you come back in and you bring them in and they basically got three prongs on them. So yeah, get up in the middle of the night or whatever. And barefoot and you get a bit of a surprise.

Perye Bentley 16:24

How many times you

Elys 16:26

are too many too many already. But nothing about it. I'm not stressed about it. Like ever since I've got here. My the stresses the need, the stress has gone completely. Wow. Yeah. Well, there's no, there's no, because when you're in when you're trying to rent a house, you're like, all the real estate is gonna come and do an expansion, inspection. And what are they going to whinge about? You're going how am I gonna afford to pay rent? Oh, my God, this bills come in. Oh, I've got electricity bill for $200. What? How am I gonna pay that? And oh, the rents are going up. I'm reading on the internet, people's rents are going up $60 $80 $100 There's no rentals here in here in Perth. If I wanted to get a rental, it was $500. So it was all the stress of my gosh. Yeah, 25 grand to rent a house for a year, and pay all the expenses as well. So it

Perye Bentley 17:26

sounds to me like the fact that you've gone off grid. You're you're now living versus surviving, when the fact is that you're off grid, but you should be surviving. Because that's what the mindset is when you're off grid, but you're you're actually thriving within that situation. And then on top of that, I'm sure a lot of people would love to know is like, what are your current costs? Like, what are your current like, what what are you having to put out at the moment?

Elys 17:53

It was more the the purchase of the house, which did which just killed me inside financially, even though it's a small amount. I bought it back to 12,500 from the guy who bought it. Wow, he's basically yeah, he's had a boarded up the whole time. So pretty much it's as I left it, I'm missing a candle. I'm okay. So that was an expense. And I had about $5,000 Moving expense. Yeah. The mental stress of all of it in traveling was

Perye Bentley 18:25

always crazy. Yeah, it's a massive thing.

Elys 18:28

Yeah. So it was just it wasn't only traveling, it was the real estate, it was emptying my house, I have a shop that has a lot of books in it and DVDs and CDs. I had to move all that and it's just me. I didn't have a dog. So that that was an expense. But at the moment, there's no expenses because I've paid the house out in cash that I've saved. I'm not a financial role model because I have no super or any savings. You know, hopefully after this year, I will have a decent amount of money in my in my account. Um, so yeah, the only outgoings really is my internet. My watch streaming services, so

Perye Bentley 19:08

you got to have something to keep the brain chugging along once in a while. It's nice to watch stuff as well. Yeah, so

Elys 19:15

yeah, yeah. And I watched that on my iPad even though these 300 Watt things will run it. I can use an iPad and I'm just trying to run things that will be powered by USB because I can cross I can charge them at the same time as I'm plugging them into the solar so if it's a USB something or a 12 volt finance, which I don't have any travel appliances yet, but they will be my fridges I'll be able to do that at the same time as charging them whereas if you've got a normal plug that you plug in at home, you're not able to charge at the same time school pass through charging see obviously,

Perye Bentley 19:53

you do you'd like it and you'll give it give it six months more and you'll you'll have even more knowledge and it should Just because it's out of necessity

Commercial Voice 20:05

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Perye Bentley 20:54

Which is the most which is the biggest teacher in the world. And quite a big opinion. If you haven't got the if you haven't got something that you've had all this time, like, you know, coming from the city life, you take all of these things for granted all the time, the amount of times, you know, I've got a light on here, I've got a light on there, I've got you know, we've got so many things continuously plugged in. But the fact of the matter is like how much of it do we actually need and how much of it is actually being wasted right now? Just because we can, like, you know, you've you have to take into consideration how much am I actually using? And It shocks me to think that you know, am I can I actually get my prices down just in general, if I just unplug fans a little bit more.

Elys 21:39

Look, I was thinking the other day I thought look, if someone wanted to give it a go and just get a small power station like a 300 watt like me. Yeah. And so much of their life, they could power with it. Wow. And solar. I mean, look, my setup, my fall, they were on special. Okay, so they're a little bit dearer than now. But four of those 300 watt power stations and two solar blankets for about $1,500. My last bill, my last bill was about $200 That my other house might do that would include a little bit of air conditioning. But I mean, I mainly didn't use it. So just keep in mind for that price. And they are rechargeable about 2000 times before they start to lose a sort of charge. But they will still work. So just imagine if you just tried just one little power station said, What am I going to do today? Oh, we want to do this. And we want to do that. And then you look at little appliances, like I got that little mini thing from target that it'll that I've bought water on that. And you go oh, I can do that. And then I'm not using any electricity. I'm actually from the like from the grid. I'm just using stuff from the sun. I mean, of course you can plug these things in to your plugs at home or to your car or whatever. But I wanted to go completely off grid and it works and stick it outside in the sun. And then nine hours later,

Perye Bentley 23:11

you've got a full charge again, and how long does that last?

Elys 23:15

Well, it depends what you use it for like when you plug in your normal plugs that I see in DC is the DC side is like the USBs and the 12 volt and the AC is like there's one plug in these particular ones. The AC will burn up pretty quickly. But I mean, if you're just plugging in phones and stuff to charge on own, I've also got the these these things

Perye Bentley 23:43

oh yeah. Okay. Do you charge those up as well. So you've got those extra power bricks available?

Elys 23:50

Yeah, and for example, I'm running a fridge that is not a fridge. The fridge I wish that is a USB fan. So it's powered by USB. So the fact that you can charge all those little things like these bricks while while you're actually charging them in the sun. You've got so much power it doesn't really matter

Perye Bentley 24:13

your urine urine Western Australia what the weather on a general basis, you've always got some sun hitting you right so I don't think you're you're always going to have the opportunity to be charging your your equipment, I'm guessing.

Elys 24:27

Yeah, I mean, even on an overcast day, but I don't want to get them wet.

Perye Bentley 24:30

No, no,

Elys 24:32

you know what I'm saying? I don't want to get them wet. So that's that's the that's the other thing I need to I need to be careful then but But anytime that you've had them outside when there's some sort of daylight it'll, it'll, it'll charge but how fast depends.

Perye Bentley 24:51

What's been what's because within that time, let's say just the last week where you've gone completely off grid what has been the lowest point in the sense of you're going like oh shit this is this is pretty hardcore or has it have you just felt like this is this is life now?

Elys 25:10

Nothing nothing but double G's is only problem.

Perye Bentley 25:14

So it's just the it's just the it's just the the buggies around the area, right?

Elys 25:18

It's just Yeah, it's this double J's, if you google them, you'll see they've got three spikes, and oh my gosh, annoying.

Perye Bentley 25:26

Because we live in a world now where you've got internet connection pretty much anywhere. And as long as you've got the Wi Fi connected with you, it's interesting to think that if you've got those kind of small amenities like that, then are you do you need much like, I'm just, I'm kind of still trying to get my head around, you know, where, how much electricity you're going to be using on a on a monthly basis, you know, what are going to be your your ins and outs, and, you know, what your, what your how you feel, generally, you know, like to because if you've got none of those stresses of the rent, you've not got any of those stresses of having to live the particular life that people expect you to live. And you're feeling better than most people just because you're living it within your own means. It's just interesting to understand the what do we actually need as humans? What makes us happy?

Elys 26:28

Look, as long as you've got a roof over your head, that's all that matters. And for most people, they think a roof over their head means paying whatever the amount of rent be at $500 or whatever a week, they think that's what they need. And to work two jobs, to get the kids babysat to you know, whatever. That's what a lot of people think that's just what life is. All we have to pay. I mean, what I come from Hamilton Hill in Perth, and someone was renting studio, a two bedroom studio $400.02 months ago. And just recently a couple of weeks ago, $600 a week. And they don't realize any of these people do pay those that $600 a week. There are other services that are getting absolutely hammered like food services that provide or other health services that help people that are having a lot of trouble making ends meet. So they've been hammered. There's no government funding for these food services or other services that put people you know, when people get into hardship, and they're certainly going to be in hardship if they're trying to spend $600 a week on a two bedroom granny flat. It's just disgusting. To be honest. The thing that made me actually I'll tell you made me feel better when I found out that I had no power I just finished watching the series called alone. Have you ever seen it? No, no. I was at my favorite good semi shop because I do in Fremantle and the lady there Charmaine, she's amazing. She said have you seen a loan and and it's a reality show I'm like oh no, no, no, it's reality terrible. But no, that's actually really like going go into a Google there's been nine or 10 series of A plus there's other ones in other languages. They put people that are experienced Bush survivors model

Perye Bentley 28:25

maybe I have seen it No. Okay. Yeah, I didn't know the name. Yeah, I think I might may have seen it. Continue. Yeah,

Elys 28:31

yeah. So they basically are left alone literally alone and they do all their camera work at everything and have to have their own food make their own shelter. So it's not your contrived sort of reality show. And it's not like oh no, are they going to get eaten by a bear well maybe literally bears and all other stuff but they survive rather than in Thrive rather than that it is not a stress out really about about it, like they have to have food so that's a bit stressful, and build a shelter and make sure it's safe, which is also a bit stressful and film themselves and I know one guy he they do it they have a tap out but I've had enough and he didn't tap out. But when he did that, because then they come in to save them and bring them home. He accidentally said he's shelter on fire as well. So had to save had to save all his his film canisters or whatever they have. So you can see. And of course, it's all film because they've set up video cameras facing the face of the thing and whatever but it's a great show. And without seeing that I probably wouldn't have been as

Perye Bentley 29:42

prepped for this wouldn't have felt felt the you can do this. And that comes into another question as far as like how because you've said that your your costs are low. But you still need to have funds coming in as well. Right so Oh, yeah. are you how are you? How are you finding because you did mention very briefly that you used to have a book bookstore?

Elys 30:06

I sell on eBay. Yeah. So I've got lots of books. I still I can still have books. I sell on eBay, to books, DVDs a bit of everything. Yeah. And I also went transcriber, so I transcribe interviews, podcasts, I transcribe doctor's notes, movie kind of documentary, raw footage. So a bit of everything. So that is what I do. When I was last here, I did not have self sufficient work. So whenever you don't have self sufficient work, you're at the mercy of being made redundant, which is what happened to me when I was in Sydney with my favorite job. And here, we also close the shop that I was working at the last time without any notification to me, like a week's notification or the trucks closing. So now I've got my own stuff. So I don't have to worry about anyone else. Or dropping my hours down or anything like that, you know, how people love to drop hours down when you work for them. So no, I remember I used to come in, they'd ring me, people would ring me or come in and, and then I come in at the last minute, you know, drop everything for them. And then they go, oh, we need to share the hours around with all the other stuff. So they gave your shifts, initial shifts away. And it's just like,

Perye Bentley 31:24

you've taken we've taken that away, you've taken that away from them and put it into you. So you become completely self sufficient in most aspects. Are you have you got goals on top of that to potentially farm as well? The land that you have and start building up? Or is it something that's not of interest to you?

Elys 31:42

I'm really bad at gardening. But yes, I'm quite interested in having being able to pick out stuff stuff from my backyard. I haven't gotten friend so hopefully she'll be able to help me out. But I'm hoping I'm hoping that yes, I can do some at least something in the backyard because it's a massive backyard like you could fit. Gosh, I buses probably in the back like large classes in the backyard. Like it's it's pretty amazing. And I own the land as well, because a lot of the houses here, you don't own the land. And it's right. It's a leasehold only, which means you can lose the house like that. And currently now it costs about 10 grand or more to do it. And I think it cost me a couple of grand or maybe less when I first owned the house to change it over from leasehold to, to me owning everything. Otherwise, it's useless really?

Perye Bentley 32:34

Well, yeah, you've just got you can just stay there until until they they decide to kick you out basically, again, right? They won't kick me out because I own the land. You own it now. Exactly. Yeah. So yeah, sort of gone.

Elys 32:47

Yeah, but I mean, other people in the street probably don't have it. And they gave they could be asked to buy.

Perye Bentley 32:56

Well, what do you what would you recommend? Or what would you tell people that are potentially looking to go a little bit more off grid, like, let's say that someone has had a ship time of it, and they're not happy with paying monthly rent, it's they've still got a job working somewhere, maybe they just want to turn the electricity off, they buy a property that's maybe in Norseman near where you are. And they can get a place for a better price than what they're probably get on Goldie, or somewhere in Brizzy, where it's going to cost them an arm and a leg and the rest of the family. And it's just what would be your biggest recommendation to them.

Elys 33:34

Go on the real estate websites, there's two major ones in Australia and search for the cheapest property. So search from highest to lowest and you can cover all of Australia, you will get a lot of stuff that is irrelevant when you look. But that's how I originally found my house about 15 years ago, is do that. And then the other thing you've got to remember is if you can be self sufficient, like have work for yourself from home. You don't have to stay here all these the 52 weeks of the year you can holiday with all that extra money and travel and do fun stuff that you couldn't afford to do. When you're paying off your got a million dollar mortgage or whatever I might look. I know I don't want to do that. That's that's and then no.

Perye Bentley 34:23

Live Live Live. Outstanding what you just said there like live if you live within a different type of mean, you have more money expendable to go and adventure and see other things and I'm guessing for you in 12 months time you're going to have a review of where you are and then you will have extra funds to go and do other stuff. And that's is that your goal? What's What's the long term for this?

Elys 34:51

Well, I mean, the other thing I'll bring up with regards to that. Just that last point. A lot of people say I couldn't be without My, my luxuries. You don't have to be without your luxuries. I mean, I've bought a house that is in an interesting condition in the middle of nowhere. So I am living without some luxuries, right. But as soon as you know how much watts each of the things that we use users, yeah, you can for not very much money at all in a nice proper, just say your nice proper house that you have that usually has power, you can run it all off power stations and understand that you're not without any luxuries at all. I mean, I'm certainly without luxuries. But it's because I can't afford it. So just That's another big point to make. So sorry, to,

Perye Bentley 35:41

please. It's really, it's really important that you, as you said earlier, as well, your stress has melted away, you are happier, you feel good, you are learning things, which is keeping your brain functioning, because he's making you go like, Oh, hold on, I need to figure out how to get hot water. Or I'm not going to have hot water, I need to figure out how I can make hot food or I'm not going to have hot food and you know, in a lot of people take these things for granted. But actually heated stuff is a luxury to a certain extent. And that you're you're you're not only going to be able to you know, I because I saw your videos, you're not only doing this, but you're educating other people as well. On Hey, guys, you don't need much to have a good life. It's just, you just need to take a step back go out into the boons for a little bit. Realize that if you have nothing, what do you actually need? And you'll probably be alright.

Elys 36:38

Yeah, yeah, I mean, combination of the unloading thing, if you watch that, you can sort of get a little bit of that mindset if you don't have it already. And yeah, it's just such a relief to not have to deal with the normal stuff. And I mean, look, I can always go to the cafe if I want to get a meal, nightfall

Perye Bentley 36:57

and just chill out as well. You know, like, you how far out from like, the, you know, other people are you because you say you're in the middle of nowhere, but I'm guessing that you do still have a community around you, right?

Elys 37:10

Yep, there's houses like next door neighbors so it's not like oh, there's next door neighbor. 1000 meters away. It's actually literally next door but I have a nice large house. It costs it costs and backyard. It costs sorry, my brain just went through. So yeah, I'm fine. I'm fine. So far. I was like this and talking and yes, but it takes 10 minutes to walk into town. So that eBay parcels to Australia Post which is 10 minutes walk away. I can get to the cafe if I wish if I've got the money I can get this stuff shipped in this food from stuck I got it from survivals of opposite. I can't even say survival supplies Australia I get it shipped in in in a big box. Once I have some money you get. And it's it's all just magic, because it's not like oh, it has to be in a refrigerated truck. It doesn't have to be a refrigerated truck. It just arrives and it's magic to my door. So it's I'm close to people, there's only a few 100 people in town. But and there's also a mine that's kicking off that's theirs. You can hear at night, but it's fine. Everything's fine.

Perye Bentley 38:21

Yeah, happy and what you have a website that you're just building at the moment and what's the what's the website.

Elys 38:29

Um, it should be unintentionally off So I'm hoping to do it this week coming before you know, stuff before this goes live. So hopefully by the time this goes live, it'll be that but that's what I'm shooting for. But I'm sure you'll be able to put in the description below you'll be able to put the correct web address if for some reason.

Perye Bentley 38:51

Yeah, that's fine. And you have a Facebook as well, which is on attentionally off grid. And honestly, I highly recommend people to check it out. Because it's fun. It's just you figuring out things and just being just being yourself which I really, really really appreciate. You know. And yeah, do you have any final tips for anyone who is looking to go unintentionally or intentionally off grid in in the next couple of years?

Elys 39:19

Look, it's I wish I did but it's just watch my videos I guess and see what you think of what I'm doing, I guess, do some Googling on the internet but there's a lot of stuff on the internet that's also not true or is made harder than it should be like the shower for example. I made a weed sprayer. They're like do this and do that do that and all I did was put a put a nozzle basically

Perye Bentley 39:45

shower nozzle type on it.

Elys 39:48

And that was it. I'm not at all handy or anything. I mean, why do I just take off some of the bolts that have been on the windows, the bottom bolts. I had some tools and when I wonder where this works that did I Um, so yeah, you just do stuff in Google if you don't know how to do it. And just understand that there's an answer. There's an answer for everything. If you think you can go with that luxury. Well, I tell you what, that steak and mashed potato was pretty luxury to me.

Perye Bentley 40:16

Yeah, yeah. But

Elys 40:19

you can get your beetroot out of the tin, but don't forget the can opener.

Perye Bentley 40:22

Yeah, well

Elys 40:25

get a pair of shoes if you've got double J's, and be aware that with Double D's, I do a Google. And if they're nearby, you turn it to bring him into the house, which I haven't quite figured out yet. I wish I could be more helpful here. And I

Perye Bentley 40:39

know you've you've you've just started this off grid lifestyle. And it's been a week and you've given a lot of really awesome information. And it's just it's just in my mind, I'm like, let's, let's have a contact review in six months time as well and just be like, what's happened? What's changed? What's going well, what have you completely scrapped? I think that'd be just so interesting.

Elys 41:03

Yeah, yeah, I think like, for now, this is a good start. And hopefully, by the time we speak again, I'll have refrigeration, I'm looking at little drawers that you know, that you just slide in and out. And you can, you know, that sort of thing and maybe a higher wattage power station. So I can run my washing machine and don't have to hand wash because I am hand washing. You know, I've got an outside toilet. So I've looked into various facets of toilets, including the lovely ones, it's once a you guys. So

Perye Bentley 41:36

it's important to have something which, again, it comes down to what is luxury, what is necessary, right. And it's beautiful to hear how your journey is going. And the most important thing that I really just love that you said is you don't have stress. Like you feel good, you feel happy, you know, you're just figuring things out as you go along. But if if you didn't do any figuring out this whole next week, you would be in a comfortable position because you've got yourself you've got your your dog, which is your family, and you know you you haven't got high costs coming through.

Elys 42:10

Yeah, it just Yeah, exactly. It's, it's just amazing. So I just can't wait to like spend a few more weeks off grid and make some money back up, spent and be able to afford some of the things that won't you know, so it's it's just an amazing little situation I have here, you know, who owns a house and doesn't have a mortgage, you know, don't even drive.

Perye Bentley 42:37

Don't need to, like you said 10 minutes down the road, you know, so town. So yeah, on that note, guys, thanks so much. At least it's been amazing. Again, check out the unintentional unintentionally off grid and you've got such a great personality and really looking forward to seeing in the future. Cheers, guys.

Commercial Voice 42:55

If you or someone you know would be an interesting guest on the show, we'd love to hear from you. We love speaking to everyday people who've taken to the open road or open seas for an extended period of time, or anyone that set up their life in an off grid location. Please email to get in touch. That's two L's in traveller.

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If you like that video, you'll probably like this one and you'll really love this one. And as always, we want to thank you for joining us and if you want to like and subscribe it really helps the channel grow and it means that we can talk about more travel, get more tips and everything off grid. Cheers.

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