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16 Years on the Road: Adventures from Mexico to Patagonia and Sailing in Indonesia

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Explore the adventurous lives of our guests, Luke and Fumi.

Luke started traveling almost 17 years ago in a converted bus, exploring new places and living an off-grid lifestyle. He met Fumi and they've spent a year-and-a-half journeying through Mexico and currently six months sailing the Indonesian ocean on their yacht.

Throughout their travels, Luke and Fumi have experienced the thrill of adventure, discovering new cultures and landscapes, and immersing themselves in the beauty of the natural world. They've faced many challenges along the way, including the realities of living off-grid, and the maintenance work involved in keeping their homes on the road and on the water in good condition. We'll learn more about their love for adventure, and how they've grown through their experiences, becoming more resilient, independent, and self-sufficient.

So sit back, relax, and join us as we delve into the world of Luke and Fumi, and their incredible journey of exploration and discovery.

Perye Bentley 0:00

16 years traveling Ozzie in a bus, a year and a half trip on of took to traveling from Mexico all the way to Patagonia, and spending the last six months sailing around in a yacht in the Indonesian ocean. It's time to meet the couple who live and breathe adventure. We'll be talking about catching your dinner, trading with locals and sleeping wherever the wind takes you. Let's meet the drifting pixels. And as always, we'd like to thank the sponsor of today's podcast, Dry Flush toilets. If you haven't seen these amazing off grid toilets, you really need to check them out. They're the cleanest, easiest smell free toilet than you've ever seen. And they recently won the Best New camping technology in Australia. No more dumping chemicals or maintaining a composting toilet. Go to to see how they work. Let's get travelling.

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Welcome to the off grid traveller podcast, where we meet the people who go off grid and into a life of adventure challenge and grand new horizons. Whether on land or on sea, you'll meet some fascinating characters who've chosen the road less traveled and discover their best tips, worst moments, favorite destinations and a whole lot more

Perye Bentley 1:21

if you guys ever get a chance drifting pixels, their Instagram is literally eye candy makes your eyes just go why are they doing this? And why am I not doing this right now? And just just as a very brief you guys did 16 years in your bus initially, I believe that was you, Luke and then a year and a half on a trip to going through Mexico. And now you've done six months. In a in your in your compass. 28 Which is your sailing your? What is going on? This is amazing.

Luke 1:52

Yeah, I don't know. I mean, we just like to adventure, I guess. And yeah, just live our life as beautifully as as well as we can. I guess that's just what we do. Yeah, there were lives that I lived in. So my bus I bought nearly 17 years ago now. And yeah, just I always love to travel. You know, when I first went to New Zealand, in 99, I think it was, I remember seeing a couple of house buses over there. And I remember just thinking, I was living in a little car. I just bought a car over there and just lived in that and traveled around New Zealand on that. And I just always wanted to live in a bus. So yeah, eventually I did. Yeah, 1717 years later. Yeah, I mean, he got

Perye Bentley 2:37

I still one of the one of the quotes you put on there as well is that you're when you were when you were bouncing around in the past, you were like this is this is the life right? And then you jumped into the tooktook. And you're like, No, this is the life and then I love the the last thing is like we're on a boat right now. This is the cake like this is great. And the cake and we've got the cherry right now and just beautiful that what what do you think has been that the feeling that you get every time that you've jumped to the next kind of level? I guess it's just,

Luke 3:09

I don't know anything. It's just exciting. It's just adventure. It's something new, something different, you know.

Fumi 3:16

And that's people, ya know?

Luke 3:22

We're surfing. So we always want to try and find places where there's no, the surf like, surfing is such a beautiful thing. And I can understand why so many people were surfing these days, but it's nice and even more beautiful if you can fly in places where there's no one, you know, no one in the water. And that's why that's what we do. We just love to just travel around look for waves and not just surf but just adventure and just live on. I guess some people call it an alternative sort of lifestyle, but it's just the life that we love. It's not hard, it's not anything. It's just an easy lifestyle that we adapt to. Quite easily actually.

Perye Bentley 3:59

It's just I'm sorry, I'm just like I'm looking at the visual as well. And it's just like just so anyone who's who is listening to this if you if you go and watch the YouTube version, they are literally look it's like you know when you see one of those pictures of two people just like you know we live the life it is on their boat right now. They've got the sun beams flying through on the side of it. And literally you just said that you just gone for a swim. There's people surfing literally outside and it's like, Guys tough life. But obviously you there's the the opposite side of that is that because you live on a boat, there's so many things that you have to keep focus on to make sure that you can live there and you've got to maintain things. And so that's always a question that people go oh, it's the life and I go well no actually even though it is a life, there's many things you have to focus on. What would you say are the biggest downs of living on a boat potentially, you know, like maintenance wires and stuff like that.

Luke 4:55

You're confirming that one.

Fumi 4:59

Let's see include the rest, focus, leaving the land. Best Focus, because you're doing everything you're doing every single day just to chill watching view and scraping and fetching, good, like

Luke 5:19

the harvest hardest thing I guess is it's not so hard. But it's like when you're living on a small yacht like ours, where there is a pretty important thing. So you're always just, you know, constantly checking the weather and seeing what their systems coming up with what the winds doing, what the tides are doing all that sort of stuff. And trying to always find because looking a little bit like this, at the moment, I don't know if you can tell, but it's, we're rolling quite a fair bit. At the moment.

Perye Bentley 5:47

It's just straight. Yeah, because I think I think your phone's going like this with it. So

Luke 5:55

maybe we should start doing this a bit.

Perye Bentley 5:58

I'm gonna still getting seasick and have it.

Luke 6:01

Yeah, that's the other thing. You know, Fermi does get seasick. She gets quite well. Our trip from Australia, to Indonesia was seven days and seven nights. And it was a pretty, we've never sailed before. We just bought this thing, you know, a year ago, and we just thought we'd have a crack at it. And for me, it's never been on a yacht before. I've only been on a yacht two times before I bought this. So we're just sort of making it up as we go along. So pretty for for me. I'm so stoked to have him because she's so brave. And she's you know, she gets so sick but she still just hangs in there. Doesn't she was sick for seven days, man the whole from Australia to here. She was crazy. Oh, Becky? Yeah. How did you deal with it? We

Fumi 6:52

cannot do anything. Just wait, I don't know how many days passing it actually.

Perye Bentley 7:03

Oh my gosh.

Fumi 7:05

Waiting to when finished show when stopped the ball.

Luke 7:10

She just had headphones on the whole time pretty much. And yeah, the back of her head just turned into one massive gridlock at one stage. That's pretty wild, because she just laid down the whole time she was not the whole time. But for the four or four days of it. She was pretty much just glue to where we're sitting right now and asleep. So the back of her head turned into a big business big Good luck with that being out there. Yeah, I remember being when that happened. A day afterwards. I was like female we're gonna get that early stepper that's at the back of your head because it was just one thing that we ran into insert a copy now copy this so tiny. And while we're sailing along, Feeny was down on the ground, and I was combing the red rocks out of the hair. But at the same time as we did that these beautiful whales we've never seen them before. But I will like cross between a whale and dolphin. What was the name of them? That remember what the name is?

Fumi 8:02

See? Meow. The

Luke 8:05

sorry, beluga whale.

Perye Bentley 8:07

Was it the

Luke 8:09

Yeah, they are. Yeah, maybe a balloon. Yeah. But the whole time I was there was a little bit of a romantic moment on timing. The dreadlocks out of fame is here. And we're watching all these beluga whales jumping all over the boat. I was beautiful, wasn't it? I can move through anything because I'm so sick. Yes, beautiful.

Perye Bentley 8:35

Video for me later. I want you to wait. So that's incredible. The fact that you just started. You're not you've got you've been on a boat a little bit before but you just started sailing. So like, has that been? Has that been a learning curve? Or what? What's been?

Luke 8:53

Yeah. Yeah, it's been a major learning curve. I guess I always wanted to know because I've been in the water. I love the ocean and love surfing and I've always wanted to buy a yacht. And when we went I did buy I had no idea and a guide that I bought it off, Nigel. If you're listening, Nigel was a legend. Nigel's the guy that bought this boat off. And I bought in Harvey Bay and he gave me a four hour lesson. For four or five hour lesson we sell from how we've able to phrase it and back and then the next day he left and then just lifted up to me. I had no idea what I was doing, really. And then Ford had a friend came up and he was with me. And yeah, we sort of talk about so much epic stuff that's happened. But yeah, basically, it has been a big learning curve, but not too stressful on it. Some people freak out and worry about all that sort of stuff. Like just because I've been in the ocean and stuff that sort of helped me a bit to re read the water redo and all that sort of stuff. So I think I've picked it up pretty quick. And then by the time Fermi got over two weeks in So what was sort of worked out by then how to put the mainsail up? Yeah.

Perye Bentley 10:07

So I spoke, we had a, we had a couple of people on who were sailing across on a catamaran. And they said that they met people who had literally just bought a yacht as well, and that they were doing small trips just like on the coast and stuff, just figuring out what works, how it doesn't work. And they said that you know, it there is that learning curve, but once nothing's going to change after a certain period of time, you just know the process of making sure that goes up that goes down. Yeah, don't go into dangerous waters, keep keep track of where you are. And just doing that little bit of forward planning, I'm guessing, to make sure you're going into territories, which could have those wonderful pirates wandering around, right?

Luke 10:49

Yeah, that's it. That's all just like, knowing your limits. You know, like, I knew what, when we first bought it, I was like, Well, I'm not gonna go out there, it was blowing 20 knots, sort of thing. You know, I'll just go out there when it's nice and calm and get used to it. And, and then over time, your confidence builds up more and more, and your skills, build up more and more. And then the next thing you know, you're in Indonesia. It's been a great, it's been an epic learning curve, the freedom is just next level, man. It's just so beautiful. Yeah.

Perye Bentley 11:22

What's, what's the so what's the because obviously, um, my, my view is my assumption is that you're on a, let's go with the flow mindset of, you know, wherever we go is where we go. But what's Do you have kind of a destination in mind at the moment? Or where you'd want to go? Or what's what's the what's the plan?

Luke 11:44

We did when I bought this yacht. So we just did our trip from Mexico down to Patagonia. And that was about a year and a half. And then Kobe kicked in for me had to go back to Japan was a pretty heavy time, actually, in the tooktook. We thought, that's another story. But we thought that we weren't sure when Kobe can do for everyone to see each other again. And then when I came back to Australia, I was just like, This is my chance, maybe to buy a yacht and sail to Japan and give for me that's what, that's my whole thing. Yeah, and I was just determined to get a yacht and sail to Japan. And me, for me, that's was my whole idea to do. But, you know, within 10 months, I'll go back to Australia, went to work, went to Western Australia, to get a whole heap of freedom tokens and came back and bought this boat, sight unseen. I just saw it on the net. And I, you know, gave the guy some money. And I said, Can you hold it for a couple of months, you can keep living on it sailing on it. And I'll be there in a couple of months. And then I'll take it off. He didn't. And that's pretty much what I did. And then in that process, in that time of me working on buying this yacht, we actually got Fermi's visa. We applied for Fermi's visa to come to Australia. So, and miraculously, yeah, 10 months or so? Yeah. So he was in Australia, and she was on the boat, so I don't have to sail to Japan. But I guess the question you asked where we want to go to, I'd love to sail to Japan, I still haven't met Fermi's family and friends, and all that sort of stuff. And I think it'd be really cool to sail into the port there. And, you know,

Perye Bentley 13:18

whereabouts in Japan, are you from for me? Osaka. Oh, okay. Yeah, I've been there before. It's, it's crazy. But my recommendation would probably be go to Okinawa, right? Or? Yeah, make your family go there. Because that's, that's just you know, that's a beautiful place.

Luke 13:37

We'll call your mom and dad and tell him to come to off, you know, made him do and then we can fix it all around the world, I guess.

Perye Bentley 13:46

Take them with you around the world. Right. That'll be fun. So how did you mind me asking? Like in the ballpark figure of how much you paid for the the the is it? The compass? 28?

Luke 14:00

I say yeah, the compass was at 24 or 22. I think it was 24,000. Force. Yeah. Do you have to check with Nigel Nigel is probably gonna watch this. I think it was 24,000. And it was pretty much ready to go with such a beautiful boat. Everything was good to go. But we ended up before we left Australia and came in and we spent quite a fair bit of money on it knowing that we're going to live in it and yeah, and and that was in it was the original engine. And I had no idea like you'd open up the timber box thing, whatever come in with no, no, no, it was cool. But you lift it up and you look at the engine. It was just oily and black and old and I didn't know understand anything about it. I had no idea you know, and I thought if something goes wrong with it, I'm not going to know how to fix it. So before we left Australia Fumi and I we both ripped out the old engine. And we put a brand new engine ourselves. We didn't know what they were doing. But we did it and it's working. Yeah man. Incredible ya

Fumi 15:02

know everything now so yeah

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Perye Bentley 15:55

welcome back.

Luke 15:59

Guys, you might

Perye Bentley 16:01

you're good. You're good. That was I just love the fact that it literally vanished off the face of the earth at one point. That's brilliant.

Luke 16:10

We're in a tiny little tiny little village they got these little towers and all these little villages all the way around here for Indonesia. Yeah, and yeah, sometimes I don't know what happens during the day site they turn it off especially when you're putting stuff like this

Perye Bentley 16:26

Yeah, but I do know I if you want anything more authentic than people on the road then welcome to Life With and without internet within seconds. And it's just really cool. The fact that your your mod up at the moment. But you've got ya got your internet, you've got your connection like you. This is the cool thing that I always speak to people that are on the road. Is that even though? You know you're you're off grid per se, you still have all the amenities that you need.

Luke 16:53

Yeah, yeah, that's it. We do. Yeah, it's pretty comfortable. We're pretty comfortable. Give a like as in living on a boat, and we have everything that we need on the boat.

Perye Bentley 17:02

Yeah, well, you've got that. But then also, you know, if you want to just chill out and you've got internet and you want to, you know, update your Instagram to show people where you are and speak to your family once in a while. I just I love the fact that we're in such a world at the moment where you're, you're literally free to pretty much do whatever you want and go wherever you want. But you're still connected anywhere.

Luke 17:22

Yeah, yeah, it's pretty wild. Just the fact that you can, you know, on Christmas day, we could call or we made sure we found reception or whatever we call our family and friends and stuff. And you know, to be able it's like you're it's like you're still there but you're not there. They were a years ago traveling. We could never do it like this. Yeah. That's pretty cool. In that sense. Yeah. Yeah.

Perye Bentley 17:45

Well, what are your What are your essentials when you go when you go travel? Because I saw that you have you got a you've got a couple of camera equipment that you take with you to get some of those incredible shots. What What kind of stuff do you love to make sure that you've always got in your backpack?

Luke 18:04

Water was pretty spicy. We've done some hikes, we've just Yeah, I just don't really think too much about that sort of stuff. Always have my phone because our phones these guys are so good for, you know, taking photos and videos and all that sort of stuff. I've got some pretty good camera gear. I used to do a lot of photography years ago, so I still love photography. Don't do it quite as much. But yeah, take a camera with me every now and then. We've gone going to a place where now which is really cool. I'll take the drone footage with but um, yeah, in general. As long as we've got enough water and enough

Fumi 18:45

they're all navy.

Perye Bentley 18:48

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Okay, so it's just, it's just, it's more kind of like when you want to get those awesome shots and because I like photography, myself, mate, and I just think sometimes catching one of those moments is it we always think we'll remember these things forever. But then you see all those photos you've taken, you're like, I remember that. That was when and it starts triggering all these different memories. And do you remember that time when we woke up on the back of that vegetable truck and we were you know, blind drunk? You know? Not saying that did happen to me but it did. And it's just that's what I love about travel and so that goes into like another question I have like, because obviously Luke yourself specifically you know, you did that 16 years on the bus and everything beforehand. What What's the addiction of travel?

Luke 19:37

Freedom we're freedom fighters I guess that's the freedom to not have. We're not in the grind. I haven't been in the grind. I haven't had a full time jobs for I don't even know it's been so long. You know only she worked through four months of the year and the rest of the time just traveling and and to be able to live a life like that is pretty That's the ultimate goal. But I don't mind that I might go into work for three months in the year two or three months and you make enough money to live like this and live so cheap like now living in Indonesia, it's so cheap to live here. Like we're budgeting on between 2 million I, at the moment, there's not a lot of wind around where we are around the equator. So we're motoring a lot. But we talked about this a couple of weeks ago, and I think we're budgeting on $100 a week. Yeah, that's what Venus Wow, that's, that's we food, diesel, everything, but we don't. I don't think it's even hundreds, maybe 80 bucks or something like that. away. Keep that. Wow.

Perye Bentley 20:40

So you're so I'm guessing essential wise, you've got your rice, you've got some veggies and you've got some protein to keep yourself stacked up on food wise. Are you do you sometimes?

Luke 20:54

Yeah. So you're saying Protein Protein was just fish? Yeah, we live off. Yeah, really well fish is bananas, papaya, coconuts. And otherwise gonna have more chocolate beans, formulas, beans, to free immigrants around alfalfa sprouts or different sprouts and stuff already. But basically, that's our staple diet eggs. Again,

Fumi 21:21

because we can now holding the like, many different vegetable, whatever, because very small fridge and cannot keep wrong and then so we don't have much choice to coding the bits.

Luke 21:37

Yeah, that's another there's not a whole lot of room, on the boat for everything. So for those things, you know, like, like I said, this little village is everywhere. So if you run out of supplier or bananas, you just drop the anchor somewhere and go ashore and rock out with the locals and get fruit off them and vegetables. Mostly, most of the time actually, like yesterday, we were just sitting here. It was raining. We were just chilling watching the movie. And you could hear that oh Mister, Mister Mister. That's my goal. So time. And we're like, Oh, we got another bite. So I stuck my head out. And now we're there and they had all these coconuts for us. So they go see it. We didn't need them because we already had six on here. Take the coconut, just how much? Oh, no, no, no, no, I just want to give her stuff so

Perye Bentley 22:29

just Oh, that's so cool. So do you do you like do you have things that you trade when you're out there as well? Do you find that there's things that the locals like to trade with specifically because i We had a gentleman called MC Becker who's on here and he did a catamaran around with his family around Indonesia as well. And he said that he keeps some smokes for them because they do love a smoke and stuff within that kind of range water is always a good thing to trade. But if you you found there's been anything specific that they're like this is this is what I want

Fumi 23:05

to be seen right?

Luke 23:07

Yeah fishing, I bought a fair bit of extra tackle over from a fisherman fishing Meyer and centers and locks and all that sort of stuff.

Fumi 23:13

Most of the fishermen coming over me if they want to give the fish shrine but they know like if we gave them how much you want to have, oh, whatever they give but they just strike a seven metre or

Luke 23:32

take over a big massive big line of fishing line. Say you say like go for it take what you want, but they'll only take like a meter or you know, maybe not a meter maybe five meters or 10 meters and we're like no take more and take more but it's amazing because they live so simple. They don't need to have I think we like tend to as Westerners we pretty excessive sort of people we want to be more than what we do that's all very honest training we haven't really tried to we because we are both so small we didn't bring a whole lot of stuff

Fumi 24:07

and we know smoke and we know drink alcohol so yeah they asked me in some time we don't have Yeah, yeah always feature

Perye Bentley 24:17

maybe you should get some really high like high level like petrol style alcohol just just for the locals just in case they want you take one sip of this you'll be sweet for the rest of the day

Luke 24:31

lackey we put in when we first arrived we arrived into LAC and we met a really nice guy and he took us around and we had some of the coconuts coconut soapy like all of it over here and it's man it's that strong. Yeah One sip of it. Your eyes are on fire in your ears and burning. We should have got some of that should have got some of that and just you know give some sort of fishermen or whatever as they come back. Yeah, yeah, yeah, trading wise. We haven't really traded a hell of a lot because we didn't bring a lot to tray we bought you know, like say You won't make up a meal. And it'll be something that they've never had. So they'll come to the boat and then female go, Oh, do you want to try this? And then they just love it. You know? What's that guy? Remember, he grabbed it. And we will see me gave it to him to eat. But he didn't want to eat it. Now he wanted to take it home and show his family and

Perye Bentley 25:18

that's amazing for me. So you're doing the the Japanese cuisine, right? Yeah.

Fumi 25:23

Yeah, most of my cook Japanese food.

Luke 25:26

And I love Japanese cooking. She's beautiful.

Fumi 25:29

And then suddenly Indonesian love Japanese food. Very popular Japanese food now. So they if I cook Japanese food, and they say happy so it's so easy.

Perye Bentley 25:45

What what was the what do you think was the biggest difference between what you're doing now? Because and when you were traveling in the tooktook for a year and a half? Because that like obviously, the main difference is that you're on the road and you're meeting probably a lot more people because you mentioned earlier seeing a lot less now. But is there been any any other differences of it? And would you do that again? Definitely.

Luke 26:12

100% next year, we're gonna go back to Mexico, actually. And we talk talk is still is in CNN, Chile. Yeah, it's still there with a family over there sort of things. I think whenever we want, we can go back and jump in that but okay, but what was the question you're asked again? Sorry.

Perye Bentley 26:30

Just really, really? What the biggest difference? Difference? Yeah.

Luke 26:33

Isolation. very isolated on this tiny little boat and uncomfortable. At times, it can be very uncomfortable. Yeah,

Fumi 26:44

it's not only whether ocean swelling up, it's just a

Luke 26:48

boat. The boat doesn't stop moving all the time. So you know, we're always looking at the weather and trying to get a comfortable Anchorage. If we get a comfortable Anchorage, then yes, it's beautiful, but just being uncomfortable. Yeah, not all the time. It's not you know, the lifetime comfortable. We're used to it now. But you'd have to think about those things to be comfortable with, which is

Fumi 27:10

easy to do everywhere. boosts your summons, summons House Garden or whatever we can escape and then yeah, it from weather. So easy. And then so many people helping to want to help us do that. Tonight, stay here and camping here. No worries. But your life is different. We have to decide ourselves and we have to be the ocean, whether it's totally depressed.

Perye Bentley 27:43

My makes, makes a really big, it's a really big thing though, because you're adding a whole extra chunk of well responsibilities for yourself by being the water. And because of that, you know, even though you you have no plans to stop this, because you'll probably be doing this for the rest of your life, including doing the, the tooktook around the world as well. It's just for anyone who's just starting out, right and wanting to go travel. Which one would you recommend first doing the bus life the tooktook or the or jumping into the deep end of yachting

Luke 28:22

depends on the person, I guess what the person's how adventurous they are how uncomfortable they like because it's pretty uncomfortable, man, like, even a tough talk was uncomfortable at times. But we're pretty resilient. We're pretty tough. Forever, and, you know, all that sort of stuff. But I think the easiest one, and I guess the van life thing is so massive now that's probably the easiest for people to get into just by a little fan or whatever, and just get it out. And then you've got I've got goosebumps, man, you got the ultimate freedom straightaway. The Freedom thing is just such a beautiful and anyone, everyone and anyone that you meet that has done anything adventurous sort of thing. It's something that's stuck in your brain and in your heart and you just love it forever. And this is maybe not forever, but you know, circumstances change families and jobs and all that sort of stuff. Yeah, I think maybe a little fan or something we're probably the easiest to talk talk with. So it's all it's all. It's all up here, man. And it just depends on how tough your head is. Your brain is sort of wanted, and how much do you wanna do and how cheap you can live to because yeah, it depends how much you want to work and how much money you want to spend like, yeah, those are pretty basic, but the top tip was just to talk to me. It was so basic, you know, that sort of thing. You know? Yeah.

Fumi 29:48

Sorry, go for it. Go back.

Luke 29:51

wants to go back. Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Perye Bentley 29:56

So that's the middle road right there. So that's not the van. That's not the That's, that's the we want to go into tip to where it's a little bit uncomfortable, but you have the ability to sleep in the top, which I thought was really cool. Or do you ever just you camp out and just got a tent and camp out on the side of the road as well?

Luke 30:12

Yeah, that's what we did a lot of time camping, you know, some places in the tooktook, where we went to, like in the cities through Ecuador, and El Salvador, places like that. Some places were a little bit ropey or dangerous, that sort of thing, and you don't know where to stay. So I think so we'd stay at some, like little hostels, and stuff like that, or get accommodation, and do that sort of thing, you know, but most of the time, we just, yeah, most of the time, we just cruise along, and we just look for a bit of bush or thing and just put it in there and sleep and wake up and continue on or whatever.

Perye Bentley 30:47

And you everyone just you know, you ever mind your own business as well really, except for in those cities where you do have this gets a little bit more Ropey and you're just, you're just being logical by staying in a hostel or something and making some friends along the road as well. Right? That's, that's what I've always noticed with those sorts of things. Because, you know, I've been I've been in Asia for just under a decade, and you know, you meet the best people in the world. When you travel, I say this every single podcast, and I'll keep saying it the best people in the world from travel, they will have better stories than you, they will have better tips than you. And they would have had a better life than you. And I don't mean that like minimal, they will be happier than me these two people look angry. No.

Luke 31:31

No, that's me gets angry at me sometimes. And they go a little bit like this. And then we have these little feedback. Yeah.

Perye Bentley 31:38

Yeah, that's between you two.

Luke 31:42

That's it. But yeah, in general, I think that's like anything that people do is they make people they got somebody in Congress today. Oh, I see. They're the best people. So I think you're a traveler, too. So when you're traveling, you're very popular travel. You've got a lot of things in common, you know, and

Fumi 31:56

then for for our trip, maybe it's for someone it's not this cheap. Yeah. For us the trip and this running and bus and everything. Very good. And now I love it. But maybe some people don't like it. Cannot shower every day. Yeah, 100 days.

Perye Bentley 32:22

The good thing you know, the problem is as Westerners that after not having a shower start to stink pretty quick. My wife's Korean American and she never smells. So

Luke 32:38

why? Yeah, that sounds pretty. Yeah, I guess. It depends on what you want to do, man. Yeah, that took the whole trip that we did that wasn't planned to be in Tokyo. But we were planning to do that on motorbikes. We were going to buy a motorbike each and describe our surplus to the side. And ride. You know, like, I guess the end goal was for me and say we didn't really care. She just goes along with everything. She's pretty cool. Like that sort of thing was to get to Patagonia. Yeah, we didn't know we never would or will do that. But we did. But we didn't do well on motorbikes. We did it in a tuxedo. So

Perye Bentley 33:19

just having that took to a gave you that ability to you know, because you had that up a bit. You have more space, I'm guessing. So it was it was a benefit. Oh, okay. I'm having so many questions come to mind. Like, why did you choose to like, what was the reason for the took took?

Luke 33:39

Way? When Fumi and I met in Sri Lanka. Okay, was that now 2014 1514 14 I think we met over there. And I was actually with my partner at the time. And it's a funny story, actually. We're in Oregon Bay in Sri Lanka. And we're walking down the street and my ex partner. And I just say I turned around and there's my younger brother's first May, Orlando, and he was sitting in his car, he took a look at what's going on, right? What are you doing? Right? We just bought this talk talking about doing a lap around Sri Lanka. And I said, man, and he's happy. So when you're finished on buying it off? Yeah. So I did. I bought it off him when he finished and then we did the same thing. We traveled around and talked to my partner and I and then actually Fumi II came pick up the day we went and picked up and took took off Orlando freemii came with us. So it was my me, my partner and friend me and we picked up a truck to drive it back over to Oregon back. Then I left then when we left from Sri Lanka, I gave the talk to

Fumi 34:46

him. Yeah. And then Fermi had it for a while used about one year. Yeah, he's ticktick and then leaving Sri Lanka.

Luke 34:56

And then she was coming to Australia and I said, Why don't you come to Australia? Give us a call you now live in a bathroom often show around or whatever, and all that sort of stuff. And then she did. She came to Australia. And then one thing led to another but the thing is with the talk talk, I guess when we were in Mexico, we flew, we flew into Baja, California to put put into comedy. Yeah, we made the first couple. Yeah. And we tried to get a van and we had no law. And so we thought let's and there was the surf wasn't that good. And like, let's just fly to Mexico City. And we'll go to Puerto Escondido and then we'll hopefully we'll find a motorbike then. So we flew from Baja California over to Max city. And then on the Wi Fi mix CD. To a hotel that we organized, we saw it tucked up on the side of the road. And we had no idea that we took them to Mexico. And I remember I remember we're sitting here in the winter filming Okay, we just guys, they still never talk talk. And that's man, I was like, Oh, shit, man, I just think it's a pretty slow and I'll just picture yourself going through Chile on 50 kilometers an hour sort of thing and probably be dangerous. I was I was like, Yeah, let's do it. And then I sort of I was a bit dubious about it sort of thing. And I was like, oh, maybe we should on a motorbike. So it took us about

Fumi 36:17

I I'm just thinking too much and just

Luke 36:27

sell it and then do another Friday that's crossing borders crossing all those waters. We've

Fumi 36:33

in a total week thinking

Luke 36:36

I was looking for mobile apps and all that sort of stuff. Then eventually we just where we started making Yeah, asking people where is their talks in Mexico? Where are they sort of thing. And we found out that our in this little town was a town called again, do grande Rio Grande was the name of the town. Everywhere. Everywhere. It was wicked. So we jumped on these bars and went to Rio Grande. And as we go, and it was so cool that goosebumps again. It was so cool. I remember going into on the way to Rio Grande. And we saw our first talk with him like yes, talk talks. And then as he got closer to 10, it was just talk talks everywhere. And then we got off this bass. And we just asked people where we could talk talk and stuff. And eventually we found a deal that was dealing bring was bringing talk to him from India. And our Spanish was pretty horrible at the time, we're using Google Translate. And with the organizers trying to bring one over from India for us, and we bought a brand new one. And that's how we did it.

Perye Bentley 37:36

My cheeks hurt because it was amazing. Like, Oh, seriously guys, like

Luke 37:42

you planned thing was not planned at all. It was just one of those things. You know, I was like, oh, yeah, that's a good option. Let's, let's do that.

Perye Bentley 37:51

So, on that note, guys, we're going to come to the end of the podcast. And all I'm gonna say is that I'm 100% getting you guys back on in six months time, because I want to know exactly what you guys are next to and I want to know more of that story. Because Wow, I can't believe that you. You both use that, too. And you decided to re bring yourselves together with it took took in travel Mexico, it's incredible. And like I'm just oh, okay, there's a lot for my brain to take in with YouTube at the moment. Like, thank you so much for coming on. And everyone who's who's watching and listening. Go and follow these two drifting who are absolutely amazing couple.

Commercial Voice 38:31

If you or someone you know would be an interesting guest on the show, we'd love to hear from you. We love speaking to everyday people who take into the open road or open seas for an extended period of time, or anyone that set up their life in an off grid location. Please email guest at to get in touch. That's two L's in traveller.

Perye Bentley 39:00

If you like that video, you'll probably like this one and you'll really love this one. And as always, we want to thank you for joining us and if you want to like and subscribe it really helps the channel grow and it means that we can talk about more travel, get more tips and everything off grid. Cheers

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